Fantasies Come True

by Erin (Texas)

Fantasies Come True

Desires, fantasies and dreams do come true. I received my first hardon, not from waking to have to go but from my mother’s younger sister who is only eight years older than I, wearing a pair of tight cut off jeans. Now in my early seventies I can think of my Aunt Wanda and a stirring takes place, lifting my cock up off my leg.

Paying attention to things, little ears over hear only heighten my desires to fuck my natural born, Aunt Wanda. I didn’t know I wasn’t supposed to think about a relative that way, I just thought she was sexy as all get out, coming from a very large family I had many aunts, uncles and cousins. Many men of the family I overheard saying many things like, “Look at that ass.” “She is so cock crazy, she’ll never make it through high school without getting pregnant.”

They were all wrong, Aunt Wanda was the first one of our family to graduate high school. Times I could be fucking my wife, bust off a load in her hot pussy and fantasize of my Aunt Wanda and keep fucking my wife. Enjoyed tremendously fucking my wife after cumming inside her, my wife enjoyed my fucking after dumping a load in her hot, hairy pussy. So hot and slick my wife’s pussy became, when I dumped a load and kept fucking her but of course she didn’t know, I was fantasizing of fucking my aunt.

Love hairy pussy, the first sexual awareness I had was from seeing my aunt’s public hairs, poking out from around the bottom edge of her cutoff blue jeans. My wife was out of town a lot and thinking of my aunt I would have to jerk myself off, wondered if she still thought about sex. I certainly did, decided why shouldn’t I at least let my aunt know I had fantasized of fucking her, nearly my entire life and found a way of letting her know, getting a phone call.

“Are you a lone,” answering yes, the phone hung up and before I could think what to do. My beautiful, sexy aunt of eighty one years, was shortly knocking upon my door. Wearing a light summer dress my aunt entered pulling over her head to reveal she wore nothing beneath and handed me a bottle of the little blue pills. I immediately popped two of those pills, my dreams come true, I wanted my cock staying hard. Aunt Wanda sat upon the couch, spread her legs open and there was the hairy pussy I’d spied on.

“Those may take an hour or more before they fully kick in,” my aunt remarked, watching me undress.

“I’ll just busy myself down here,” letting her know I’d wanted to eat her beautiful nearly all my life served me well as I knelt to the floor running my arms under her legs and up to her tits, which felt fantastic with her large nipples getting hard. Wet lip hairy pussy I could see and my cock was already hard but eating the pussy I’d dreamed, so many times and I wanted the pills to work keeping my nine inch cock hard.

My aunt allowed me doing what I’d dreamed of letting me eat her beautiful hairy pussy, through orgasm, after orgasm. Each time she orgasm I would feel her hand come to the back of my head pressing me in and gently fucking my face. My wife could only take so much and she had to be fucked but that was some time back. My wife didn’t have the sex drive of my aunt and I’d known that nearly all my life, my wife was of an age sex wasn’t much on her mind, not like mine.

Aunt Wanda repeatedly orgasm in my face, allowing me all I wanted, until I was the one who just had to fuck and by the time I reached this point I knew for sure the two pills I’d taken, were working. Positioned Aunt Wanda as I thought she would comfortable for good long fucking and slipped my cock in the wettest, softest, hot pussy, I’d ever known. Looking into each other eyes, we did need words, we knew we wanted to fuck. After three hours of stroking Aunt Wanda’s luscious, wet, hot pussy, we lay together and began to talk. Of course Aunt Wanda’s tits sagged but I didn’t find them repulsive, not at all with her large hard nipples, between my fingers.

I didn’t care about her love life, I wanted to know about her fantastic pussy and she told me, she was like I. Sexual awareness coming before she had public hair, discovering she could orgasm after her monthly periods began, an itch she would get and have to rub her pussy, learning to masturbate herself. Resting we kissed and fondled each other until my cock was hard again and fucked.

My advice, if you have had a desire you’ve carried your life, let them know you want to fuck them, rather it’s your mother, sister, cousin, aunt or what. Incest fucking I have no problems, I have no desire to make more children but plan to enjoy Aunt Wanda’s beautiful, wonderful pussy, as long as we can.

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