Fantasy Of Being Raped

by Jeny (Maryland)

I'm a 50! year old white women 5'11 black hair green eyes thin 135 pounds 36c breasts big nipples nice fat ass.

I always fantasized about being raped my fantasy is I'm divorced so I dress up to go out put on a thong a push up bra black boots to my knees a short skirt.

I want to have a good time do I go out to Dallas I go to clubs bars having a good time it's getting late, after hours bar up is ahead I pull in walk in and it's a rundown looking pool hall bar up stairs.

I go to the bar for a drink I can feel people staring at me I look around I'm the only woman here mostly biker guys losers I get my drink.

Guys start to hit on me I'm polite I drink my drink and get ready to leave when I'm stopped by a biker he says where you going?

I say to smoke just to get out he says can smoke in here then other guys come over they surround me I get pulled down stairs to the pool hall.

I look around no way out one biker says take off your dress I look at him then he back hand's me I get hit until I'm unconscious.

I came to laying on top of the pool table just my bra and thong boots on ok baby ready for some fun tonight.

I'm still trying to get up but get held down as they cut off my bra and thong I try yelling but nothing comes out.

Four bikers come over holding my arms and my legs they have me spread wide open the first guy fucking me came fast two others took their time then they told me that some black bikers are on the way they show up every black cock was huge.

My Raper Is My Husband

One night i was in the camp and i was sharing a room with a guy, i was awake and he thought i was sleeping, he came up to my bed and pulled down my pants and started licking my pussy.

I pretended i was still asleep, he put his fingers inside my pussy and really hurt me, he took my bra off and i felt him playing with my boobs, i was fully naked and i assumed he was too.

He came into my bed fully naked and he came under the sheets, he put his cock in my pussy which was so dry and i was in deep pain though i kept pretending, i soon heard him breathing, he was asleep but his cock was still in me and we were naked.

I tried to fall asleep and eventually i did, when i woke up he was still asleep, i just lay in bed until he woke up ten minutes after.

When he woke up we were in the same position, he was happy and playing with my boobs and biting them. I asked him what happened, he wriggled forward his cock all the way in.

He whispered in my ear i love you, i said to let me go but he hugged me so i couldn’t go, the sheets were now off and we were fully exposed, then he let me go.

He grabbed his cock and tried to yank it out but it wouldn’t come out, we were stuck, he smiled and started kissing me more, he was sucking and kissing me all over.

Two months later we found that i was pregnant, i ended up having a baby and marrying him. We continued to have sex after the baby, that’s how the person who raped me married me.

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