by Funboatman (Ky)

We went around the world drinking at every bar and doing shots we snuck in. My wife of thirty years was drunk on her ass. She looks so hot in her sun dress and bare legs and no bra. She gets looks from every one as she plays with me asking me in my ear to find a place to fuck her.

I sure didn’t want to get into trouble as it was getting late and the fireworks was going off. We went to the exit looking for a cab. No cab was found and she was getting out of hand. I found a bus that was parked with three others empty in a parking lot. As we entered the middle bus I led her to the middle and was kissing her and playing with her tits.

She always gets so hot when she drinks! She dropped to her knees and pulled my seven inch hard cock in her mouth and started inhaling it like she wanted to swallow it all. I was in heaven as spit dripping from my balls. I heard and seen a flash light enter the bus. I fell back on a bench as the light came closer.

The light was shining on her as she was wiping the spit of her chin. I could see it was a security guard from the park. He then shined the light on me lying there with my cock sticking up, wet from the awesome blow job I was getting. I looked at my beautiful wife with her tits hanging out, her big nipples hard as rocks.

The flashed lights, this ass whole was taking pictures. I got up drunk on my ass and he hit me up side the head with something and I dropped back on the bench. I guess it knocked me out. As I was getting my shit back together I tried to move but I was in a setting position handcuffed to the bench in front of me.

I could make out a light coming down the isle. Then I looked to my right and hearing moans sighs and hard breathing along with the slapping of this black man fucking my wife with a Dick the size of a ten inch sausage. She was taking it all and loving every slap of his big balls on her clit as he had her bent over in the isle.

Then another guard took his cock out and shoved it in her mouth. I could not see how big it was as they took her. The man fucking her started to slam hard on her ass and pushed his big cock as deep as he could and moaned that “ She’s milking my cock, I am cumming” My wife was screaming as she came harder than I ever seen.

The man that was fucking her mouth was pissed she spit his cock out. As he slid his cock out of her pink wet pussy, cum ran down her legs to the floor. The man in front of her spun her around and pushed in the bench I was cuffed to. It was then I saw her face covered with spit and face contorted from her orgasm.

I looked at another black man enter the bus as the second man was grabbing a handful of a twelve inch thick as her wrist cock. He lined it up and slammed into her until his huge balls was against her clit. She screamed in pain but was having an orgasm at the same time.

They were only inches from my face, as he started banging her like a two dollar whore. She was cumming hard on this huge cock. Just then I saw the third man jacking his 8 inch thick cock. He was laughing and telling me how my wife was loving his cock. As I looked closer to him fucking her I realized my cock was hard as it has ever been.

The guy stroking his big black cock and said he needed a hole. He moved closer until his cock was right in my face. He grabbed me by the hair and told me to suck his cock as I watched what a real man could do. He punched me in the ribs then grabbed my cock and started laughing saying “ He likes this shit his cock is hard as still” He squeezed hard on my balls and told me to suck.

I took his cock into my mouth and just started doing what my wife did to me. The man fucking her grunted and looked me in the eye and told me how great she felt cumming on his huge cock!! As I sucked on my first cock I felt it enter my throat, I remembered to breath through my nose as he slammed deeper and deeper.

The ass Hole was jacking my hard cock telling me I was a pro. I could not believe the staying power of this man fucking her, 15 minutes must have past as they used us for there pleasure. Then he grabbed my balls again and squeezed as he order me up and spun me with my ass to him.

He shoved a finger up my ass and found it wet from the blow job she was giving me. She always shoved her finger in my ass as she sucked me, so it was wet and ready for him to enter my virgin ass. It was painful at first, but as he fucked me he was jacking my cock. I felt like a faggot.

The two men was slamming away as I could her screaming for him to fuck her hard. I could tell the ass hole fucking me was about to cum, and was jacking me hard. I felt my balls draw up as I started to cum. The milking of my orgasm made him cum deep in my ass. He pulled out and ordered me to clean him up.

As he pulled my hair I opened my mouth and tasted the cum that was still leaking out of his cock. Slamming it back down my throat he fucked my head as his cock was hard again. He pulled me close to the huge black cock was fucking her hard and harder. She was fucking him I should saw. Backing up taking every inch.

Cum was all over his cock fro the first man and hers. He just stood there as she went back and forth on him. He smiled at me and told me he was going to fill her up. He grabbed her hair and jammed it to the hilt as she milked the cum from him. He pulled it out slow and told me that was the best fuck he ever had.

It was then I saw the first man again with his phone taking videos of us being used. The guy fucking my face laughing pulled out of my mouth and slammed it in her dripping pussy. He couldn’t fill it as the huge cock had opened her up wide. He lined his 8 inch cock to her virgin ass and without mercy slammed it to the hilt.

My wife was just coming down from the best orgasm in her life. Screaming loud to stop he fucked away. I am glad his cock was wet as he tore into it. All of sudden her screams turned to moans and again she was fucking it back as they fucked I felt my cock come back to life.

It was all wet from my cum so I pushed it against the back of the vinyl seat watching her fuck away. Her grabbed a tit in each hand and slammed hard as he filled her ass with his cum. The man with the huge cock shoved his cock into my mouth and I continued cleaning it as the guy slowly pulled out of my wife’s ass.

He unlocked my cuffs and told me to lie on the floor. He then took my wife and placed her ass above my face. She saw my hard cock and stared sucking on it. She was on sex high or something. Then the cum was leaking from her wholes as her ass was pushed in my face. I love eating her pussy, so I dug in licking away.

She was cumming as I grabbed her ass for all I could, sucking the cum from her hot hole. It was not long I was filling her throat with a big load. I pushed her off with a fight as she was still sucking on my cock. I looked around got up and saw the three of them laughing as they left the bus.

The ass fucker said hey thanks we got your license so we will be looking you up soon. We watch your video at your place. We dressed and found a cab home. When we got home I was still horny from what had happened. She was ashamed of the way she acted. As she started to shower I grabbed her and told her we are not finished.

I spread her legs and brought her to the edge of an orgasm. I got my cock wet in her well fucked pussy, pulled it out and slowly entered her ass for the first time. We fucked until I came deep into her ass. We woke up hours later still stuck together in drying cum. Oh boy, what a day!

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