Fall Love

by Anonymous

My mom and I had moved out the house on the edge of the country at the end of that summer. At first I wasn’t sure how much I would like living there. It seemed rather isolated. Then, at the beginning of fall, when school started, I met Jason. He was nice, kind of quiet and shy like me.

The two of us hit off almost immediately and we were both a little self-consciously aware of there being a very obvious sort of mutual attraction between us. This was something that neither of us was quite used to experiencing with another boy. Yet, it felt good and we both liked it. As we got to know one another, we began to become more encouraging of letting these feelings show and that made our friendship even better.

Over the next few weeks it was like we were both thinking and wondering what it would be like if we were – – well, romantic in our feelings toward one another? Would it be strange or awkward? I even began to wonder what it would be like to kiss another boy.

That Saturday Jason and I met and decided to go for a walk in the nearby woodsy area together. It was a brisk autumn day, but it felt nice to get out and to just enjoy each other’s company.

Jason and I began walking across the empty fields, now turned seasonably yellow and dry, and we walked on to where the trees filled in. Knowing that nobody was about encouraged our feelings of chumminess. We found ourselves bumping each other’s shoulder as we walked and we both grinned over this.

When we were well into the trees, and knew that nobody could see us, we paused. We looked at one another, with my blue eyes meeting his deep brown eyes. We both felt the rapport between us which so appealing. Then, without it seeming like it was a big deal, we both slowly leaned forward and closed our eyes, and we let our lips touch. I felt his against mine, soft and warm. It was like kissing a girl, only I was doing it with another boy and that made it so special.

We drew back and looked at one another to see just what each other’s reaction to this was, unsure. Then we both saw that it was perfectly agreeable, so we kissed again. This time we let our lips part and our mouths open and I felt Jason's tongue wetly touching mine, and I allowed my tongue to respond and play with his. This was so exciting and down below I was suddenly aware of the erection this was giving me, as I felt my penis push stiffly up on my jeans. I felt the firmness of Jason’s erection pressing against me, confirming that I was not alone in experiencing this response.

Then, as we stood there holding each other, Jason pulled one arm back and his hand started to undo the fly on his jeans and he was pulling them down. I followed his example and did the same.

We both pulled our pants down and hugged, letting our stiff bare erections touch and slide and rub together with a pleasurable male intimacy that neither of us had ever known before. It was exciting and so satisfying to experience this. Very quickly we both felt the desire to wet each other with our semen, and to blend and mix our sperm.

“Oh, man …” Jason breathed as he held me tight, moving his hips with mine.

“Oh, yeah …” I breathed back, loving how his stiff bare dick felt against mine.

We were both loving this. It was so amazing getting to enjoy this together as boys. To use our boners so purposefully with one another.

Our eyes were squeezed shut and we were breathing hard.

I had never thought about doing something like this with another boy, and it was only thanks to Jason that I had the courage to try this, otherwise I would have never dared. But with him it was so easy and natural, and so desirable to be male together, to celebrate our sexuality and express our feelings of friendship in this way.

Again and again I let my hard dick slide against his, doing so smoothly and with mounting excitement. My penis was so stiff that it practically ached, and I could feel how outrageously swollen the head was. I had never felt my penis being so alive and sensitive before that it was almost overwhelming. I could tell by how Jason was responding that it was the same for him, and I was positively enthralled to be making his dick so big and hard.

It felt the cold autumn air on my bare buttocks, although that hardly mattered. What I really wanted was to be naked in Jason’s arms, and him naked in mine. If only we could be. Right then, however, our pants-down tryst in the woods was exciting and special in its own unique way. It was just the two of us enjoying a private moment of expressing our feelings of friendship and finding I so wonderful and desirable to do so.

Of course I was hoping that no one would see us out here doing this, although I knew pretty much how unlikely that was, so such concerns were far from my thoughts right then. Instead it just felt so wonderful being with Jason in the outdoors, feeling the brisk air and the scent of fallen, decaying leaves. Of enjoying the luxury of our being so intimately together.

“Oh, geez!’ Jason suddenly gasped.

I felt him ejaculating and suddenly that was making me ejaculate, too. Our male-liquid pumped out in thick spurts, wetting our erections, making them slick and slippery as we continued to slide them together and against one another, gasping and holding each other tightly with the intensity of our release.

“Oh … Oh … Oh …”I panted as my stiff organ throbbed again and again without constraint.

I felt my knees go weak and I held onto Jason as he did me.

Then, after a glorious moment we both finished climaxing.

We stood there holding one another, feeling our combined wetness on our penises and against our stomachs cooling. We drew apart and looked at one another somewhat sheepishly, a little self-consciously over our unaccustomed sharing of such intimacy, letting our erect penises fuck and make love together like that. Yet it had been so satisfying and exhilarating.

Jason produced some tissues from his pocket for us to clean up with, which we did, wiping up the results of our excessive and now thoroughly mixed expulsion which mixed into our wiry pubic hair and had dribbled down around our balls. We both laughed. It was messy but so much fun.

When we finished we did several more small kisses on the lips and pulled our pants back up and then started for home. I knew that when I got there that my mother would ask m if I had good outing with Jason, tramping in the woods, and I would answer that I did, knowing that I couldn’t tell her that Jason and I had just fucked and made love to each other. I doubted if she would ever approve. Of course, on the other hand, maybe she knew that was what we had been doing together as friends. She was aware of how much we liked each other, and that always produced a kind of amused little smile on her face.

When I went into the house my mother did ask me if we had a good time, and I told her that we had.

Then she very casually said, ‘Maybe you should invite Jason to spend the night some time. That would be nice.”

“Uh … yeah. I guess that I could,” I responded.

“I know that you’ll have to share your bed. But I’m sure that the two of you won’t mind that,” she then said, and she said this with an amused sort of a smile.

I grinned. “No. that would be okay.”

Already I was thinking that maybe I could invite Jason to come and spend the night that weekend. It was a wonderful thought.

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