Exclusive Time: Pt 2

by Goamaria (Australia)

I woke up, may be at 4 am. He was still playing with my body – don’t know for how long but I liked it. “Didn’t you sleep?”, I Asked him. How could I with a treasure bedside me?? He was smiling. I got up and kissed him and went to pee. When I returned he was still naked, sporting a huge hard-on standing beside the bed. OMG! It made me horny in no time…

“Spread yourself open for me”, he commanded, not a request. I could guess what he was after, my anal was not yet done by him! Momentarily my memory flashed back with my past anals. And I made myself to learn enjoying it by using lubed butt-plugs of increasing sizes and then dildos. I am too aware of the level of vulnerability I might face with his whims.

I showed some mock hesitation for a few minutes and then slowly complied with his words. I moved to the edge of the bed and raised my thighs exposing my entire butt area. He knelt down on the floor and slowly drew my legs apart, exposing my treasure he wanted. I felt little slutty and was getting mentally prepared for my lover who was going to do any nasty and wicked things to me there.

My ass crack was already moist with cum and my juices from earlier fucks with him. He began by kissing me and then kneading and biting my tits, not hard enough to leave marks, but enough to make me arouse. His hands often touched mine and it did reassure me but at the same time, expressed his control he was going to have over me!

The tongue started now to move down – kissing my boobs, flat belly and abdomen. Suddenly he turned me on my stomach and I had to fold my legs pushing them under my stomach. He went on kissing the nape of my neck, between my shoulder blades following the backbone to the edges of my ass cleft, I widened my thighs to his lust. The sheer feelings were erotic, vulgar but irresistible.

My pussy was becoming moist again as his tongue was now making long sweeps from my gaping pussy upwards over the anus. The wetness and the sensation of the touch were incredible. Now his tongue became more insistent, pressing harder on and around my anus. I arched my ass back to him, and I moaned and whispered begging for more of what he was doing.

After what felt like hours, he suddenly stopped the long licks and focused on my anal opening. Several deep licks and a couple of teasing suckings, and then I felt the coolness of his saliva along the ass crack. He now had turned me into a sweaty soggy writhing woman.

“Oh god, please give me more…anything more…I want it all. Whatever you do, what every you want to do to me, just don’t stop….” I moaned, surrendering all access of my ass hole to him. My feeling within was a mix of dominating over his lust, self-humiliation and mostly animalistic lust.

His tongue touched my anus and was trying to push in. I felt the pressure of his tongue against my anal sphincter and suddenly, I felt my anus expanding, inviting his hot, wet and pointed probe as his tongue was erotically trying to ravage my throbbing hole.

As he pushed his tongue into my anus I was wondering in disbelief, he was fucking me in my ass with his tongue, and I love it, and I wanted more…. No one ever did it to me!! All the while he was pulling my ass cheeks wider with his hands and at the same time, probing my hole again and again with his warm tongue. It was the most incredible experience for me!!

I now felt his fingers stroking my clit as he fucked my ass with his tongue. It did not take long for me to reach a mind-blowing orgasm and I exploded. My legs again trembled, my sphincter closed down on his tongue like a vice, while my pussy started to squirt spurts of pees. He could taste the saltiness of my pussy juices as he gulped every bit of them. I think, he loved how I tasted and how did I submitted to it.

He was not finished yet…not by far. I felt him stir again, his hands caressing my back while his cock, once again, was trying to place itself along my well licked and juices-filled ass crack. “Please, my ass…I want you to put it in my ass and cum inside me,” I whispered in a pleading tone.

Suddenly I could smell the familiar scent of lube. A moment later, I could feel the lube being pushed into my ass hole by an applicator and he inserted a finger to spread around my sphincter and then another finger. I lifted my ass up to give his fingers even more access to measure my fucking hole!

He positioned himself at my ass cheeks and after applying lube to his cock he told me that “it is now time”. I took a breath, repositioned my hands on the edge of the bed and began to slowly push back on his cock.

At first, his cockhead stayed on the rosebud of my sphincter but even with the lube it did not slide beyond the ring of my anal muscle. I pushed back harder, I felt the muscle of my ass slowly start to widen and part of the soft knob of his cock slid forward into me. As it penetrated, my asshole expanded wider, the lube ensuring that there would be no resistance or friction.

Now the knob was completely buried in my ass. I was now engulfed with the feeling of ass-splitting pressure and I had just given up my ass to him so willingly. I pushed back again and he pushed his cock forward at the same time. This time my ass gulped down nearly half of his manhood. My thigh muscles tightened, and I was screwing his cock so as to letting him feel my tight anal passage.

I continued to push back and responded by return push by him. With a final deliberate thrust he impaled his cock fully into my cunt. There was no more to insert. This was so hot and erotic, I have my man’s cock in my ass as deep as I could get it, and I am enjoying it.

Now, he really started to fuck my ass hole – trusting in and out at a regular pace! I moaned at the feeling of him doing so. He never let his cock leave my ass hole and taking control, he rammed himself fully into me again and again. The pressure of his cock almost knocked me out as I felt him jam himself into me, all the way in until his pubic area was tight against my ass hole.

I could feel his cock throbbing inside me as I continued milking his cock with my ass muscles. He was whimpering now, breathing too heavy and his cock tightened within me. All on a sudden, my orgasm exploded. I had never imagined that an anal orgasm could be so mind-blowing, my body arched, anus contracted around his cock as if trying to keep it inside till ravished by my twitching ass muscles.

For him, it hit him hard and all he could do was push as much of him into me before he unloaded his hot cum deep in my rectum. I felt his ejecting cum in gushes almost burnt my inside. My anus was throbbing and tingling. Perhaps even stretched a bit uncomfortably but it was simply worth it.

He gently pulled his softening cock out as I eased my ass hole. My ass hole was literally ravaged, and his semen was slowly flowing out. I was continuously squeezing my anal muscles to contain his cum within my passage as much as possible.

But his cock was softening too quick. He helped me up from bed and took me to the bathroom. My abdomen was in sweet ache, my thigh muscles felt stiffened so that I could not walk properly – limping a bit. He washed me with warm water while I was getting an enema. Then he went on to wash himself.

Yes, I was looking forward for another try with him …

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