Family Business: Part 2

by Bryn (Cheshire, UK)

Laying there with my sister in that situation was enough to make me lose control, at my young age any hole was a goal no matter who with. But I was worried that Sophie didn't really mean what she said and if I tried shagging her she would scream bloody murder, so I just cuddled her to me and we just kissed and stroked and groped a bit.

"I meant what I said Bro, I'd really like that thing in my pussy, you can do it if you want to..."

"Yeah but if I cum my load in you, you might get tubed, what happens then"

"God! you are a silly boy, I'm on the Pill didn't you think about that bit, I mean I wouldn't be here seducing you if I thought you fill me with a belly full of arms and legs. We could do it any time were alone, just like this, my lovely gorgeous big cocked brother who's gagging to fuck me insensible."

I lost it then, pushing my sister off me I shoved her legs apart and in a trice my mouth was glued to her sopping sticky wet cunt, her smell, her taste her everything cuntable was eagerly devoured by me in a frenzy of cunnilingual greed. I sucked licked lapped and swallowed whatever issued from my sisters cock socket and all the while my dick was beating painfully.

It was at that moment that the madness was interrupted by the house phone ringing downstairs in the lobby, I heard one of our parents getting up and going down to answer it. Panic!!!

Sophie took over....

"Listen my own darling, I’m going to be your cum bucket, your slut, your obedient whore, you can feel free to fuck me and do just as you please with me when we are by ourselves, my cunt will always be wet and welcoming."

"Fucking HELL, Sis, you really want to do this? What if we're caught? what could we say? Ohh GOD!! I really do want to do it with you, I'd love to feel my dick getting really deep inside you, in your incredibly soft velvety hole and shag you brainless and bow legged, and your arse as well Soph, your lovely soft round bum. Could I....Could I, that is would you let me have......can I borrow your knickers?"

"ooooooo!! naughty boy, of course you can and I'll make sure they are very stained and smelling of me, now I’d better skip my own darling brother.....and your terrible big pussy ripping cock.

Saying which, Sophie gave me a long wet searching kiss with her tongue down my throat, and left as quietly as she arrived. I was totally floored by the whole thing and even a frantic wank and eruption of pent up spunk did little to quieten my lust for my sister...and her used discarded undies.

The End (or was it.)

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