Drugged Aunt: Pt 2

by Bob Watergate (Missouri)

“You guys stay for dinner and you won’t believe what I am going to show you!” I told them. Quickly after supper I told Auntie she should get a head start on her rest and just head to bed now!

“Auntie you should also take another pill to help you relax fully tonight!” I said. I told the guys to leave and come back in an hour or so! When I got back to the bedroom, I saw Auntie pulling on an almost see through gown!

“Bob, I thought since my pussy is stinking so bad, I should let it air out tonight, so I’m not going to wear pajama bottoms or any panties.” Do you think that might help . . you know help my pussy air out sort of?”

“Sure Auntie I could try and smell it again now and then again in the morning to see if this idea actually works or not!” I suggested!

“Well ok, if you promise to only smell my pussy and not try to lick it or eat me, I mean we just can’t go that far, you know right sweetheart!” Auntie told me!

So she lies down on her bed and then spread her legs so I could smell her open pussy. I bent over and got my nose close to her pussy and then acted like I was done! Again I felt her hand on my head.

“Bob, my God go ahead and get a really good smell so this will be an actual test, you know like at a Clinic!” She told me, pushing my nose and mouth right into her wet pussy. So I started licking and I ate her pussy for several minutes before I felt her hand release from my head. Like before; I continued to eat and suck on her pussy for at least 5 more minutes before she told me I had to stop!

“Bob, you promised you wouldn’t try to lick or eat my pussy again and sure enough you went wild again, what am I going to do with you son?” She asked but she sure wasn’t mad or yelling at me!”

“Sorry Auntie, as I told you before, your pussy tastes so good I just can’t help myself!” I said taking the blame all on myself! I gave Auntie her pills (tonight I gave her two) and the glass of water. She took them both without any questions!

By the time Todd and Frank came back I already had the covers off of Auntie, swung around, legs spread so when they walked in BAMB they would see her legs spread and her wet pussy welcoming them both!

“My God Bob, what are you doing?” Todd asked.

“Pictures are one thing but you will never have pictures you can taste!” I told them! Todd you go first and get down and eat her pussy!” I shouted!

“Ok, if you sure this is ok, I mean what if she wakes up?” He asked.

“Don’t worry I gave her extra medicine tonight and she will be out through tomorrow!” I told them. I was impressed when I saw Frank move onto her bed and lie next to her, turning her head and pushing is cock into her mouth!

“Go for it guys,” I told them both. I quickly took my phone cam and started making a video of this action! Neither of them missed a beat, as Todd got up from eating Auntie’s pussy and pushed his pants down and then shoved his hard cock into her! He no sooner started fucking her pussy while Frank shot his load into her mouth! I could actually see her swallowing down his cum as it was pumped into her mouth . . . wow! Todd finally shot his cum into her pussy and then I told Frank to get down and lick her clean! As he was eating her pussy I watched Todd take the phone camera from me and winked at me. So I dropped my jeans and my underwear and moved in behind Frank.

“Frank I have been waiting to fuck you forever,” I moaned, as I rubbed some spit onto his asshole and then I shoved my cock into him!

“God Bob, this is amazing,” Frank said, “I knew you had talked about the three of us playing around but dam man, don’t stop! I pumped his asshole for just a few minutes before I fired off my cum load.

“Here Bob you film again!” Yelled Todd and he then moved in behind Frank and started fucking him also!

“Frank, Bob and I determined you are the boi pussy in our group so it’s my turn to fuck you girlfriend!” Todd stressed to Frank! The three of us took turns until about midnight when they told me they had to get home! I watched both of them taking pictures of my naked Auntie with cum running out of her pussy and her mouth!

“Ok guys, just remember, those pictures don’t leave the three of us or I will show everyone mine of you two having sex!” I warned them!

Now just Auntie and me again, it took me over an hour to suck all of the fresh cum from her pussy and then her mouth too! I then got a wash rag and wiped her clean and I even put a breath mint into her mouth!

I pushed Auntie back around on her bed and pulled the sheet up over her. As I leaned in to give her a kiss I heard . . .

“Bob, I love you. Let’s do this at least once a week, please you and your friend’s cocks felt great!” She whispered! “Oh and your pills are on my night stand you little pussy licker you!”

Oh hell . . .

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