Family Bonding: Part 1

by Bushman

This Shut down over the coronavirurs was driving me and my Sister nuts.

My sister is always horny just like me.

Mom was asleep me and my sister Kimmy were sitting around when she asked do you miss getting pussy?

I smiled and said why do you miss getting cock?

She said He'll yeah I do and she started rubbing her crouch through her shorts.

I followed her lead and started rubbing my cock through my jeans.

Kimmy said why don't you take it out so it can grow fully hard.

She smiled and seductively licked her red pouty lips.

I said show me your pussy Kimmy jumped up pulled her shorts and tiny thing down.

Wow Kimmy had a thick red bush between her legs I could just make out her thick pussy lips through her bush.

She said I haven't trimmed up because no one can get my pussy any way.

I Smiled and said it Looks good to me she said that's because your as horny as I am.

By now my cock was rock hard Kimmy licked her lips and said I got to have some cock I don't care if it's wrong I need to get fucked.

Without another word she dropped to her knees and slid her warm wet eager mouth over my cock head taking me deep.

She licked and sucked so dam good Wow little Sis your an Awesome cock sucker.

She just moaned and continued sucking finally I had to stop her so I didn't cum.

I wanted to fuck that Wet hairy little pussy of Kimmy's.

I pushed her back on the sofa got down and inhaled her musky aroma her aroused scent made my cock even harder.

I shoveled my tongue in lapping up her sweet juices this drove Kimmy wild.

She screamed out Of Fuck Yes Eat My Pussy!

I kept licking We both were startled where we heard mom's voice say Oh Fuck we looked up to see mom letting her robe fall to the floor.

Mom only had on a tiny pair of panties on, Mom is almost a mirror image of Kimmy.

She has wider hips, small tummy and bigger tits but the same thick red bush between her legs.

Mom's ass is Fuller I Love mom's big ass and have admired it for so long.

Now I'm getting to see it up close ummm.

Mom said what's About to happen here is so wrong but we all need it.

Mom said come to momma children.

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May 29, 2020
by: Anonymous

I wish you was my brother

May 23, 2020
My stepmom
by: Trainman73

I was home on leave from the Navy. I woke my stepmom to let her know I was home. She said instead of going to your room why don't you get in my bed. I had always wanted to fuck my stepmom. She has 46DD titts, with tiny pink nipples. I know this because I walked in on her coming out of the shower. Anyway I woke up my hard cock was sticking out of my boxers and it was stuck into her pussy. My left hand was holding her breast. I was shocked because she was pushing back against my cock. We ended fucking till I filled her vagina with my sperm. I was home for 14 days and we must have had sex every where in the house and the pool.

May 23, 2020
Family bond part one
by: Anonymous

I would love to have some fun with some friends and family during this coronavirus pandemic. During this coronavirus pandemic would be a great way to start having fun where we all strip our clothes off and be naked. It would be great being completely naked in the house together and only get dressed when we need to go to the store.

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