Doubling Up

by Anonymous

Gigi, my ex, was from the Philippines and stood 5 foot 3 inches and weighed 120 pounds. After we were married for about 10 years (and 5 years after our last child), she had a boob job. The boob job took her from 36C to 36D but was mainly to firm up her tits.

Gigi also had very large nipples and a very prominent clit that stuck out about an inch when she was aroused. Looking back, I think she was in a constant state of arousal after the boob job and my home made Ben-Wa balls.

If you read some of my previous stories, you will see that Gigi was progressing from my cock to something larger. The thing that kept Gigi constantly aroused was a set of home-made Ben-Wa balls. I had taken a couple of racket balls, cut a slit into them and added a ¾ inch steel ball bearing, then resealed the slit. Racket balls are 2 ¼ inches in diameter.

I put two balls into a balloon and one night after a good fuck, I inserted them into Gigi. She loved the fact that she could walk around and feel the steel balls rolling around inside the racket ball. Gigi often wore them to work and I would fuck her as soon as we were home from work.

Around year 12, the company Christmas Party was just a week away when Gigi asked me to add a third ball to the balloon. With 3 balls the length was almost 7 inches. Party night, Gigi inserted all three balls and wore a tight high cut thong body suit, a short skirt and a suit jacket.

We danced and partied until midnight then headed home. In the car, Gigi pulled out an 9-inch dildo out of the glove compartment, pulled out the balls and buried the dildo. She then slipped the crotch of the body suit over the end of the dildo to hold it in place. All the way home, Gigi was bouncing on the dildo.

Gigi gingerly walked from the car to the house and after the baby sitter left, we headed to the bedroom. Gigi simply bent over, pulled aside the body suit crotch, and offered me her ass. I added some lube and ploughed into her with one thrust. She was so horny and her clit was hard and very sensitive. A little rub with my thumb puts her over the top a couple of times.

Shortly after this episode, Gigi and I added Guy. Guy was about 5 years younger and seemed to always be hard. Guy had a nice straight cock that was just a little longer and thicker than my 7 ½ inches cock at 8 inches and 2 inches thick.

At first, Gigi and I would come home from work, fuck, make supper, put the kids to bed and Guy would visit around 9pm. Then Guy would show up for supper and fuck Gigi while I put the kids to bed.

The sex was great and occasionally, Guy would fuck my ass as well as Gigi so I did not complain. With Gigi being shorter than me, I could fuck Gigi in the missionary position while she sucked on my nipples. Guy would then fuck my ass. When I shoved my cock into Gigi, I pulled a little Guy’s cock out of my ass. When I pulled out of Gigi, I impaled myself on Guy’s cock. 6 inches in, 6 inches out.

Guy was with us for about 5 years. Gigi now had my 7 ½ inch cock, Guy’s 8-inch cock, the 3 racket balls, a sleeve I wore to give me extra thickness and several toys and dildos. The double sleeve made me 2 ½ inches thick, so one day Gigi asked me if there was something, I could do to make the Ben-Wa balls bigger. Tennis balls are about 2 ½ inch in diameter. So, I replaced the racket balls with tennis balls.

The first time I only used one tennis ball in a balloon. After a good fuck, I rubbed the tennis ball over her cunt, slowly centering it and adding a slight pressure. As soon as it popped in, Gigi yelled “take it out, take it out”. As soon as I pulled it out, she wanted it back in. Seems she was concerned that it would not come out.

A couple of days later she was wearing two tennis balls to work and keeping them in until after supper. After the kids were asleep, I would fuck her ass while Guy sucked and licked her cunt. Then Guy and I would switch places. Something bigger was coming.

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