Family Vacation: Pt 4

by J (Soviet Kanukistan)

First, as per usual, a short recap.

My family was on holiday. We landed in Barcelona and got to our hotel. Lady luck blessed us again, and we were upgraded to a suite with two bedrooms. Upon entering the room, we were to share during our tenure in the city; my brother confronted me about masturbating next to him on our connecting flight from Canada.

Caught wet-handed, things quickly spiralled into me, taking his virginity. It still doesn't seem real to me either, but here we are.


"You're not bad at that," I said, running my fingers through his hair. Looking down, I saw that his cock was, if anything, harder than it had been. "Ready to go again?"

His eyes were still glazed with the aftermath of his first orgasm inside a woman, and he responded with only a mumbling sound that I took for consent and mounted.

"Don't worry, little brother," I said, my voice thick with lust, "the second time is even better." That said, I sheathed him inside me and groaned with pleasure as the thick tip of his cock spread my cum lubricated pussy lips.

"Fucking Hell," I said, grinding myself against him, "I am never fingering myself again. You're," I leaned down and kissed him, "mine now, Marco."

He kissed me back, sliding his tongue into my mouth and rasping against my own. Finally, I broke the kiss to moan into his shoulder as I slowly worked myself up to orgasm on his rigid manhood.

"Are you sure we should be doing this, Bernice?" asked my recently deflowered sibling, his face contorting as my cunt tightened around him. "I mean, you and I are-"

I cut him off with another kiss, "just shut up and fuck me. We'll worry about everything else later, ok?"

He responded by grabbing my ass and thrusting harder into me. I bit his shoulder again to hold in a building scream. He was getting me so close.

In a surprise move, Marco flipped us over so that he was back on top then, the horror of horrors! he pulled out of me. "What the Fuck," I started to say but stopped when he grabbed my hips and pulled me to the side of the bed.

"Shut up," he muttered, lining himself back up and thrusting into me, his feet now firmly braced on the floor. "You're going to get us caught."

My legs were up over his shoulders as he jackhammered into my sopping wet cunt. I could feel his slick, oily cum inside me, being churned up by the force of his fucking. As usual, he was lasting longer for the second round, and I felt a swell of love for him as he released his grip on my hips to use this thumb on my clit.

I reached behind me and pulled one of the pillows over my face. This was too much; I was so close. Any moment now.

I heard his breath speed up, and his steady thrusting lost all sense of rhythm. "Bernie," he gasped. "I'm about to- argh!"

His cock jerked inside me and I felt his warm cream spurting from his tip; it plastered the walls of my cunt and the sensation of that, combined with knowing that it was my brother who was trying to breed me with all his might, sent me over the edge. I screamed into the pillow over my face as the orgasm ripped through my body. I went temporarily blind with the force of the climax, my toes curled and my whole body went tense, then released with a suddenness that mirrored the orgasm.

Marco plopped out of me and collapsed onto the bed. "Jesus Fucking Christ," he said, almost wheezing from the force of his own orgasm (I could feel it already starting to leak out of me.) "Thank you. Holy Fuck, thank you."

I smiled and tousled his hair. "Be right back, bro," I said, teasingly. "Some ass hat just put two loads in me, I've got to go take care of that." He was barely listening, still lost in his blissful afterglow.

Standing on unsteady legs I half wobbled to the bathroom and almost fell onto the toilet. After my tryst with Ruby on the plane and two sessions with Marco, I was all but spent. I thought about my birth control pills, I was keeping up with my doses and I knew that I had more than enough with me to never worry about running out. Even in case the unthinkable happened, condoms were not exactly hard to come by. I was stunned that I was putting so much thought into this, I was serious about having more lovemaking sessions with Marco.

Quickly I ran through my feelings towards him, my thoughts set to the background music of cum-mixed piss splashing into the toilet. I loved him, but in like, a fraternal way. So much so normal, but then there was the fact that he had just pumped two loads of incestuous sperm into my cunt and not only had I let him, I was the one who started it. What did that mean?

Eventually, I settled on being ok with the fact that I had fucked him and content with knowing that it would like happen again. Our relationship was going to change, but I knew that my feelings would never turn romantic and that having children with a relation was a terrible idea, so there was nothing to worry about. Well, except mom and dad finding out, they would not be understanding.

I finished my business by trying out the bidet, always good to wash yourself out and avoid any unwanted infections, before striding confidently back into the room.

Marco was sitting on the messy bed, shirtless though wearing a pair of pants, sadly. His eyes roamed my body as I entered and he said, "finally done? I'm fucking bursting!" He stood and made as if to brush past me, but I stood my ground and pulled his face down to mine.

The kiss was soft and gentle, more a caress than a kiss but it lingered. "Better get dressed there, sexy," he said, slapping my ass. "Mom was already in to get our dinner order, I told her you were in the toilet and ordered for you. Hurry up."

I watched my brother, my lover? I guess he was that now, walking into the bathroom. I shrugged, he was likely as interested in seeing where this goes as I was. I quickly pulled on my sleepwear, leaving off the under where just incase and checked the bed. No mysterious stains, good. Those would have been hard to explain.

A knock sounded on the door and mom stuck her head in, "oh good," she said. "you're here. Come on out, the food arrived. These Spanish are so fast." She was smiling and walked with a spring in her step that made me imagine what was going on behind her locked door. If I were a betting woman, my money would have been on the mother getting stuffed by her husband at the same time as her daughter was getting plowed by her brother. That thought made me smile.

"Good to see you're in a proper mood," said my dad from the table. "Come on, your brother will be joining us soon, right?" Dinner passed without incident and then we all retired to bed.

After making sure our parents were busy watching Spanish TV, Marco threw me onto the bed and almost tore my clothes trying to get them off of me. "Keep it down, ok?" he said as he sank his full member into me. I was already soaking wet, we'd spent the whole evening trading loaded looks over the table so there was no problem with enough lube.

"You be careful," I hissed as he started fucking me. "They'll notice if my shit winds up getting torn." I wrapped my legs around his hips, twined my arms around his neck and held on for dear life as he drove me towards my climax.

What in the Hell could possibly happen to make this trip better?

Oh, so many things.

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