Family Bonding: Part 2

by Bushman

Me and Kimmy both mover into mother's out stretched arms me on mom's left and Kimmy on mom's right mom pulled us close to her.

We both took a tit into our mouths sucking and gently kneading on her stiff thick nipples making mom moan with lusty pleasure.

Mom opened her eyes look at me then Kimmy trying to decide what she wanted first my rock hard cock or Kimmy's hot wet pussy

I dropped to my knees and spread mom's Full pussy lips mom's pussy had a stronger musky aroma then Kimmy's pussy this made me desire her even more.

I slid my middle finger up from the very bottom of her pussy lips slowly up to her clit then down and into her hot wet pussy moving my finger until I found mom's G spot.

This caused mom to moan out she grabbed Kimmy and started kissing her deeply Kimmy responded in kind.

I worked mom's G spot causing her knees to almost buckle she moaned into Kimmy's mouth as I licked and sucked mom's clit sudden I got a Surprise.

Mom's pussy started squirting at first I thought mom had peed on my face until I tasted her ,it was delicious better then normal woman cum.

I had just made mom Squirt I didn't even know mom was a squirter I sucked up all her juices I could get making mom Squirt into my mouth again.

We moved over to the sofa Kimmy sat down mom got between her legs Wow I was excited to see mom eating pussy especially her own daughters pussy.

Mom didn't hesitate she dove right in making me wonder if mom had eaten pussy before.

l got behind mom took hold of her full hips lined my cock up with her furry hole l Pushed my cock head in feeling mom's heat radiating from her hot pussy.

Oh wow mom's pussy was so tight she squeezed my cock as I pushed in l pushed in as deep as I could go my balls against her were getting soaked in her pussy juices.

I started Fucking her faster I couldn't believe how Lucky I was to be balls deep in my own mother's pussy as she ate her own daughters pussy ummm family Bonding.

We fucked and sucked in every position in every combination mom son, mom daughter, mom daughter and son, son and daughter.

We have done this every day and night now.

Self quaranteen has brought out our lust for each other.

Now I Know it's True what they say Incest is Best ♥️

We now all share mom's big bed.

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