Dreaming of Mom

by Dillon (NC)

His mom was in the laundry room. It was summer and she was wearing a sleeves red top and jeans and was barefoot. Jarred smiled at her.

She smiled back.

“Its’ sort of sexy having a mom who goes barefoot around the house,” he remarked.

“Oh,” Danni said, appreciating the compliment. She teased him.” Do you want me to do the housework in the all together?”

Jarred was surprised. “You mean … without any clothes on?”

“Well,” she said quite nonchalantly, “some boys like seeing their mom naked.”

Jarred blushed a little over his mom’s uninhibited attitude.

She added, “And some moms like being naked for their sons.”

“Gee … you mean you would just take off your clothes?”

“I don’t mind being naked. You could be naked, too. No one would know,” she said, mindful of that being private. “It would be nice being naked together and it could be fun.”

“Oh … okay,” Jarred said hesitantly.

His mom started to undress so he started to take his clothes off, too.

It just took them a moment to get naked. His mom smiled, looking pleased. She was a brunette, trim and attractive. Her tits were nice and full with pink nipples that poked out. Down below she shaved and her pussy was smooth, revealing the padded folds. Suddenly and quite helplessly Jarred was getting an erection. His penis stuck up with a very large and stiff boner.

“Ooo …” she cooed. “It’s fun seeing my son with a boner.”

“geez, mom …”

“Why don’t you come over her and stick in me. You can fuck me. That would feel so good.”

Jarred stepped forward as his mom leaned up against the washing machine and spread her legs apart. He took a hold of his hard dick and brought the swollen head up to the opening of her vagina and began to side in it. She was wet and eager for him to do that. Suddenly Jarred was ejaculating.

Jarred open his eyes. Startled to find his bed wet with his semen.

He realized that he had been dreaming, and in his dream he had just fucked his mom. He felt embarrassed but at the same time excited. The thought of doing it with his mom was incredibly appealing and secretly he had always wanted to, just as many guys did.

So much so, that he had actually been dreaming about doing that with her, and he had actually ejaculated. He reached for some convenient tissues to wipe up the excess of his wet discharge.

Geez, he could hardly believe dreamed that he had been doing that.

Of course his mom would never want to do that with him, to have sex with her own son.

After cleaning up Jarred got up and dressed and went downstairs to the kitchen.

His mom was in the laundry room.

Just like in his dream she was wearing a red sleeveless top and jeans and she was barefoot, which she often was around the house.

He smiled at her. “It's kind of sexy having a mom who goes barefoot around the house,” he said.

She smiled back him, taking hat as a compliment. “Do you think so?”

“Yeah,” Jarred said, looking a little sheepish about saying that to his own mom. Not that she appeared to mind.

“I’ll have to remember that,” she said, and she turned to put some soap powder into the washing machine.

Somewhat impulsively Jarred teasingly asked, “Have you ever thought about doing the housework in the nude?”

She turned and looked at him with surprise. “I don’t know how I would feel about being naked in front of my own son.”

“It might be fun,” Jarred said harmlessly.

She then gave him a rather concerted look. “Are you planning on being naked with me?”

Jarred shrugged. “Well … no one would know.”

“I would hope not,” she said. “But I suppose so long as no one did know …”

Jarred smiled. It was dream come true, and he felt himself starting to get a boner.

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