Family Vacation: Pt 3

by J (Soviet Kanukistan)

Ok, it's been a while, everyone. I hope you liked the first two stories of mine. Now I want to let you all know what happened next.

First, a brief recap: My family and I are on vacation, we were upgraded to first-class, and I used the unexpected privacy to use my RC vibe to masturbate. A way into the flight, the world's greatest ever flight attendant Ruby, a beautiful black woman with massive tits, caught me and took the chance to fuck my brains out.

On the next flight, I masturbated again, thinking of my time with Ruby. This time though, my younger brother was sleeping next to me, which made things awkward.

My family finally landed in Barcelona. We were absolutely drained from our long day of travelling, me more than the rest, I thought. We had ordered a car to pick us up, and our driver, Miguel, was waiting for us, wearing a crisp white outfit and a huge white grin. "Buenos Noches!" he said. "You are the Reyes family?" My dad, in his best (though not great Spanish), spoke quietly with the man. Miguel was thrilled that we were at least willing to try his language, and I am convinced he gave us better service than we paid for.

We piled into the car, and Miguel happily started telling us about the city as he navigated traffic. How old it was, all about the Gaudí buildings and park in the city. He also gave us some tips and tricks to avoid pickpockets and reminded me to take care at night.

When he said that, my brother leaned in and said, "speaking of nighttime, I want to talk to you when we get a moment." I threw him a curious look, but he was already back to staring out at the dozing city as we sped closer to our hotel.

Luckily my mom had found an amazing deal on our hotel, so we were in one of the classier places. I think they were nearly booked up with a wedding, and we were able to snag a really cheap few days in the city before the cruise.

After we arrived at the hotel, Marco and I helped Dad unpack the car while mom checked us in. Dad tipped Miguel, and he promised to bring us to the cruise terminal in three days. Before the chauffeur left, he reminded us to stay awake a few more hours if we could. The easiest way to beat jet lag was to stay awake until the normal sleeping time in the new timezone.

We all said that we would and hauled our bags into the hotel, politely turning away a sleepy-looking bellhop, who promptly went back to reading his paperback novel. When we got to the desk, mom was speaking very intently with the concierge. Dad asked her what was wrong, and she told us that the hotel had made a mistake. They'd given us a two-bedroom suite instead of the standard room.

Going with Ghostbusters' wisdom, being that if someone asks if you are a god, you say yes. Dad thanked the concierge and took the room keys from the bemused man.

We got upstairs and fell through the door to marvel at the unexpected luxury before us. Mom and dad went to their own room and firmly closed the door behind us, saying that we should order room service before going to bed (the food is included with our upgrade). Marco shrugged at me and pulled his bag into our room.

"Well, that happened earlier than I thought it would," said Marco, rounding on me as soon as I entered the room. "You are unbelievable, Bernice."

He looked mad. I wondered what he could be talking about. I plopped my bag o the floor and started rooting through it for my Roots sweats. "What the Hell are you talking about, Marco?"

In a totally normal manner for us, I stripped off my yoga pants in preparation to change into my sweats. Unfortunately for me, the panties I had been wearing were safely stored in Ruby's pocket, wherever she was now. "That," said Marco, indicating my bare ass and neatly trimmed pubes with a wave of his hand, "is part of the problem. I know what you did on that last flight, sis. It's gross."

I bristled. "It's not gross. It's natural." I knew that I was being stupid, he was right, and I was just mad that I had been caught. Standing there without pants on, I planted my hands on my hips and felt powerful. Marco's eyes drifted down to my crotch.

"Look, Bernie, all I'm saying is that you really shouldn't do that. I mean, we share beds a lot, and I've never gone and jerked it, tempting though, trust me, it is. Is that normal for you?"

I sighed, "no, it's not normal. I was just... wait, did you say that it was tempting?" His cheeks coloured, and he looked away from me, the light reflecting off his glasses. "So, when you're next to me," I said, thinking fast. "You want to beat off?" He still did not meet my eyes. I stepped closer, and he stepped back, stopping when he hit the bed. "Where did you think you were going to finish then?"

He looked up, a look of defiance on his face. "Look, you're the weird one. Just 'cause I wanted do doesn't make me the problem here. You're the one finger-blasting next to your brother on a plane."

He had me there. I could feel the momentum of the confrontation shifting away from me. I refused to lose to him. My mind wandered to the little red box in my suitcase, then to the little packet of pills, I had next to it. Just as he started smirking at me, knowing that he scored a point, I used my ultimate trump card.

I grabbed the hem of my shirt and pulled it over my head. "What do you say to that?"

He said nothing. His eyes locked on the lacy black material of my bra. "What's the matter, little, brother?" I asked, running my fingers along the top lip of my bra. "Too much for you?" I knew that I had a pretty great body. Ruby clearly loved it, and my boobs got a lot of attention from the guys at school. They were pretty high B's, the same as my mom's. Asian or not, I was fucking stacked.

A tiny, thunderous voice sounded in the back of my mind as my fingers closed around the clasp between the rounded flesh of my boobs. "What are you doing!" It screamed. "He's your brother!" I ignored the voice. I could deal with anything it had to say when I was certain of my victory. I unhooked my bra and let it drop to the floor, freeing my iron-hard nipples.

Marco's mouth worked open and closed, trying to think of something witty or clever to say. I didn't give him a chance. I pushed against his chest with both hands. He fell flat on the covers, and I straddled his legs. "You're crazy!" he finally gasped. "This isn't-" I cut him off with a kiss. He said it was crazy or wrong or whatever, but I could feel his rigid cock through his pants.

"Then tell me to stop," I said. My voice was husky with lust. I was a little scared of myself now. How far was I willing to take this? I decided that I was horny, and if Marco was available, as he was and willing, which his little rant about wanking seemed to indicate, there was no reason that I should not have some fun with him.

He said nothing. Instead, his hands rose and filled themselves with my tits, his thumbs brushing against the sensitive tips. I shuddered with pleasure. "You sure you're ok with this?" he asked, his voice filled with caution.

I pulled his glasses off and laid them on the side table. "Are you?"

"I don't have any condoms," he said.

"I'm on the pill. You're clean, aren't you?"

he cleared his throat. "I'm... well, actually I've never..."

I could have laughed. I was going to deflower him. I leaned down and kissed him, "well then... let's fix that."

I slithered down his body and pulled his shorts down. There was a wet spot where I had been sitting. Realistically, I knew that I didn't need to do what I was going to do to get him to slide in naturally. But I wanted to. It was his first time, and I wanted to put on a good show. As his shorts slid over his ass and hit the ground, his rock hard cock sprang into view. I blinked for a moment, then said, "you shave? I'm a lucky girl."

He opened his mouth to say something but the only thing that escaped his lips was a gasp of pleasure as I sank mine around his shaft. "fuuuuck, Bernice." I smiled around my mouthful of dick, pleased with my skills.

He tasted just a little salty, the way most cocks do and tiny beads of pre-cum were gathering at the tip. I pulled back and licked them off. It was a close thing what tasted better, my little brother or the juices of the Air Canada steward.

After a minute of hard sucking, I pulled him out of my mouth a final pop and slid up his body to kiss him. "You're amazing, sis," he said, his breath coming hard.

"I hope you're not too out of breath there, Marco," I said with a wicked grin. "I'm not done with you, yet."

Wrapping my legs around his hips I rolled so he was on top of me. "If you have any questions, just ask."

He scowled at me and, using a hand as a guide, sheathed himself inside of me. "ahhhh...." we said in unison. He felt amazing inside of me. I clench around him and he shuddered in bliss. "You're fucking amazing!" he moaned quietly in my ear. "Jesus Christ." He started to saw himself back and forth inside me.

His rhythm picked up and his balls slapped against my ass hole as he worked up to really losing his virginity deep inside me. I wrapped my arms and legs around him, pulling him tight against me and bit into his shoulder to hold in a building scream. His breath was coming faster now, I could feel his steady rhythm becoming more erratic. He was close. "Fuck me, Marco. I want you to come inside me. Fuck me... fuck me... fuck me!"

He slammed himself against me and shuddered. I could feel his dick spurting against my cervix, blasting his virgin load into my hungry cunt. Finally, he collapsed and popped out of me, leaving a trail of rapidly drying cum on my quivering thigh.

"You're not bad at that," I said, running my fingers through his hair. Looking down I saw that his cock was, if anything, harder than it had been. "Ready to go again?"

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