Doing It For Fun

by Don (CA)

David was naked and on his hands and knees right there on the living room floor, and Greg was on his knees just as naked behind him, sliding his lubricated boner back and forth through his friend’s accommodating butt hole.

“Oh, yeah …” David moaned, loving the male sensation of being fucked like this by another guy. It was just so satisfyingly male.

Greg plunged his stiff penis into David’s anal sheath again and again, doing so with a smooth and gentle rhythm that felt so good to both of them. It was exciting having his dick in his friend like this and to be fucking him, and David loved it.

“Ohhh … it feels good being in you,” Greg breathed.

“It feels good having you in me,” said David as again and again he felt Greg’s hard organ pleasurably penetrating him with a male purposefulness.

It was silly of course to think t two guys had to be gay to be having sex, when lots of fiends did, just as they were doing. While they may not have been romantically in love, they nevertheless enjoyed sharing a male love as friends.

Greg felt the smooth softness of David’s anal sheath caressing the swollen head of his penis seductively as he pushed it deep into him, pulled back and pushed inward again. Each time sliding his stiff length all the way in up to his balls in satisfying repeated penetrations.

He had both of his hands on David’s hips as he moved his own hips to keep his penis sliding in and out, looking down and watching David’s anal opening stretching around his erect penis. It felt so good to be able to use his penis like this with David to express his feelings of male friendship, just as it did for David in being able to accommodate his friend with his anal attributes.

Greg cold feel his urge building within his stiff penis, like a growing tickly in his organ.

He pushed in again and again encouraging this until he could no longer sand it and he felt his erection climax.

“Uh!” He grunted as the semen squirted forcefully from his penis “Uhhh! Uhhh! Uhhh!” His body tensed as he impregnated his friend as another male with his sperm in a fulfilling way.

“Ohhhhh …” David moaned as he felt Gerg‘s sperm filling his anal depths. And then he was ejaculating from the excitement of this happening. His rigid curved length of erection pulsed again and again and again, sending several long thick creamy streams of semen flying through the air to land on the floor several feet away. It felt so gratifying to be producing his own sperm along with Greg’s.

When it was over a moment later thy both sighed heavily.

Once more their male mating had been only too successfully completed with each other, and each felt prideful of having accomplished this together as guys. Truly it was a luxury that friends could enjoy and did.

“Rich is coming over in a little while,” Greg mentioned.

“Oh,” said David. “I guess we had better be getting dressed. “ He grinned. “Does he know that we’re fucking?”

“Yeah. I told him,” Greg confirmed.

“What did he say? Was he surprised? Does he think that we gay?”

“No,” Greg revealed. He grinned, too. “I fucked him last week.”

David was surprised, because their friend seemed so straight when it came to things like that. “You’re kidding!”

Greg shook his head. “No. I got my dick in his butt and fucked him.”

“Did he like it?”

Greg laughed. “He didn’t seem to mind it.”

“I wouldn’t and fucking him,” David admitted.

“Then why don’t you?” Greg said carelessly. “I think that he would probably like having you do him.”

They both grinned some more. It was so much fun enjoying male sex and being free to do that.

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