Fabulous Gran

by Erin (Texas)

Fabulous Gran

Mom and I live with my grandmother, Mom has never been married but says she was blessed with a baby boy anyway. Coming home from a strike out, it’s not as easy to get laid as all the grownups have claimed it is for the younger generation. A ten inch thick cock, I’ve had many of the girls I’d gone to high school, cut and run. “No way you are going that huge thing in me.”

Always figured the smaller guys get all the pussy they can handle. Found from Gran, Mom was out on a date, Mom dates a lot and Gran doesn’t seem to mine she always out leaving Gran and I alone, a lot. Gran is over seventy now and pry, nearly as Mom, always on the go. Onto bed naked, my cock needed some attention, I lay stroking not in a hurry, feeling good when I heard the noise of my bedroom door, slightly cringing open. An eyeball I could see, peeking in, I smiled and kept stroking.

“Gran,” I called and was surprised when the door opened further, Gran stood at the door, stark naked.

“Looks as if things didn’t go quite right tonight but it looks like you are enjoying yourself,” Gran’s huge tits sagged but they didn’t look ugly, her huge nipples didn’t point to the floor. Gran’s dark haired pussy didn’t show any gray, Gran’s hips flat across her tummy, I looked her up and down.

Want some help with that,” embarrassed Gran managed a smile, this a first for us both. I patted the bed beside me and Gran came lying beside me taking my cock in hand, bent down to place her warm mouth, over the head of my cock.

“Gran! That feels fantastic,” Gran raised her head to kiss me and went back to sucking my cock. It was hard to believe I was getting a blowjob my grandmother, I reached for one of her large tits, huge nipple very hard. A shiver or shutter and moaning sounds of pleasure, I was pretty sure Gran had an orgasm, while sucking my cock. Playing with her heavy tits may have helped her along but she just maybe as horny as I or more so. Jerked off before going out on my date.

“Let’s fuck,” Gran up grabbing a pillow to stuff under her butt, opening her legs.

“I love to fuck with my ass jacked up and I can see your cock, fucking my pussy,” never heard Gran use such language but I wasn’t put off by it, having someone who actually wanted to fuck my huge cock, a turn on Gran using the F-word.

“Rub the huge head in Gran’s juices, you’ll find my pussy very wet and I love to watch a big huge cock, fucking my pussy.

“Gran, your pussy feels so fantastic,” I was amazed at the warmth, the softness and the wet slick feel as my cock sank deep.

“Fuck Granny’s pussy with long slow strokes, make it last as long as you can, give your old Gran as many orgasms as I can have. I had three while sucking your beautiful cock but Gran wants the big ones, only long fucks can bring. Oh God Kevin! I haven’t had cock like this in so long,” a huge shiver ran through Gran as she grabbed hold of me, fucking me back, squeezing my cock with her pussy.

“You are fucking Gran so well, Kevin. I was married twice before your mother was born, once after and no one has ever made my pussy feel this good but my brother,” here I was incest fucking my own grandmother and surprised, when she related of fucking her brother.

“I could never get pregnant, not from the very first time, I’ve never used contraceptives and didn’t get pregnant with your mother until I fucked with my brother. I only got to fuck with him one night and the next day, I lost him to a horrid accident. I have wondered of incest fucking ever since but with my brother and I was raised of Foster Homes. We didn’t meet up again until I was in my thirties,” Gran now had her knees pulled up with her ankles of my shoulders. Pussy turned up with me squatting upon the balls of my feet, plunging my huge down and into, as her per Gran’s instructions, Gran screaming of the pleasure, she was receiving.

“Oh Kevin, you are the best fuck Gran has ever had, I’ve had bigger cocks but none to give such pleasure you are giving,” I couldn’t hold back any longer exploding deep in Gran’s wonderful pussy. Glad I jerk off before going out, helping fuck longer, between my orgasms. Three hours we’d been fucking and sucking, I was amazed of how much Gran loved my cock. Fucked Gran from every possible position and had blown a third load with Gran back again sucking my cock, when Mom walked in.

“Mom, what are you doing sucking Kevin cock, he’s very own grandson!”

“Have you seen the cock on this man, Susan,” Gran held my ten inch thick cock up, for Mom’s viewing.

“You’ve got to taste this cock, Susan,” Mom’s eyes were transfixed on my cock.

“Come on over here, Susan. This is the cock you have been searching for and right here under our roof,” Gran looked to me.

“Your Mom had a cock like yours and my brother’s but she was fucked up on drugs. She couldn’t remember who she fucked and doesn’t know who, your father is. I’m glad that faze of life is done. I promise Susan, this is the best cock you’ll ever put into your mouth or pussy. Come on over here,” Mom was hesitant but began to move toward us with Gran waving my cock at her, in a welcoming gesture.

Eyes to Gran and I, Mom knelt of the bed as Gran held my cock for her, reluctantly Mom bent down, covering my cock with her lips. Mom’s eyes I saw grow large looking to me and the suck feast was on, Mom eating my cock all the way down to lick at my balls with the tip of her tongue. Wide eyed with my cock deep of her mouth, Mom stripped her clothes, tits I’d wanted to see forever, sprang free, much like Gran’s tits but a bit firmer. Don’t get me wrong, love Gran’s tits, reaching with my other hand.

“You’ve got to get this cock inside you, Susan. I’ll keep him up while you get out of your jeans,” Mom allowed Gran taking over and was stripped naked within moments, climbing atop me, plunging my cock deep inside her.

Here I was watching Mom dark haired pussy sliding up and down of my cock, wide open expression told me, she was amazed as I. So fantastic it felt, fucking my very own mother, my huge smile told how pleased I was. Of the evening I’d been down in the dumps for having a huge fat cock, none of the girls I’d gone to school wanted. Fucking the two pussies who would love me better than any girl I could possibly ever want. Mom and I came within moments of each other and I swear I pumped more cum in Mom, than I had Gran.

“That’s the orgasm I have been searching for all these years, Kevin. Since you were conceived,” Mom collapsed atop me kissing and crushing her gorgeous tits into me.

“Didn’t I tell you. If you keep sucking his cock, Kevin stays hard. Susan you need to get down here and eat Kevin’s cum, right off his cock. Look at these balls,” Gran cupping my large balls. Mom, Gran and I fucked the weekend away, only taking time out to shower, eat and sleep. When I would awake I’d find a hand or mouth upon my cock and sometimes two mouths, enjoying the cock I was able to give them. Never again would I suffer the lack of pussy, Mom and Gran ready and willing to fuck me at the drop of a hat, as the saying goes.

Learned Mom and Gran’s favorite positions, the Pile Driver and French Positions and both willing to fuck anyway I wanted. The Pile Driver, Gran had me preform, knees up to chest, me straddling and squatting on the balls of my feet to drive my big cock down to where Mom and Gran could watch my cock, fucking their wanting pussies but after a while my legs begin to give out.

My favorite the French Position, pillows stuffed under butts raising their pussies up to where it doesn’t hurt my neck, for pussy eating. Love filling my hands with tits and face with pussy, fuck each until orgasm, eat cum of their juices and fuck more, repeating over and over. Have become addicted to Mom and Gran’s pussy, we had to set some rules, after the first weekend. Nights Mom gets me and Gran days, both see that I am well fed, fucked and rested. The past two years have been absolutely fantastic, waking to see the sun up and knowing I’d be shortly fucking my grandmother, once again.

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