Early Winter

by Les (St Albans, Vermont, Franklin County)

It was middle October and there was an early snow storm. Going to need a snow plow this time there was a lot of snow.

Searching the internet I found a strange ad."Snow plow for a sexual connection ". It made me curious so I responded, shortly a reply came. How can I help you, I asked about his ad and he replied, my service for your service!

Asking him to explain more he told me he would plow my driveway if he could plow me, he was a dominate bisexual and looking for another submissive bi to be his occasional partner. And what would be your occasional partner, his reply.

When the urge hits me I contact you and you provide me with oral and rectal sex. Oh I see now, blow and plow as your payment of service. Kind of he says you would be my new playmate when needed. Dominate for Submissive!

How do I become your submissive? He responds send me a picture of your face, your cock and your ass (standing and bent over). If I agree then I plow your driveway and spend the night having sex, then I leave in the morning, I'm cleaned out and you’re cleaned out.

I respond I'm feeling ok with that, I'll undress and send you the pictures. He says you don't need pictures, just strip here and I can see what you have to offer. Ok I respond and remove my clothes. He replies after nice a small tight ass, ok give me your address.

After he showers and dresses, he drives over, that gave me time to do the same. His request was I only wear a towel wrapped around my hips. Hearing the scraping in my driveway, my cock starts to stiffen.

Knocking on the door when he was done I let him in. Entering he then undoes his pants and shows me his massive manhood. As I'm staring at his cock he says it's fully loaded! Have a seat and I'll pour you a drink.

As I re-enter the room he has remove his bottom clothes. Handing him the drink he gulps it down, removes my towel and sits me on his lap. I did back up and he sets his fingers and smears it on my asshole, then spreads my ass cheeks and tells me to lower down on his cock.

As I slip down his cock he enters me and he now holds and guides me down his cock. Like I told you I love small asses, moaning as I adjust to his cock in my ass, holding on his knees I pace myself with his rhythm.

After several minutes he tells me he is about to cum and I feel his cock expand then a wet liquid flowing into my ass and then down and out of my asshole. Veerryy nice ass I'm going to enjoy plowing you driveway, can you pour me another drink then you can suck me off, I do as he asks.

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