Doing it with Mom

by Allison (WI)

Daren was surprised when he walked into the living room of his mom’s house, and saw his mom laying naked on the sofa. She had her eyes closed and had headphones on and was lounging listening to music.

When she opened her eyes and saw him, she was just as surprised.

“Oh!” she said and slipped the headphones down and grinned modestly.

“I … uh, knocked but I guess you didn’t hear me,” Daren said, now seeing the reason why of course.

Diane grinned a little modestly.

“I was just listening to some music.” She added in explanation, “It was warm and I just felt like having my clothes off.” She looked at him in a slightly sheepish way. “It’s just your naked mom.”

“Uh … sure, mom,” Daren said, presenting himself as accepting of that.

His mom and dad had divorced two years ago, and during that time his mom had started to enjoy her own life, and in that last year she had grown her deep brown hair longer so that it reached down to her shoulders. He was nineteen and living on his own now, and his mom was thirty-eight. She was attractive, trim and, as he could see, had small soft rounded breasts which sloped down, punctuated by small dark nipples, and she had ample amount of dark unruly pubic hair. He noticed that she did not shave under her arms and he thought that was kind of unexpectedly sexy, although apparently, she was still shaving her legs otherwise with her dark complexion, they would have shown a good deal of hair as well.

Being somewhat teasing she said, “You can take off your clothes and join me if you want.”

“You mean … be naked, too?”

“Well,” she said carelessly, “It’s just the two of us. I don’t mind being naked with you.” She looked amused. “You don’t have to feel embarrassed. I know that you’re a boy.”

Daren blushed just a little. He was hesitant over his mom’s invitation, but did not want to appear prudish. “I … I guess that I could.”

She slipped the headphones all the way off from where they were around her neck and sat and watched him as he summoned his courage and started to get undressed. It was summer and he was just wearing a t-shirt and jeans and flip flops.

When he was suddenly just as naked as she was, he grinned modestly and she rewarded him with a pleased smile as he sat down on the sofa next to her.

He had never seen his mom naked before, let alone had been naked with her, but his modesty quickly passed and the moment seemed invitingly comfortable for them to be together like that.

“Mmm. It’s nice being naked with own son,” she appraised in a delighted way.

“Yeah. Well … it’s nice being naked with my mom,” he replied, not quite knowing what else to say. As he sat there, involuntarily, he felt his penis beginning to respond. His mom noticed and again appeared amused. “Sorry about that,” he apologized.

“That’s ok,” she assured. “I feel flattered.”

Daren blushed some more as he sat there and his mom eyed his now completely stiff erection which pushed up handsomely from between his legs.

“Do you want to make love to your mom?” she inquired in an innocent fashion.

“Gees, mom,” Daren said self-consciously.

“Well … we’re both naked …” she allowed in a quite untroubled way.

She leaned over and gave a small kiss on the lips and then leaned back against the cushions of the sofa and put her legs apart making her vaginal cleavage plainly visible through the tangle of pubic hair.

Daren smiled again a little self-consciously and he leaned over his mom and they kissed again and held one another. As they did, he let his hand go between her legs to feel her down there.

“I’m nice and wet,” she told him and he could feel that she was.

Daren took a hold of his stiff penis and guided the swollen head up the soft folds between his mom’s legs. With no difficulty he pushed his penis into her vagina.

She moaned soft as she felt his stiffness filling her.

Oh, that feels good,” she said, drawing in a breath. “It’s nice doing this with my own son.”

Her permissive attitude allowed him not to feel like he was attempting to rape her or something. He pulled back and went in again and began to slid his hard penis in and out of her smoothly and easily.

“Ohhh ,,, that’s very nice,” she breathed. “It feels so good having you in me.”

“It feels good being in you, mom,.” Daren said.

He was amazed to find himself actually doing this with his own mom. It was so unexpected and he was surprised by how accommodating his mom was. She obviously had no qualms about being sexual with her own son. In truth, many mothers did not and longed to experience their sons in this way, and now days it was becoming increasingly common for divorced mothers to do so.

Throughout history it had long been a chivalrous and unwritten code for a boy to take his father’s absent place and to discretely fulfill his mother’s sexual needs, allowing her the appearance of remaining virtuous. So long as this arrangement was not blatant there was even a certain social acceptance about this. Of course, equally, throughout history, mothers often found their sons to be convenient lovers within a marriage.

In the present, with divorced mothers now allowed to have their own lives and sexual freedom thanks to modern birth control, mother and son sex was seen as being fun and something worth experiencing in its intimacy, enhancing the mother-son bond which was so fulfilling for a mother.

Daren could only conclude that his mom was one of those who thought this as he continued to slide his hard erection in out of her vaginal depths, thinking that he was actually in the vagina which had given birth to him. He could see the pleasure that she was deriving from this as she pushed her head back onto the cushions and closed her eyes.

“Oh, honey … yes … yes … “ she said.

She began to breathe faster, pushing the soft mounds of her breasts up and down as she lay so receptively naked beneath him, with his stiff maleness going in and out of her reproductive organ again and again.

“Ohhhh …. Ohhhh …” Then she gasped as she began climaxing. “UH! UHHHHHH! UHHHHHHHHH!!!”

Daren was surprised by how successful his efforts were and was fascinated as he watched his mom being fucked to an orgasm.

“Oh, shit!” she called out. “Oh …. Don’t stop fucking me.”

Daren was unaccustomed to hearing his mom use the “F” word, and only had a few times when she had been very pissed off. He had never heard her use it sexually. Of course, he had never been with his mom sexually before.

Her complete lack of inhibitions made his dick even harder.

He thrust his boner into her with new excitement and assuredness.

Then, unable to hold back, he ejaculated.

His penis throbbed nakedly inside of his mom as he felt his semen shooting out. She had not told not to do this, and he could only hope that it was ok as he flooded her vagina with his sperm.

She held him tightly, bringing her thighs up around his hips as she felt him doing this inside of her. “Oh, yes, Daren … do it in me … do it in me …”

Daren savored the pleasure of being so biologically intimate with his mom.

Then it was over and they were both left catching their breath.

It was more than a full minute before they disentangled themselves and Daren’s soft penis slipped from his mom’s vagina, wet with her lubrication and his semen.

“Ohhhh …” she breathed with a happy, pleased smile. “Oh, honey … it was so wonderful doing that with you.”

“It was wonderful doing it with you, mom,” Daren said with heartfelt appreciation.

She gave him something of an unsure look. “I hope that this won’t be the only time that we do this together.”

Daren smiled over his mom’s uncertainty. “No, mom,” he answered. “I want to do it with you and a lot.”

“Good,” she said and she kissed him on the lips. “I’m looking forward to that.”

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