Doing It Together as Guy Friends

by Mike (OR)

It was fall. Daniel and Josh were both taking classes at the local community college, and the two of them having a secret bi-affair as friends was fun.

That morning, after class, they had gone over to Josh’s place, both of them looking forward to being indulgent. They got naked and it felt good getting a boner together as they always did.

“Man, my dick gets so hard with you,” Daniel said, smiling over his aroused display.

“Mine gets just as big and hard with you,” Josh said, with his own boner which was pushing handsomely up offering proof of that.

They kissed and each felt his stiff male anatomy rubbing up against the other’s.

Daniel dropped to his knees to take his friend’s erect penis into his mouth. It was so wonderfully uninhibited for him to b able to suck on Josh’s dick like that. He felt the smooth swollen head filling his mouth and he slid down several inches on the shaft, and then pulled his mouth away to lick to the mushroom head.

“Oh, yeah …” Josh said. He grinned. “Let me suck you dick.”

Josh got down and took Daniel’s rigid organ into his mouth with the same passion. Danieli watched his hard dick sliding in and out of Josh’s willing mouth.

Then Josh got on his hands and knees and Daniel joined him, slicking hs boner with some lube, and pushing it into his butt.

“Oh, yeah … yeah …” Danile breathed as he slid his hard boner in and out of Josh’s butt hole. It was so exciting fucking him like this as another guy. Getting his dick into his naked male body. Daniel slid his bone repeatedly in deep, all the way up to his balls again and again. In the next moment he was taking his sex all the way deep inside of his friend, his penis ejaculating.

“Uh! Uh! Uh!” Daniel grunted as the semen pulsed from his reproductive organ, giving his friend his sperm in a way that was so satisfying to do.

Josh of course loved receiving his friend’s biological substance and the intimacy of being imbued with his sperm cells. There was nothing more personal between two guys nor more exciting. Almost without warning he was ejaculating, too. His white liquid was sent flying from his hard dick, shooingt several feet across the floor. “OHHHHHH!!!” he gasped.

Their expenditure left them both drawing in deep breaths as they recovered. It felt so good to be fucking together like this, doing it as guys. Before meeting each other neither had ever been this way with another guy before, and it was pleasure discovering that they could be as friends. It was so meaningful and wonderful. Fucking was so good.

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