by Anonymous

I fantasies about sucking dick quite often. I think about having a good looking guy standing in front of me and I start rubbing his crotch until his cock gets nice and hard.

Then I undo his pant and pull them down to find he is wearing pretty sexy panties, at the sight of that my already hard cock gets even harder.

I take his pants completely off and start rubbing his hard cock through his panties. I run my hands around to his butt and caress his ass while kissing his big dick through his panties.

As his dick starts throbbing and twitching I pull his panties down and start licking and kissing up and down his hard shaft all the while rubbing and caressing his nicely rounded butt cheeks.

I now take my clothes off to free up my own throbbing cock and pull him back to me and start stroking his big beautiful cock while tenderly kissing and licking his hard growing head.

Now I put his big hard cock head in my mouth and start sucking him while reaching down and stroking my own hard throbbing cock.

His cock feels so good in my mouth as I run it deeper into my mouth sucking and feeling his head getting harder with every mouth stroke.

I stop sucking for a minute and slowly stroke him with my hand while licking and kissing his big shaft. I tell him that I want him to let me know when he is ready to cum because I want to be sure he cums in my mouth.

I start stroking him faster and he says he going to cum so I put him back in my mouth and start sucking hard with my hands back on his beautiful butt cheeks.

He explodes in my mouth filling my mouth with thick hot sticky cum. It feels and tastes so freaking good I can't believe it. I don't swallow right away because I want to swish it around in my mouth and saver the taste for awhile.

I am ready to cum myself now so I swallow and tell him to turn around so I can cum all over his nice ass. After cumming all over his ass I pull him to me and lick every drop of my cum off of his ass.

I am now so overcome with the pleasure of sucking him and eating all of that delicious cum I don't want to stop. So I get on my knees and ask him to fuck me. He says he would be happy to.

He slides his big hard cock into my ass nice and slowly and starts to push it in and out ever so slowly. I can't believe how absolutely wonderful it feels to have a real cock fucking me.

I have had a dildo in my butt many times, but this is feels so incredibly good I could easily get used to it. He is fucking me in and out over and over again so slowly I shot another load of cum into my hand and immediately slurped it up and swallowed it.

His dick in my ass felt so good I didn't want it to stop, but I knew he was going to cum again and I didn't want him to cum in my butt. So I told him when he was ready to cum again I wanted him to pull out and put his cock back in my mouth.

After I said that he started to fuck me a little faster and I started moaning and yelling "OH YES FUCK ME FUCK ME HARD YES YES FUCK ME FUCK ME.' He shoved he cock all the way in my ass one more time real deep then pulled out turned me around shoved his big throbbing cock in my mouth and again filled my mouth will another huge hot sticky thick load of cum.

I swear that load was bigger than the first. Again I kept it in my mouth swishing it around enjoying the feeling and taste of his cum in my mouth before swallowing every drop.

I really would like this fantasy to come true one day. I think it's something I could easily make a regular think. At least once a month or maybe even twice or more.

It’s definitely worth to say that I finished writing this with a big load of my own cum in my mouth. I eat my own cum all the time.

I don't believe in wasting cum especially when it tastes so good every time I jerk off I eat my cum. Every time my wife jerks me off or gives me a blow job she feeds me my cum as she really doesn't like the taste but I do so it's a win win.

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