Encounter with a Transgender

by Jessica (Texas)

I'm 33 tall long legs nice 36c breasts black hair green eyes nice plump ass fair skin. My husband was going on a business trip so me and my girlfriends were going to get together for some drinks.

We all went to a local bar. Me my friend Sara Kimberly and a friend of Kimberly, Sharron. We all talked having fun drinks I noticed Sharron staring at me smiling.

She is black woman very large breasts. Sharron got up went to the bar came back with drinks. Sharron gave me my drink and said this is a special drink for my new friend Jessica.

We all talked when Sara and Kimberly said they had to go. So now it's Sharron and I talking. She said drink up honey. I finish my drink now I'm feeling a bit woozy.

Sharron asked if I'm ok. I say no feeling different now. I'm trying to find my purse Sharron says what are you looking for? I say my purse to call Uber for a ride home, now my head is spinning.

Sharron says she give my ride home. She helps me to the car. I give her my address I black out. I come to when Sharron is asking me how to open the door.

She said your hubby isn't home or kids? I say no one will be here until Sunday. The house is dark no lights on.

I tell Sharron where my spare key is. She unlocked the door came and helps me inside to the couch. Then Sharron has a water bottle with some pills tells me to take them because it Ibuprofen for your headache.

I do I try to stand up to go into my bedroom but can't walk without help. Sharron helps me up to my bedroom puts me on the bed with my legs apart.

I passed out. I come to naked on my bed confused not sure what's going on. Sharron says you are very sexy and beautiful as she grabs my hair and kisses me.

I try to move but can't I feel limp. Now Sharron staring to suck on my breasts one at a time for a long time.

She now takes off her top showing off her breasts telling me to suck her tits while she's running her fingers in and out of my pussy rubbing my clit. My pussy is getting wet I suck on her breasts.

She says I have a surprise for you. Taking off her pants underwear, she has an enormous black cock.

My pussy is so wet she opens my legs wide and secured them over her shoulders and drives that hard enormous cock in me.

It felt like it went to my chest. She's fucking me hard and fast I'm moaning loud it’s so thick. I start to cum. Good baby cum for me. I have a huge cum never like this.

He then bends me over looking at my nice plump ass. Driving that cock all the way inside me.

My head snapped back grabbing the bed covers moaning and Cumming. Sharron says I'm gonna cum. I plead not in me but she shot a massive amount of cum in me.

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