Family Vacation: Pt 1

by J (Soviet Kanuckistan)

I sat in bed, eyes closed, headphones on, music blaring, fingers a blur over my bare pussy, working my way steadily towards a third climax. I knew that this would be my last chance for some time to get my freak on, and I was taking full advantage. I reached up and pinched my nipple, biting my lip at the sharp pleasure radiating from it.

My back arched as I reached the pinnacle, then, toes curling with delight and a guttural moan escaping my slightly parted lips, I climaxed. My orgasm seemed to rip through my body, causing my vision to go white. My hand, well trained by years of practice, kept moving, ensuring that I squeezed every drop of pleasure out of the experience.

Finally, the ride slowed to a stop, and I lay, basking in the slowly receding orgasmic aftershocks that followed my self-love. After a few minutes, I cracked my eyes and looked lethargically at the clock beside my be. 5:35. I longed for another orgasm, as most people do, but knew that I had neither the time before my parents got home nor the ability. The mind was willing, but the flesh has its limitations.

I stretched lazily, luxuriously on the bed, my arms over my head and breasts thrust forward. I sighed as my muscles relaxed, they had been working hard, and it felt good to ease the tension one builds up after such strenuous activity.

Pulling an old parent trick, I picked up my iPhone and opened the find my iPhone app. My family was still at the mall, most likely it would be thirty minutes before they got home, good, plenty of time to make a decision. I stood and, knowing that I was alone in the house, walked brazenly out of my room, down the hall, and into the shower.

The cold water was a godsend; it cascaded over me, hardening my nipples and revitalizing as it went to the point where I experimentally reached between my legs again, just in case she was ready for round four. Alas, I flinched away from my touch. It would take a bit of time before I was ready. I shrugged and finished washing up. There was a long day of travelling ahead of me, plenty of time to recuperate.

I toweled off and walked back to my room, as naked as I had been when wet, in both ways. Stopping just inside the door, I looked at my bags. I had managed to get out of the last minute shopping that my parents had taken my younger brother on by claiming that I needed to finish packing — a clever deception as I had finished that task the day before. Several items were lying on a side table next to my bag. I had to decide on them before everyone got home.

I picked up a small, blue, U shaped device. We were only going to be away for a couple of weeks; I thought to myself as I considered the vibrator and remote, my other hand idly drifting between my legs again. There was no reason to take it, except... Suddenly reaching an accord, I ran downstairs and put both items into one of the interior pockets in the jacket I would be bringing on the trip.

Next on the list of things I had to consider was a red box of condoms. It wasn't likely that I would get laid while we were on this trip, though I was careful always to be prepared. It went into the suitcase. Finally, a small bottle of lube remained on the small table. That required no thought since I was bringing the vibrator and the condoms; if I were to use them properly, I'd need the lube in the bag it went.

Checking my phone, I realized that it was shockingly easy to spy on one's family and resolved to remember to turn my location finder off if I ever needed privacy. They were well on their way home now. I turned to the clothes I had laid out on my desk chair: blue stretchy top, black bra, black panties, and black yoga pants. I pulled on the garments and hauled my, now finished, packing to the front door, ready to be heaved into the car with the other bags neatly arrayed there.

My family arrived, there was a brief flurry of activity, then we were all packed into the car as Dad ran through the checklist of things customarily forgotten. After he ran down the list, he put the car into gear, and we headed off to the airport. We arrived, I quietly transferred my vibe to my backpack so that no one would find it, made it through CATSA and were, just like that, ready for our flight.

The airline had upgraded us to first class, which was truly fantastic news! This meant that there would be a greater distance between us AND no one would hear me if I decided to have a little fun on the eight-hour flight. Before we boarded, I hurried to the toilet, for all the usual reasons and inserted my vibrator. We were called first and took our seats; the flight attendant came around offering refreshments as the rest of the passengers boarded, then the flight took off.

The attendant came around again and gave us our meals, God, I never want to travel anything other than first-class again! and we were left to our own devices. (me more than most) One hour into the flight, when most people had settled down for the long haul, I took out the little remote for my vibrator and flicked it on.

I moaned softly and sagged back into my chair. I love this little toy. There is almost no sound, and given the relative isolation offered by first-class, any ambient noise will be ignored as coming from the engines. I increased the speed of the vibe and closed my eyes, ready to ride out the pleasure until we landed.

I took the complimentary blanket that had been provided by the airline (first-class baby!) and covered myself so that I could slip one hand up under my shirt to play with my nipple without anyone noticing. The vibe was sending pulsating waves through my bod,y causing me to groan again. My panties were getting soaked, but that did not matter, I had a spare in my backpack.

"Hmmm... yeah." I sighed, barely audible over the ambient sounds of plane travel. My bra was a front clasp, and I undid it, freeing my access to my nipples, which were hard enough to cut glass. Gently I started to pinch and twist them, feeling the warmth radiating out from chest meetup with the heat rising from my pussy. The vibrations were sending pulsating waves of pleasure through me; my mind was almost blank with the sheer joy of it. I could feel an orgasm building, and I longed to slip my hand into my pants and add my fingers to the glorious sensation of my vibe. But I resisted. I knew that if I waited, held back, and rode the rolling waves of passion, the eventual release would be all the sweeter.

My other hand, still holding the remote, twitched with the force of a particularly strong wave of pleasure and my thumb with the speed button. The reaction was electric, the speed and strength of the vibrations, until this point relatively gentle, skyrocketed. I groaned allowed and reacted by pinching my nipple harder. I opened my eyes, gasping for breath and struggling to hold in increasingly loud noises of ecstasy as I hurriedly lowered the speed of the vibe, having to jump it through its higher settings to reset it, and looked wildly around to see if anyone had noticed.

The flight attendant who had brought me dinner came down the aisle and asked me if everything was alright. Shit, so they had noticed. Face flushed I quickly told her that everything was fine; I had just been sitting uncomfortable,y but it was all good now. The woman still wore a concerned face, which slowly broke into a grin. "Don't worry, dear. I won't rat you out." She winked at me. I stared aghast at her. "I have one too." She looked around quickly; everyone was asleep, then she sat in the empty chair next to mine. "May I?" I was shocked and intensely aroused so I nodded, unable to speak. The attendant smiled again and gently lowered the blanket.

Throughout our whole interaction up to that point, I hadn't stopped anything that I had been doing, so: my hand was still up to my shirt, teasing my now painfully erect nipples, and the vibe was still buzzing away in my cunt. "Oh, wow." Said the attendant before reaching down and sliding her hand into my pants. "You're soaking." She whispered in my ear. Acting on instinct, I turned my face to hers and gently met her lips with mine. The kiss was brief, but to my pleasure, addled mind it seemed to last an eternity. The attendant looked around again then pulled up my shirt, exposing my open bra and iron hard nipples, then she bent her head and took one into her mouth.

I climaxed.

The sheer force of previously up pleasure and shock from what she was doing pushed me over the edge. Her hand, not currently engaged with my pussy, clamped over my mouth to prevent my crying out from the force of the unexpected orgasm. When the shaking and aftershocks had died away she uncovered my mouth and kissed me again. "How was that?" I made a feebly jubilant noise, not yet entirely recovered. "Good." She whispered, flashing her shockingly white teeth again. "I've got an idea." Then she stood, bringing her damp hand to her nose and smiling, "Of course, ma'am. I'll set that up for you right away." She said, quietly then winked and left briefly. Hurriedly I pulled my shift back down and the blanket up, curious to see what came next.

The woman came back after a minute with a male attendant. I was shocked, was she going to give me him? They set up some thick privacy curtains around my seat and the man went back to his other duties after saying something with a grin to my attendant. She playfully slapped him across the face, and he moved away, then slipped into the makeshift tent with me, unbuttoning her shirt and removing her tiny tie. "I think you'll really like this." She said, smiling. I grinned back and opened my legs as much as possible, a clear invitation.

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