Drugged Aunt: Pt 1

by Bob Watergate (Missouri)

I remember always helping my Auntie and many times she was complaining of her sore back. I did some research and found some Muscle Relaxing Pills that warned about possibly having side effects causing black outs and short term memory loss. I thought now this something I need to get for Auntie!

The first Friday night after the Pills were delivered by FedEx, I helped Auntie with supper and then I told her to go rest on the couch and I would do the dishes. As soon as I came into the Family Room, I asked her how she was feeling.

“Well, my back is really hurting again I wish we could find something to make it stop!” She replied.

“Well Auntie, my college friend Bill said his Mother found something that helps her a lot after she plays a hard game of tennis!” I said. “So I asked for a few for you to try and I actually have some right now!” So I got her a glass of water and gave her 1 pill.

It wasn’t too long before no matter how loud I called out, Auntie didn’t respond! So I thought I would try a few things just to see if she might be faking it or not!

“Auntie, I need to help you change so you can get ready for bed tonight.” I told her while I was pulling her top off and then pulling her slacks down. Wow, right there in front of me, I got to see my bare breasts and her pretty yellow panties. Her breasts were not bad for her age and I started to feel them and even started pinching her nipple, but didn’t hear a word or even see her flinch a little!

I was equally amazed how Auntie’s pussy hair had grown down her thighs so much so her panties couldn’t begin to hide it! So I went to get a pair of her pajamas in case she did wake up, it would look like I was really trying to help get her ready for bed!

“Auntie, your panties look like they are a little wet so I need to get them off of you so you don’t get an infection!” I spoke, as I slipped my fingers inside them and pulled them down, completely off of her! This was perfect, just look at her pussy, wow it is the hairiest I have ever seen!

No better time than right now so I slipped two of my fingers into her pussy and started pumping them in and out. Then I pulled them out, smelled them and then sucked them into my mouth!

“God Auntie, you taste great!” I said, “Really great!” I returned my fingers to fucking her pussy and still didn’t see any movement from Auntie, not a whimper, not a flinch! So I pulled one leg off the couch and slipped in between them, lowering my face so I could get a really good smell and finally get to eat my Auntie’s pussy! After I licked and sucked her pussy for an hour until my jaws got so sore I couldn’t open them anymore!

So I pulled her pajamas onto her and left her on the couch to sleep. The next morning I got up and walked in on Auntie setting on the toilet!

“Sorry Auntie,” I said, “Are you feeling any better today?”

“Yes, my back isn’t hurting anymore but I’m kind of embarrassed to tell you this,” she said, “my pussy is a little sore this morning! I wonder if I’m getting an infection.”

“How do you find out?” I asked her.

“Well I have to pee into a bottle and have the Clinic test it!” She told me.

“I saw some jars under the sink yesterday, I’ll get you one.” I told her. I brought one back to her she asked me to help!

“Bob, to make sure it is only my pee going into the jar and there isn’t any germs or stuff from my, well you know, my pussy lips, I’ll pulled my lips back and you hold the jar so I can pee into it . . . ok?” She shared.

Sure enough, here I was back between her legs with her pussy spread right in front of my eyes! Her pee smelled sort of strong, but still hot getting to watch her pee come out of her cute pee hole! Once she was finished, I thought I would really get her attention as I spun the lid on and then while looking her in the eyes I said, “You peed on my fingers Auntie!” As I licked and then sucked on my fingers like I was getting her pee off of them!

“Bob you shouldn’t put my pee into my mouth! She told me, “If I do have an infection, it could make your sick sweetheart!”

“Don’t worry Auntie; I don’t think you can give me anything that isn’t good for me!” I told her with a big smile!

So that evening, being a Saturday night, we caught a meal and a movie then returned home.

“You ready to head to bed Auntie?” I asked her.

“Pretty much but all this setting up straight at dinner and the movie has made my back hurt again; do you have any more of those good pain pills?” She asked.

“Sure Auntie, you have 3 more for you to try out!” I told her. So I went to get her a glass of water and as I brought that back to her, she had just sat down on the bed. So I handed her the pill and the water which she took.

I waited an hour and went back in to check on Auntie. Sure enough she was a sleep actually snoring pretty hard!

“Auntie, Auntie you need to wake up, Auntie!” I yelled. Nothing, again nothing but her snoring! So I pulled the covers off of her, swung her legs around, slide her pajamas off her legs and then spreading her legs, I moved in and began eating her pussy for the second time in my life! She tasted a little nastier tonight I guess it was all the excitement from last night’s sex play and no shower today so she leaked more of her pussy juices all day!

A few minutes of getting her good and wet, I stood up, dropped my pants and placed my hard cock head against her hairy pussy!

“Auntie, Auntie I need for you to wake up, I think you forgot to pee before you climbed in bed!” I yelled, again nothing from my Auntie! So I pushed the head of my cock into her pussy and I thought I was going to die.

“God Auntie, your pussy feels wonderful, why did it take this long before I got to fuck you, why?” I moaned! I guess I pumped her pussy for about 15 minutes before I felt my balls begin to tighten up and then BANG I felt my cum shoot into her wide open pussy! I don’t think I had ever shot this much cum EVER while beating my cock alone! I continued fucking her for a while longer as I felt my cock begin to soften. While sort of sad, but I knew there would be MANY MORE nights of the two of us getting to have sex. So now, how to clean her up I thought.

With no better plan I moved back to my knees and sucked on her pussy. I have tasted cum before, but it seemed better coming out of her pussy! I kept working on her pussy until I figured there wasn’t any more cum in her. Then I pulled her pajamas back up, swing her back around and covered her back up. Then I kneeled down and kissed her, even giving her some tongue action!

Sunday morning I waited until I heard Auntie go into our bathroom then I pushed the door open and walked in again!

“Shit, so sorry Auntie,” I said and I started to turn around when . . .

“Bob don’t go, I think we should make another pee sample so the Clinic has two samples to test and compare.” She told me. So back I came from the kitchen with another small jar and got down between her legs.

“Bob I don’t know about you but I think I’m beginning to get a really nasty smelling pussy, you now?” She told me. “Get in closer and see if you think my pussy stinks please sweetheart.”

So I put the jar on the floor and leaned in getting my nose closer to her pussy. I no soon got within about 1 inch, when I heard Auntie fart; wow that was a load one!

“So sorry dear but keep smelling and tell me what you think,” She said.

“Well for one thing Auntie, I think you need to poop because your fart smell is so bad, I couldn’t even get a smell of your pussy!” I told her.

“Ok, well Bob, I really need your opinion, and I know you have licked a pussy or two so far, right?” She asked but didn’t wait for my answer. Then I felt her hand on the back of my head as she pulled me forward.

“Bob, please go ahead and help me by tasting my pussy and tell me if it doesn’t stink more today than yesterday!” She said.

So here I was with my mouth mashed against her pussy lips so I pushed my tongue out and started licking her and then I sucked her pussy lips into my mouth.

“Oh Bob, no, I just asked for you to get a small taste, what are you doing, Bob stop please!” She said without releasing her grip on my head! When she did finally let go of my head I continued to eat her out for a few more minutes before I pulled away.

“Auntie I am so sorry but yours is the first pussy I have ever tasted and it was so amazing I just had to taste more and more of it. I cried. “Auntie, can I just lick it a little more please?”

“Bob honey, you really shouldn’t be eating my pussy no sweetheart, if anyone ever found out I would really get into trouble!” She moaned. So placed the small jar between her legs again and boy did she piss! The little jar overflowed and this time was in fact pee all over both of my hands. Not to miss this opportunity either, I put the jar on the counter and then licked and sucked on both of my hands starring directly into her eyes!

“Oh Bob, you are something, why would you want to taste my pee, I mean really why? She asked me.

So that afternoon, my college friends Todd and Frank stopped by with some new software. Todd told Frank and me he had something to show us! He quickly pulled out some pictures and they turned out to be some taken of his Grandpa and Grandma having sex many years ago. They were both naked and boy was his man’s cock little. We all laughed about seeing a little penis on a man! Then he told us to look at his Grandma and sure enough she was hot, sucking on someone else’s big cock, then his Grandpa eating out his wife’s pussy and then the last one showed her pissing on his face in the shower!

“Bob, do you ever get to see you Auntie naked, or anything?” he asked me. I thought for a few seconds and I thought boy how I could come out on top and be the best of us three forever!

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