Farm Stay

by Rudy (Aus)

I went on a helping holiday onto this property to lend a hand around the farm, on arrival I was met by the lady in charge who was very nice and quiet attractive, she looked me up and down and was lost for words for some reason at this point I was wondering if she was ok.

After that we went into the office to check me in for safety reasons, once again she looked at me and was lost for words again I said are you ok? She said you have bedroom eyes whatever that meant.

She said surely a lot of women would be throwing themselves at you, I said no not really and then she said I haven’t had any sex for 3 years now and straight away I said do you want me to help you with that? She said I need to show you where you are going to stay and with that we left the office.

She showed me into the room and I put my gear inside, she said I have to go but I want to see you tomorrow night at the BBQ so bring a drink with you, she gave me a nice kiss and off she went, not thinking much more about it I was interested in what I might be doing around the place.

The next day I was getting about and I run into this other lady her name was Justine, very cute with a gorgeous smile so we spoke for a little while she done some painting. That night I went to the BBQ as asked and I took a bottle of wine I very much like wine, a bottle of red.

As I was having a glass Justine arrived and I asked her if she would like a glass and she said yes. After we finished our meal and the wine I said do you want some wine she yes.

I said I’ll have to go and get another bottle she said I’ll come with you, upon arrival at my room I went in to grab another bottle as I turned around Justine grabbed me and gave me the biggest kiss I’ve ever had.

Wow I thought then I started to get hard and she said looks like you enjoyed that I said most definitely so she started to kiss me again as my cock got harder and harder, she grabbed my cock and pushed me back onto my bed and went straight to my cock with her mouth. I was in heaven and trying to get a hold of her tits and then her womanhood.

She had no problem with me removing her clothes and then I tasted her beautiful sweet pussy, I was hard and I wanted her as bad as she wanted me so I drove my cock in as hard as I could, she let out a big scream as I just kept banging her.

After about an hour I exploded inside her squirt after squirt as I filled her up, she said did you just cum in me and I said of course, she said I’m not on any contraceptive I said ok that’s good a penis is supposed to inject cum inside a woman.

I said don’t worry I’m not finished with you yet so we laid there for a while I think we both had a little sleep until my hard cock woke me again so I motioned for her to open her legs and straight away she opened them I climbed on her again and after some time I filled her again.

She stayed in my bed all night until morning when she had to go and do some work, after about an hour or so I had a visit from the lady that checked me in, I said are you ready for me to help you out and she said only if you can be careful with me? I said yes I will she said you are on the rather large size I said you better find out for yourself.

I did take a lot more time with her she was a little worried until I was fully inserted in her, we fucked for awhile until she said I’ve had enough so I stopped knowing she will return if I do what she asked.

I was there 8 days I didn’t get much work done but I did keep the 2 ladies happy, I cum inside Justine 8 times trying to knock her up so we’ll just have to see if she starts swelling.

I’m planning on going back but for a month next time.

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