Everything Together #1

by Anonymous

Adam and Kyle were brothers - twin brothers that did everything together be it sports, movies, masturbating to porn or fucking any unsuspecting dumb slut. They both stood at 18 about 6ft2 with dusty blue eyes rough brown hair and fair skin. Semi built with soft faces only distinguishable by haircuts and their massive cocks.

Adam was the largest with a massive erect cock of 12 inches and wide 3 inches meanwhile Kyle's was 10 inches with a broader base of 4.5 inches. They had cocks that could make any woman or girl scream in pleasure and pain as they stretched out their cunt or ass. They had even worked out a way to fit both a vagina or asshole even if it hurt the female in question. They had been training since 14 on a friend's mom named Kelsey.

Kelsey was from the church group and stood at 5ft8 with a small but thick body with a large ass the size a soccer ball per cheek and with C cup breasts that glistened when covered in cum. She had black straight hair - dyed with green eyes that shone with lust when she saw their cocks under swimwear and handed them pornographic magazine after service. She first fucked them in the bathroom of the church giving the two boys a handjob as they pumped into her hands like rabbits. They gasped when she licked the cum off of her face. From that day a routine began that twice a week they would meet at her house or the church and ravage her body as desperate jackrabbits did.

The brothers began to create a routine on this experimental subject.

It was a regular Friday night - Kelsey's husband was out hunting with their son and it was just Kelsey home and her sixteen-year-old daughter Amber who was asleep upstairs. The 38-year-old was washing dishes with a towel in nothing but a white worn lace bra and a bright pink thong waiting for her favorite boys. The brothers entered through the back door as usual with a bottle of stolen gin for afterwards.

Placing the gin down they took off their pants and boxers leaving them through the hall but placed their belts near the kitchen door as well as a grey plastic bag. Adam snuck in first and began rubbing Kelseys round ass mumbling under his breath "Hi...Mrs Howard" She bent over the bench grinding against his hands all of her chores discarded."Hmm hey, big boy" moaned Kelsey as Adam slapped her ass with five smacks til pink.

Gasps escaped her sweet chapped lips as she moaned in a feline way as Kyle came to the side and undid her bra letting her decently fit breasts free as they were compressed against the cold stone of the bench. Adam pulled her panties down harsh and revealed her wet moisture from a well broken into pussy with a swollen labia and aroused clit. He slid his index finger in she was wet and loose as he rotated the digit around. This continued for a minute as she bucked her hips before Adam grabbed her ponytail pulling her off the bench and onto the floor on all fours.

"Take care of your better mama" moaned Kelsey as Kyle sat in front of her placing his thick erect cock against her strawberry lips. She let her tongue out lick a cat and licked the tip like a lollipop her palm going to his round balls and rubbing them until a thin bead of precum appeared at the tip. Kelsey licked it off as if cream before placing the tip in her mouth suckling. Such a tease she was that Kyle could not take it anymore he grabbed her hair and forced her mouth down on his cock roughly her teeth grazing and her eyes smiling at her naughty boy. Her jaw ached from being forced wide by the thick cock and she began to gag as seven of the ten inches went down her throat. She was still a good mama figure though as she began to suckle his cock with her chokes.

His balls hit her face as he thrust down her moist throat while his brother Adam took his monster cock against her pussy flicking juices to moisten her asshole as well for he did not know which hole he wanted to fuck. Kyle grunted and forced her face down into his cock and against his ballsack like he had done after his third blowjob with this slut. Adam then decided to try her fertile pussy and slid half his cock in no problem as she was a loose bitch who moaned wildly with pleasure into her brother's cock. His tip hit her cervix and he thrust against it knowing it would open for him like it always had into her fertile womb that was usually blocked by birth control. He began to push his tip through the tight painful cervix making her groan at the feeling. Then her eyes widened and she tried to push herself up from Kyle's cock she grabbed the cock and pulled up till her mouth was over the tip. "Baby Adam baby please be careful we can not cum in me today I am not in my special pill please baby".

Unfortunately for her Adam nor Kyle cared they had become so used to their fuck toy they cared little for her slutty feelings. Adam gave Kyle a look and nodded. Kyle grabbed her face and forced her mouth all the way down his cock again till she choked with shock and began roughly face fucking her as if she was a fleshlight toy. Spit and precum that escaped went all over her face as Adam grabbed her hips and slammed his cock deep into her pussy that only got tight when he penetrated her cervix into her womb. They both forced her down and still as she tried to thrash "Shut the fuck up you know in order to be a good mommy you sometimes gotta sacrifice your comfort" snarled Adam as Kyle nodded "Yeah don't you want to be breed by your big boys? Slutty momma you should see if your son can fuck you as we can".

Her muffled screams of protest soon turned into acceptance and moans of pleasure as tears streamed down her face as her neighbours boys her fuck toy boys ploughed her like she was a meaningless cunt. It hurt and she liked it deep inside under the guilt. Looking down she saw the bulge in her stomach from Adam and felt more precum slide down her throat. She knew they would almost be ready as Kyle roughly grabbed her jaw before cumming down her throat she choked at the thickness of the fluid. "Swallow Slutty Momma" both boys chanted as she slurped him off only to miss some and it went over her face. Kyle in reaction slapped her face with his cock while Alex ploughed into her womb her Vagina entrance being hit by his balls. Two minutes later he came and filled her womb tight and as he moved to her painfully stretched cervix more cum came as he filled her womb and her vagina fully creamy pieing her naughty whole. It would be difficult not to be pregnant from that.

Exhausted, Pleasured and orgasming from the stuffing she lay on the floor cum seeping out onto the tile while Kyle and Adam jeered slapping her body with their cocks winking at each other. Another minor fuck but they were not done yet they wanted someone tighter, younger and to still punish Kelsey for trying to oppose them.

More for later...

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