Doing It for The First Time

by Ron (SC)

Danny had gone over to his Uncle Jim’s that morning. His uncle had just gotten out of the shower and was naked, although not looking at all embarrassed about the fact that he was as he stood there in the kitchen. He was good looking, trim and well built. He just grinned and Danny grinned back, enjoying that sort of personal privilege with his uncle.

Jim laughed. “Do you want to have some naked fun with your uncle?”

“You mean … be naked, too?” Danny said.

“I don’t see why not … since I’m naked,” Jim said with a careless lack of concern. “It’s just the two of us.”

“Sure. I guess that I could be,” said Danny, not minding the invitation to be that indulgent.

Danny went ahead and started to get undressed as his uncle watched. It was summer and Danny was only wearing a t-shirt and shorts and flip-flops. It just took him a moment to get out of his minimal attire to be just as naked as his uncle was. His uncle rewarded his nakedness with a pleased smile.

Teasingly, Danny saw that his uncle was starting to get an erection. Danny looked as his uncle’s manhood grew impressively with his development, curving up thick and stiff. His uncle showed no modesty in letting his see his arousal.

Suddenly Danny felt his own penis responding, its long slender length pushing visibly up.

Uncle Jim and smiled and Danny smiled back just a little self-consciously.

“It feels good to have it hard together, huh?” Uncle Jim said.

“Yeah,” Danny admitted, finding the naked male-physical rapport pleasing to experience.

“Let’s go into the living room where it’s more comfortable,” said uncle Jim.

Danny followed him from the kitchen.

In the living room they shared a naked hug, feeling their appealingly smooth bare skin come together as well as each other’s stiff maleness touch and slide up against one another with a tantalizing intimacy.

His uncle Jim then got him up onto the sofa to sit on the padded back and then, without hesitation, leaned forward to take his young nephew’s erection into his mouth. Danny was a little surprised, not knowing that his uncle liked to do guy stuff like this with another guy. His own experience was limited to just having jacked off with a friend, and that had been a while back. Yet, he knew that guys did do stuff like that together.

“Umm …” Uncle Jim murmured as Danny felt his mouth wetly sliding up and down on his now rigid length.

“Oh, man … Uncle Jim …” Danny breathed as he felt his erection being orally stimulated.

“Umm …” Jim sucked his nephew’s boner with an uncompromising passion.

He pulled his mouth away and let his tongue lick over the swollen mushroom head of Danny’s hard dick. Feeling inspired, Danny leaned down and took his uncle’s dick into his mouth. It was the first time that he had ever sucked dick, and the fact that it was his uncle’s made him feel far more relaxed and uninhibited that he might have otherwise been. The broad firm head felt incredibly smooth and large in his mouth as he took it in and slid his mouth several inches down on the thick shaft.

“Oh, yeah … that feels good having my dick your mouth,” Jim told him encouragingly.

Danny continued to be orally indulgent, half expecting to feel his uncle ejaculating in his mouth at any moment and to be tasting his semen. His uncle held off, though, and that did not happen. Uncle Jim had other things in mind.

He eased his nephew back and then retrieved a small bottle of lubrication.

Danny watched as his uncle applied some to his rigid boner, leaving it slick and shiny.

His uncle then grinned and he stood on the sofa as Danny remained seated on the padded back.

Oh, god! Danny thought. His uncle was going to fuck him!

“Have you been fucked before?” Uncle Jim asked, suspecting that his nephew never had been, if just judging by the look on his face.

“No,” Danny confessed.

His uncle’s hands pulled his hips forward and up to him and Danny felt the firmness of his male organ penetrating his butt hole.

“Oh, geez!” Danny exclaimed.

“Oh, yeah …” Uncle Jim said as he inserted his boner fully into his nephew’s anal sheath.

“Ohhh …” Danny breathed feeling his butt being violated by his uncle’s sexual urge.

Then his uncle pulled back and went inward again and he began to do this with a gentle, steady rhythm, smiling as he fucked his nephew with his hard penis. He was eager to introduce his nephew to dick and enjoyed the satisfaction of being the first.

Although he had never really thought about, it, he had always found his young nephew attractive, and that morning the opportunity had just presented itself. He was really enjoying the pleasure of nakedly having an erection with his naked nephew which happened so easily, and now, even more, to have it thrust into his untried butt.

“Ohhh … it feels so good to be fucking you, Danny …”

“Oh, geez, Uncle Jim …” Danny moaned as he felt his tight butt hole stretching around the thick circumference of his uncle’s had penis, as it smoothly moved back and forth through his sensitive opening, each time going deep into the soft depths of his accommodating anal sheath.

He had been naturally curious about what intercourse might be like with another guy, and now getting to actually experience it was so exciting.

“Oh, yeah … Oh, yeah …” Uncle Jim breathed.

Danny was leaning back with his legs fully apart and up around his uncle’s hips.

The continued insertions were exciting him more and more and his erection ached it was so unbelievably stiff.

Then, without warning, Danny found himself ejaculating.

The semen pulsed out in powerful spurts, splashing across his stomach uncontrollably.

“OH! OH! OH! OH! OH!” Danny gasped.

Uncle Jim saw his nephew and loved the fact that it was his hard dick that was making him do this.

He felt his boner tense and then, just as Danny was finishing, his boner surged deep inside of his nephew.

“UH! UH! UH!” Uncle Jim grunted as he held his penis pushed fully into Danny as it climaxed.

Danny was amazed to find his uncle ejaculating in him, doing so with a fulfilling nakedness as he leaned back on top of the sofa penetrated by his uncle’s sex organ. It was so remarkable to be getting his uncle’s sperm like this as another guy. There could be nothing more intimate or special than to be so biologically sharing.

“Oh, yeah … yeah … yeah …” Danny panted as he felt his uncle’s hard penis jerk inside of him with his explosive release of male-liquid. Even though he could not get pregnant, it was still so significant to have his uncle’s sperm cells filling his anal sheath like this.

“Ohhhhhh …” Uncle Jim sighed as his penis completed its male function. He opened his eyes and looked at his nephew. “It felt so good doing that in you, Danny.”

“Uncle Jim … I love feeling you cum in me,” he said.

Danny was surprised to find that the intensity of his boner had not been reduced by his ejaculation, but instead remained painfully hard. Quickly he grabbed it and masturbated his penis to a second ejaculation.

Although nowhere near as intense as his first, his semen spilled out in a much needed release for a second time, with his butt hole squeezing down on his uncle’s still embedded penis. He was anything but embarrassed to achieve this in such short order.

This time his sexual urge finally seemed satisfied and he was released from his unrelenting boner. He had never come twice like that before in his life and it only served to confirm just how wonderful it had been doing this with his uncle.

His Uncle Jim smiled at him. ‘Why don’t you wait and I’ll get another boner and fuck you again.”

“Oh, yeah,” said Danny, enthralled by the idea. “I want you to fuck me again.”

He was so glad that he had decided to stop by his uncle’s place that morning.

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