Family Vacation: Pt 2

by J (Soviet Kanukistan)

Firstly, a brief recap of the story thus far.

I was on a family vacation and had started masturbating on my first flight of the trip not long after takeoff. Since we had been bumped to first class, I had all the space I needed, and the attendant even joined me. After bringing me to a spectacular orgasm, she and her colleague set up some privacy blinds around my seat, creating a tent of sorts.


Unbuttoning her shirt and removing her tiny tie, she said, "I think you'll really like this." I grinned back and opened my legs as much as possible, a clear invitation.

The woman sat in the seat beside me and moved the middle arm-rest up and out of the way. She reached between my legs and slipped her hand under my tight yoga pants. "We're going to take these off you; I want to see my new plaything." Ignoring the warning bells in my head, I was desperate for her touch, I slipped off my shoes and slid my tights down my long toned legs.

"Good." She whispered, still stroking my sopping cunt. "Now, the panties too." I hesitated, and she pulled the remote for the vibe, still buried inside me, from her pocket and cranked the strength of the vibrations up. "ohhhhhhhhh," I moaned, heedless of the risk of being heard.

The attendant covered the sound by pressing her mouth against mine. "Shhh," she whispered against my lips. "There's more where that came from; now just do as I say." I wrapped my arms around her neck and pulled her in for another kiss. "Do whatever you want," I slipped my hand inside her undone shirt and filled it with one of her huge breasts, "just let me play too."

She growled her appreciation of the attention being paid to her boobs and kissed me, sliding her tongue into my mouth. I struggled to get my panties off then... I was naked. "Good." Murmmered the attendant, her name was Ruby though I don't remember when she told me that.

To my surprise, Ruby got down on the floor of the airplane and buried her face between my legs, her tongue lashing my clit. I nearly screamed from the intense pleasure radiating from my cunt all over my body. She was building me to a climax faster than anything had ever done before.

Just a few more seconds until... my orgasm hit me so hard that I nearly blacked out from it, combined with my continuing struggle to keep silent. When Ruby pulled her face away from my aching hole, it was covered in my juices. "That was impressive." She said, her islander accent thick as her inhibitions fled from her. "Now, you're going to have to return the favour."

Ruby rose before me like a goddess. Her dark skin glistened where my orgasmic discharge had hit, leaving gleaming evidence of what she had done to me all over her tits and face. "Anything." I sobbed, I wanted her desperately and was willing to do just about anything at that moment to make her give herself to me.

Excruciatingly slowly Ruby let her open shirt fall to the ground, then reaching behind her with one hand and gently caressing my aching nipples with the other, she undid her bra.

I was entranced by sight. Before this experience I had never seriously considered the possibility that I might be into girls. Still, after seeing her body revealed to me in all its glory, there could be no question. Her tits were huge, easily F cups with large dark brown nipples that were hard as diamonds. I wanted them and lunged forward, wrapping my arms around her and sucking on one of those huge nipples.

She gasped and sagged against me. "Fuck. I guess you wanted them." I pulled back enough to smile up at her, then I slowly snaked my tongue out and teased her nipple with it. "Beg me," I said. Ruby was stunned and stared down at me, "uh," "I said, beg me." I flicked her nipple again, and she shuddered. "Please." She whispered. "What was that?" I brought one of my hands around and lazily squeezed the other breast, paying special attention to never actually touching the hard iron point. "Suck me," she said, gasping from my teasing. I could feel her shuddering with desire against me.

"Make me cum. I want you to ravage my body!" I clamped my hand over her mouth, "shhh. We don't want to wake anyone up. Now, take off your skirt, and we'll see about giving you what you want."

She undid the side zipper of the skirt so fast it nearly broke, then tore a hole in her nylons right over her cunt. "No panties?" I asked, allowing the shock to register in my voice. "No. Easier access this way." Making a mental note to remember this piece of advice, I took her nipple into my mouth and gently bit it. "Yesssss...." She groaned as my other hand started twisting her other nipple, "fuck... that feels amazing!"

I pulled back and kissed her, then said, "get in the chair. It's time I had a little fun with you." She obliged, and I took her former position on the ground, "hmmm." I said, slowly running my fingers over the wet lips of her cunt, covering them in her juices. I was, of course, doing more than just teasing her, I was legitimately confused about how to proceed. Minus some experimentation with my friends, which had never involved oral, I didn't know what to do to a woman.

"Fuck it," I said and leaned in, planting a kiss right on her engorged clit; this seemed to be the right thing to do as she ran her fingers through my hair and pressed my face hard against her cunt. "Lick me," she said, obviously noting my lack of experience. "Use your tongue, stick it into me and use your teeth on my clit."

I did as I was bid, and her legs encircled my head. "Yes! Oh, fuck, yes!" she moaned. I pulled my head back and slipped the gently buzzing vibe from my pussy, I was sad to feel it leave, but I knew that what I was about to do with it would be worth the absence. "You'd better keep it down," I said. Using my free hand to gently take the controller from her limp fingers, "you don't want to get caught."

As I finished speaking, I slipped the vibrator into her cunt and started slowly cranking the power set up. She moaned so loud that I was sure someone would hear us, so I broke free of her strong black legs and covered her mouth and nose. "Get a hold of yourself, or I'll have to stop." I sounded just like my mother, not a good sign. She nodded, and I moved my hand away, "I was just taken off guard. Now get back down there. I'm close."

I grinned and slid down her body, peppering it with kisses as I went. When I reached her cunt, her legs again wrapped around my head and pressed my face against her warm wetness, I opened my mouth and started licking greedily at her pussy. I wanted to taste everything she had to give me.

True to her word, she again ran her fingers through my hair and grabbed hold. "So close," she whispered. I pushed two fingers into her sucking pussy and flicked the power on the vibe up one more setting. "Yeeesssss!" she hissed, pushing my face harder, aginst her, "give it to me!" When her orgasm subsided, and her limbs stopped shaking, she pulled me up into her lap and kissed me, trying to take all of the juice I had collected in my mouth from her ejaculation. I kissed back, not willing to part with even a drop.

"Wow," I said when we finally stopped, and I was able to collapse against her." She ran a finger through my fine, black hair, "you're pretty good at that. Shame, the flight isn't a little longer." I sighed my agreement and filled my hand with her tits again. "Speaking of which," she looked at her watch. "It's time for me to go."

"No." I said that I didn't want her to leave, and I was at a point where I didn't care if we were caught. I could keep going, and I wanted her to do it with me. "No choice, sorry." Gently she pushed me off of her and stood up. "You'll have to keep yourself amused from here on out." She pulled her skirt up and hooked her bra over her tits; I almost sobbed to see them leave hidden again under the lacy fabric, then she buttoned her shirt over it all and re-tied her tie. In a matter of seconds, she had gone from sex goddess to flight attendant.

I, too, stood and pulled her face down to mine, pressing my lips against hers. I hoped that my gratitude would transfer over. "Get dressed. We'll be landing soon." Glumly I pulled on my bra and shirt, then sat down and slid my panties back over my pussy, still wet and begging for more. "Wait!" said Ruby.

She crouched in front of me and rubbed my cunt through the thin material of my panties, then slid them off and planted a kiss on my clit. "I had to say goodbye." She stood, my panties in hand and held them to her nose. "I'll keep these," she winked and slipped them into the pocket of her blazer.

I laughed and pulled my leggings over my thighs. "Thanks, Ruby. For everything." She winked, leaned down to kiss me, then was gone.

Hurriedly I put away my toys and set everything in the makeshift tent to rights. Ruby stuck her head in and said, "miss? We'll be landing soon; it's time to put the curtains away." I agreed and played along with the charade, pretending to have just woken up as Ruby, and her colleague pulled down the curtains and secreted them away.

We landed without incident, and as we disembarked from the plane, Ruby placed her hand on my shoulder, "please fly with us again!" she said. She had said the same thing to everyone that walked by, but the tone was different from me. She wanted me under her watch and under her again.

We made our connection, our upgrade carrying us into first-class again and took off. My parents were thrilled with the level of service we had received and asked if I had tipped the attendant. I informed them that I had, of course, expressed our gratitude for her excellent service.

Still glowing from my time with Ruby, I, of course, masturbated on the next flight. It was a little awkward with my brother sleeping in the seat beside me, but I managed. I could never have imagined what was to come next for me.

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