Fast Food Fun

by Anonymous

I needed a job that would work within my schedule as I began junior college. Jamie, a friend’s sister was an assistant manager at a local fast food restaurant. She hired me and I began working as a cook in back.

At first I hated the job, but there were two perks early on. Beth and Lisa were their names. They were in college and more than willing to go fuck after work. Jamie found out and would tease me. Beth quit within a few months and Lisa found a boyfriend, so my freebie fucking soon ended.

Jamie began asking what I was going to do and who the next girls would be. I had to pay all of my expenses, tuition, gas, insurance, food away from home and anything else I wanted or needed. This left me time to work or go to school. Explaining my dilemma to Jamie, she simply told me that I guess my right hand will be back in full use.

Jamie worked with me around two to three times a week, as I closed every night I worked. One night she was working with me and asked to see my hand, I figured she wanted to check the cleanliness, but oh no, she giggled as she said she couldn’t find any blisters. Later that night, Jamie walked by quickly and said that if I ever need a hand, she would help me out, then she walked into the cooler. I thought she meant if I got behind and needed help. As she walked back by me, she motioned her hand like jacking off and winked as she repeated the helping hand portion. I was a little shocked.

Jamie was a plump girl. She had blonde hair and was cute. She was most definitely a curvy woman. Every night shift there are two girls who work up front, me cooking and a manager. One girl up front leaves at eight and the second one usually leaves when we closed at nine or just before. That left me with a ton of cleaning in the back. The manager usually had paperwork to do and some of them would help me a little. This night Jamie helped me a lot.

The time clock was in the manager’s office, which was so small that only one person could fit in there. I reached in to clock out, but Jamie stopped me. She smiled and wondered if I needed a helping hand. After I laughed her off, she said she was serious. Before I could answer, Jamie leaned in and began slowly unzipping my pants. Once unfastened, she let them drop to the floor.

With her face eye level with my cock, she began rubbing my cock as my underwear were still on. It became hard and the head was popping out of the top elastic band. She leaned in a little more and kissed the head before she yanked down my underwear. She began stroking my cock and looked up at me with a devilish grin. She knew what she was doing. My head titled back and my eyes closed as I simply felt the pleasure of her hand grasping my cock and tugging away.

When I looked down, Jamie had unbuttoned two or three buttons on her top. Her cleavage was in full view. Her tits were huge and pressed together by the tight fitting bra. This got me a little overly excited as she leaned her breast toward me as the head of my cock was buried in her cleavage as she stroked my rock hard cock. It felt so good and I blew a large load between her tits. She rubbed the head of my cock on her tits and licked the head as she tugged getting every last drop. Jamie gave me a smile, buttoned up her top and said now I could clock out. I left realizing I had done some fun things, but that might have been at the top of the list for me.

A few days later Jamie was working. As she walked by I told her I could use a hand later. She smiled and said I need to get my work done early so she has plenty of time. That was the night I didn’t stop working as I began cleaning things as the night went on. I worked each night to perfect my method to the point I could be done by nine, but Jamie had me leave things out to look like I had more to clean. Each night Jamie would start by giving me a hand job and some nights she would finish with a blow job. One night after we were done, I mentioned this was the kinkiest thing I have done. Here was her exact reply, as I will never forget her words, “you think this is kinky... if you want to fuck, we can fuck all over this store!”

The next night Jamie switched with another manager as she was closing with me. At one point she asked if I wanted to fuck tonight. Excited I said yes. I finished by nine and she told me to wait as she finished her paperwork. About 9:15 she walked out of the office and began unbuttoning her top and threw it on a table. She then unzipped her pants and threw them on the table. Jamie unfastened her bra from the back, but let it fall just a little, but remain covering her tits. She dropped her panties and sat on the edge of the table and pushed my head down. I started licking her pussy, but truly had very little experience.

Jamie was not bashful about guiding me to the right spot. It wasn’t long before she had an orgasm and she told me to continue. A second moaning orgasm and a third. That is when she told me to take off all of my clothes. Her legs were spread as she sat on the edge of the table. The bra was still covering her titties. I was erect and moved in to fuck, but she blocked me with her left leg. She pulled me in as she kissed passionately for a few minutes. She pushed me back and asked me where I wanted to fuck. I replied, “right here.” She reminded me that I wanted kinky and asked again where in the store do I want to fuck. I came up with stupid answers like just bend over.

Jamie took my hand and led me to the front counter where everyone orders. The lights were off, but there was enough light from the back and the sign outdoors that I could see her as she laid back on the counter. I climbed on top and slowly slid my cock into her juicy pussy. Just a few pumps and Jamie told me to take it slow as I better not cum too quickly. I would stop to give her a kiss and that helped. It wasn’t probably more than four or five minutes before Jamie told me to switch places.

She got off the counter and I laid down. She ran to the back and I got nervous as I figured she was turning on the lights which every car passing by would be able to see me. Instead she returned with out clothes and laid them on the counter beside me. Up on the counter she climbed. Jamie placed her knees on each side of me as she straddled me. Reaching down she guided my cock back into her sweet vagina. It felt awesome. She slowly would go all the way up then slowly back down. This went on for another minute or so.

Jamie stopped, looked at me and asked if this was kinky. When I nodded yes, she dropped the bra exposing her massive breasts and began riding me like she was on a bull. Her titties were flopping up and down and a little side to side. I couldn’t take it as I cummed inside her. As we caught our breath and my cock still inside of her, she confessed she wasn’t on birth control, but also let me know it would be fine and I should probably need to buy condoms. I didn’t even give it a thought to her not on birth control. Instead I focused on the condoms and asked if we get to do this again.

She pointed to the tables in the restaurant and said I want to fuck there, the cooler, the freezer, the bathrooms (which I found out was a fetish of hers), and she wanted me to bend her over at the drive thru window and fuck her hard enough to shoot her out of the window. I also discovered she liked to be fucked hard and she liked it rough and I do mean rough. Later I realized that she was using me as much as I used her. She loved rough play and kinky things so I was a willing participant that wouldn’t tell anyone her fetishes.

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