Exclusive Time: Pt 1

by Goamaria (Australia)

He phoned me two weeks later to say whether I was free on following weekend and to find a day exclusively for him. I confirmed a date, I thought I’ll certainly give a try to get him to fuck me well. We had light dinner with champagne. Champagne always makes me tipsy – even slutty!

I went to his place and he asked me to be comfortable handing me over a small whisky and went out to change his dress. Meanwhile, I took off my bra and put it in my handbag but left my thong on and was in a plain low neck nightdress.

I looked around the room and out of the big window overlooking the cityscape, waiting for him to enter the bedroom. He entered the room stared at me straight and I smiled and licked my lower lips.

He walked slowly towards me. I took off his shirt while he unbuckled his trouser; I quickly helped him out of his undie to watch his erect cock sprung out. He lifted me laid me down to the bed by his hand. Oh! He was strong… He knelt down on the bed and slowly moved towards me.

Once on top of me, he lowered his mouth. His soft lips were touching mine and soon we were lost in our kiss together. I could feel how his tongue probed in to my mouth and our tongues were twirling around each other.

We both were breathing heavy. He pulled away and started kissing my cheek and my neck, down towards my boobs. I quickly pulled off my dress and laid open my whole body to him.

I felt curious for what he was going to do…. He placed his mouth on top of my nipples and started to suck one, pulling it with his mouth and lightly bit my nips while kneading my other boob softly.

When my nipple got very hard, he moved his mouth to my other boob and started sucking and twitching my nipple. I moaned softly and closed my eyes to enjoy. Then suddenly he went down kissing to my belly button, down to my thong. I opened my legs, he pushed his nose close to my crotch and sniffed deeply.

He took off my thong now, tasted the moistness by licking in the crotch area of the thong. The he widened my thighs and pushed his nose close against my pussy to sniff deep. “You smell so nice, he declared….. ” I left my body to his whims altogether – I was loving his erotic playfulness!!

I started enjoying his kisses around my pussy and then its lips and clit. He took whole of pussy lips one at a time and sucked deep as if to draw life from them, the flicked his tongue on the clit from time to time. It felt so good and I groan softly.

He separated my engorged pussy lips with his fingers and ran his tongue along my slit, from anus up to the clit. Now his tongue was trying to push inside the slit of the pussy. His moist and warm, tongue triggered my passion, I was kneading my tits by myself. He fucked me for a bit with his tongue as I bucked up my waist for him, but he went back to licking my clit.

He sucked it a few times while his hands moved to my boobs. I groaned and moaned, pussy juices flowing, my mind and senses felt blurred. I could feel how my whole body becoming more and more turned on. The faster he licked my clit, the more I felt orgasms nearing.

I grabbed his head with my hands and pulled it tightly against my clit and he took it into his mouth and started sucking deep. Soon I almost screamed out, enjoying my waves of orgasm. He continued to run his tongue along my slit a bit more, and then got up.

I was still so horny, my pussy lips were throbbing, my boobs felt heavy and just wanted him to fuck me hard. I could see his erect cock clicking up and down, and drops of precum shining through his pee slit.

“Fuck me now!” I implored him as I drew him closer upon me and took his hard cock to shove it in my pussy. He held my two legs up against his shoulders so as to fuck me deep and hard. He entered me roughly at one go as my cunt was already lubricated with flowing juices.

“Oh yes baby, fuck me faster”, I pleaded. “Fuck me faster, harder and don’t stop until I cum again!” I hoarsely commanded….. FuckFuckFuckkk. He took his hands around my raised thighs to grab my boobs to knead them hard – sweet pain ran over my body as he did so.

I wrapped my legs around his waist - that’s the exact move that I needed to get control of his pounding cock into my cunt. He was now grinding the base of his cock against my clit – as if to make it shreds of pulp…

He started pounding my cunt hard and fast. I groaned in muffled voice and closed my eyes, enjoying the feeling of his big hard dick almost hitting the mouth of my cervix repeatedly. I can feel my orgasm building again and I hold my breath. Within a few minutes I screamed out loud, enjoying my waves of orgasm while he was still fucking me hard.

He was yet to cum … I could just moan to tell him to keep on fucking me - this felt so great - he was indeed a good pussy slayer!! “Ram your fucking tool deeper deeper and harder … split my cunt… destroy itttt”. He slapped my ass cheek and continued non-stop. OMG! The feeling of a strong fucking cock moving in and out of my cunt could be so heavenly that I didn’t want him to stop… urging him to go on and on …

We both were sweating profusely because of the heat generated and the physical pressure on us while fucking each other so hard! I noticed his cock reached deeper and got stiffer while fucking continued and suddenly he started to groan loud he came deep inside of my pussy - grunting his hot sperm shooting deep end of my pussy was so arousing that I could not control my another orgasm.

He let my legs down and pulled out his cock slowly. But now I sat down on my knees and bent over towards his softening cock. I took the head of his moist cock in my mouth. My tongue twirled around his glans and I licked clean of our mixed juices from his softening cock. We lied down and he cuddled me from behind as he made me lie on my side one hand stroking my tits. Satisfied and exhausted and the effect of wine – I soon caught into sleep.

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