Family Business

by Bryn (Cheshire, UK)

I had been out in town with my mates, doing a bit of Cunt Hunting, as usual we had no luck so I broke away from them and went home. I decided I needed a new approach to getting involved with a girl without the company of the lads.

At 18 years of age I was a confused man of fucked up hormones that raged through me making me decide what my sexual orientation was, straight, gay, bi or whatever.

I was a fairly good looking guy according to my sisters Claire and Sophie and I reckon I had a good physique plus I was gifted with a good strong 7.5 inch cock, uncut and girthy and if my wanking always produced a copious discharge of spunk, then I had to be in the market for some cum slut to reap the benefits.

At home I took a shower and went to my room, got into bed and read my book for a bit before settling down to sleep. I jerked awake sometime in the small hours, I was not alone.

Even in the darkness I could make out the pretty Elfin face of my youngest sister Sophie, She was laying next to me, one leg hooked over mine and pressing her soft warm stark naked body against my equally naked form...and I had a thumping erection to boot, and it was in her lovely small soft hand.........

"Soph.what the f......"

"Shhh! don’t speak bro, don’t spoil the moment.....pretend you’re dreaming."

Pretend I was dreaming for fucks sake, this was my sister, my 19 year old sibling naked in my bed and fondling my 18 year old solid throbbing dick.

"Sophie, this is....this just isn’t right hon, you’re my SISTER...this is INCEST f'Chissake....its fucking should go hon."

"I’ve no intention of going and I don’t give a flying fuck about the immorality thing or the incest part either, I want to be here with you Bro, you and your big fucking cock, I love holding it.........I...I......would you....You could easily fuck me if you wanted to, I’d like it, I’d love to feel you pushing this thing up inside my pussy......"

By now Soph was laying full length on me, her terrific tits mashed onto my chest, her soft belly hot on mine and her cunt mound bereft of hair holding out promises of ambrosial nectar drinking.

I groaned when Sis shuffled under the duvet and nearly cried out when her warm wet mouth engulfed my cock, I felt it vanish down her throat and I quivered wondering where and who with she had previously practiced with. My temptress devoured her prey, humming contentedly, and it was all I could do not to really skull fuck her and dump my load down her throat.

"Ohhhhhhh! Jeeeeeeesus! Soph. this is fantastic, Chrrrrrrrrist!!" I was in a transport of sublime erotic exotic transcendental delight, my head was spinning, coloured lights flashed in my brain as the most excruciatingly sensual thrills coursed through my entire body as my sister sucked and slurped to her heart’s content.

After a minute or two of her oral activity, Sophie crawled up and lay with me in my arms, gently kissing like proper lovers.

"I'd love you to find me alone, broke alone and helpless. I love it if you'd be mad with lust then you'd rip my clothes of, really tear them to shreds till I was in my nude and then you'd throw me down and stuff this terrible thing really hard into my body and fuck me violently and shoot loads of brother spunk deep into me and flood me, oooooooooohhhh! GOD that would be just so fucking horny, like being raped, my sweet darling brother raping his helpless sister."

I couldn't believe what I was hearing, but my rearing cock evidently could because it was beating like mad and I could actually FEEL that I was leaking pre cum like a tap. I pushed her off me and forced her onto her back, Sophie instinctively crossed her legs to protect her cunt but that didn't stop me going down on her and...............

End of Part 1

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