Doing It With Daddy

by Anonymous

Her father was in the music business, and he had studio right there in his house. Kara had grown up watching her father working with all of the equipment, mixing and splicing tracks and doing all of that. Her father loved the work. Her mother had never thought very much of it and Kara had watched her parents’ marriage slowly go downhill. Then, just after she graduated a year ago, they had divorced.

That morning Kara had stopped by to see her father. As expected, he was working in his studio.

“How are you doing?” Kara asked brightly.

“Oh, fine,” he answered, doing some adjustments on the complicated looking control panel in front of him.

“You know,” Kara spoke up teasingly, “I’m surprised that you don’t have a lot of groupies around here.”

Her father smiled. “I only handle the boring end of the music. I don’t perform it.”

“Still,” she said with something of a mischievous twinkle in her dark blue eyes, standing there with a hand on her hip, and her lithe nineteen year old body nicely posed. “You should have lots of naked girls around your studio.”

He laughed. “Oh, that’ll be the day.”

“Well …” she ventured teasingly, “I could always take off my clothes and be a groupie.”

He chuckled as he continued to focus on what he was doing “Fine with me.”

Kara frowned. Her father was good looking and nice, and it seemed that all he did was work. With his being entirely unnoticing, she went over to one corner of the room and bravely slipped her clothes off.

“Tah-dah!” she announced with a flourish.

Her father turned and was surprised to see her standing there, naked from head to toe.

“Oh!” he said.

Kara grinned proudly. “What do you think?”

“Well … I’m not used to having a naked daughter around,” he remarked.

She came over and sat on his lap and draped her arms around his neck. “Well, at least it’s a start,” she told him.

“And a nice start, too,” he said. “Not that your mother would ever approve.”

“Mom will never know,” Kara said obstinately. “Besides … I can be naked with my own father if I want.”

“Well, you are,” he said. “And it is nice.”

They smiled at one another and did a small kiss on the lips.

“You had better be careful, though … teasing your old man.”

Kara laughed. “Why? Is it giving you a boner?”

“It just might,” he said.

Daringly Kara reached down to feel the crotch of her father’s jeans, and to her surprise she felt the growing bulge that was there.

“Oh!” she said.

“I warned you.”

“I think it’s nice,” she appraised. “It’s very romantic for a girl to think that she can give her own father an erection.”

“Is it?”

‘Uh-huh.” Kara started to undo the fly on his jeans and exposed his erection, which was large and stiff, with a prominent swollen head. She let her fingers curl around the stout shaft, as he just sat there letting her do that without objection.

“You’re certainly giving your old man quite an erection.”

“I like it,” Kara said. “Now if you were naked, too …”

“That could be arranged,” her father said.

He started to get undressed and in a moment more he was as naked as she was, displaying his boner openly to her.

They kissed again and made out for the next several minutes. At one point Kara even worked up the courage to drop down and take her father’s boner into her mouth. It was so thrilling doing that and he found it very pleasurable sitting there watching his hard organ sliding smoothly in and out of his daughter’s wet mouth.

The next thing that Kara knew she was on the floor and her father was on top of her, and she as feeling his erect manhood pushing into her accommodating vagina and he was starting to fuck her.

“Oh, daddy …” Kara breathed.

Kara squeezed her eyes shut as she lay there experiencing her father’s stiff male organ, making her feel like her entire body was a cunt. She loved it.

“Oh, daddy … fuck me harder!”

He began slamming his immense erection in and out of her and she was wildly climaxing as he did this, gasping and choking.

Suddenly he was ejaculating fully in her vaginal depths, giving her his sperm in a way that was so special in which only a father and daughter could share. He had no idea if she was on the pill or if he was impregnating her, but all caution was thrown to the wind in that lusty moment of incestuous passion. Either way, nature was taking its course and if they were to be reproductive, then so be it.

They were both panting and struggling to recover from their sexual crescendo.

“Oh … daddy …” Kara breathed, her small tits heaving up and down, as she lay there feeling her father’s overabundance of semen leaking out and trickling over her anal pucker.

“I … I hope that it’s all right that I came in you,” he said a bit nervously.

“I’m on the pill,” she revealed. She grinned at her father. “Why? Did you want me not to be?”

He grinned back. “Well, if you hadn’t been … then I guess it would a little late to worry about that now.”

They both laughed.

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