Family Fun In The Sun

by Jason Paul (Mt. Storm, WV, United States)

I used to feel off with my family when my dad passed and his side of the family was estranged so it was my gorgeous mom Tina and my 3 sexy as fuck sisters Sarah, Johanna, Alexis and me. Sarah and johnna are in college I work in the area and my sister Alexis is a horny 19 girl with a car and nowhere to be. During the summer our home is filled with us again because of college break.

One weekend afternoon I decided I was gonna go swimming in the pool so I went in the house and got my trunks on and went back to the pool. Mom came out in a plunged one piece white swimsuit and Alexis came out in her string bikini I was watching them bend over to lay out there towels and I got a great side view of both of them mom for being 48 she looks 30 and Alexis well I always wanted to drop a load in her.

After they got laid out in the sun I climbed out of the pool and joined them Alexis took her swimsuit off so she wouldn't get tan lines. Then Sarah and Johanna came outside both naked go figure worried about tan lines being in college and all. All four of them are long blonde hair big round bouncy asses and they all have these huge perky tits a man would dive into.

I was busy staring and Mom had to repeat twice she wanted me to lotion her up I have done it a thousand times before for all the ladies in the house and they knew I liked it. I worked my way down from moms shoulders to her round ass and my hand for the first time slipped under her swimsuit "accidentally" not I was coping a feel this time. Her ass was even firm for her age and the fact her ass is huge combined most would doubt it's firmness I grabbed it hard she turned and gave me the your being a horny boy.

I stood up and Sarah said oh my God your fucking huge let me see you. She meant my dick I looked down and I was almost hard as a rock she grabbed my shorts and pulled me to her and I kept getting stiffer the closer I got she never even asked if she could whip it out she just yanked my shorts down and then it turned into a piranha attack.

Johanna and Alexis had to see my dick mom came over and said just like you're dad was well endowed. Mom stared at my dick for a while I knew she wasn't getting any since she stays home. Alexis the horny slut she is seen my dick and said we can't let something that huge go to waste, Johanna agreed mom didn't speak at all Alexis wasn't gonna wait for a turn she about put me her and Sarah in the pool.

I knew she was a whore Alexis was on her knees with Sarah taking turns. I looked at mom and said come join in I mean we're all adults; she interrupted and said we are a family and I came back with yeah we are the majority of the house is going to town so you and Johanna might as well join us I looked down at Johanna she was licking Alexis's ass.

I looked at her and held my hand out and said what happens here is staying here she took my hand and I pulled her into me pushing Sarah's face farther down on my dick I leaned in on Mom and kissed he neck and chest. Alexis got up and stripped mom, mom keeps her pussy cleaned and shaved as Alexis keeps hers. Mom and I began kissing passionately our lips locked to each other my hands gripping her ass so she can't back away from us.

Sarah got up and wanted mom to taste my precum. I pushed mom to the ground and pulled Sarah into me and I groped her ass, pussy, and her tits. And I watched as mom sucked me off I'm not little and for your average girl I'm hard to deepthroat but mom took down like a champ and I was thinking no wonder dad got with this she can work the dick over.

Johanna moved from Alexis to Mom. And mom stopped and I looked at her and said you know you ain't done she got up groped my dick and said we are going to finish inside I'm about to get real loud and dirty. She walked me by my dick to her room and shoved down on her bed and the girls followed behind. Mom kept sucking so I motioned for Alexis to sit on my face and let me eat her.

Johanna got in moms panty drawer and pulled out a wand beads and a couple vibes. I asked her to walk in mom bathroom and grab the dirty panties when Johanna got back she opened my mouth and stuffed my mouth with panties. Johanna wasted no time and grabbed the wand started moaning and groaning and wiggling all over she got so wet so quick you could see her juice running down her legs.

I grabbed the beads and started placing them in Alexis's asshole. Her pussy was dripping on my face and Sarah took my dick and stuffed it in her pussy. And she moaned in pain she began to tear up a bit but I pulled her down and held her while she adjusted to my size she slowly started to move up and down on me and whispered in my ear you are the biggest guy I've ever taken if I've known your size I'd started to use you a long time ago.

Sarah took what she could Alexis was pulling beads out of her ass and putting them in Johanna Sarah climbed on my face and mom the one woman I've always wanted to fuck in the house just because it's deviant and dirty to fuck your mom and sisters but I love it. Mom really rode my dick the right way because I could feel her contracting her pussy walls on my dick mom went from tight to really tight I was close to blowing my load she grabbed Alexis and made her take me and mom leaned into my ear and said breed your sisters pussy.

When the sexy little slut hopped on her eyes got huge and said you may not fit so I grabbed her waist and shoved her on me she screamed and began to cry and ride me I guess I popped her cherry for good. Mom sat her soaking wet pussy on my face and Sarah stood above mom while mom rimmed her tight little asshole. Alexis calmed down just in time because I'm pumping her full of cum.

I could feel it she probably could feel it coming inside of her pussy I got two real rough thrusts which made her squeal which in turn made me blow up deep inside her pussy. Before she could get off my dick because of my huge packages I pulled her down and made sure every drop of my jizz went into Alexis. After I pulled out and let her go she stood up while mom ate my jizz.

Sarah hopped on me backwards she spit on her hand and in one fair motioned lubed up her ass and took every inch of my 10 inch dick so I know who the anal whore is. She rode me and slammed her ass on top of me basically she was fucking my brains out which I loved that because normally I got the tool to fuck.

Mom spit the jizz from Alexis up in Johanna pussy my mom is the dirtiest Whore I know and I love her for that. Sarah I'm gonna cum baby any time now in an instant I went from deep in her ass to my whole 10 in Sarah's pussy she slammed herself on me and started to rock my world.

Oh yeah, awe fuck Sarah, fuck my dick make me jizz she clenched her pussy and forced my load in herself I think they could tell my stamina ain't meant for 4 people at one time mom made me suck each pussy and I stuffed panties in each of my sister's cunt holes to soak my jizz.

Mom told us to get out and as I was getting up she pushed me down she got this slutty flirtatious sound in her voice and stroked me til I was rock solid she stopped and I said I'm dry until this evening. So instead of banging my pussy son how bout you suck my nipples your father loved sucking on my tits. I fingered her pussy and asshole Sarah walked in and said come on guys I know he's dry because half is in my pussy and my ass.

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