Doing It Again

by Mark (MO)

Dave’s hands were holding the younger male’s hips as he was sliding his thick boner smoothly back and forth through Eric’s tight butt hole.

“Oh, man … I’m going to take my dick all the way in you!” he said as he forcefully fucked Eric with his rigid manhood.

Eric grimaced over the repeated thrust into his anal depths, craving every moment of it. He loved to be fucked and to be fucked thoroughly, especially by his older friend. It was so purposefully male and satisfied his needs in a way that no other sex ever could.

It was the same for Dave, and he thoroughly enjoyed the pleasure of being sexual with a younger male, to have his hard cock in that appealingly lean and smooth body.

The two of them had started being friends six months ago, and they had hit it off and it had been so easy to let their friendship lead to the gratifying physical expression of their feelings.

Dave readily found his penis almost immediately growing stiff whenever he was with Eric, and Eric sure found his doing the same, its long thin length pushing up quickly in eager anticipation.

After several sexual experiences with friends, Eric had started to explore the idea of being gay. He found it to be so wonderfully wild and free to be able to enjoy male sexuality For Dave he had been married and then divorced, and over the last ten years he had discovered the pleasures of male sexuality and that he had an appetite for that. He especially liked younger males if just because they were so enthusiastic.

Eric savored being able to use his boy-vagina to accommodate another male’s penis, and it thrilled him to feel a hard dick in his anal sheath, and he was always amazed by how a boy could have and enjoy that dual physical capacity.

Again and again Dave thrust his had cock into Eric, with each anal caress exciting his manhood, making its curved length rigid and the head absolutely swollen.

“Oh, yeah … yeah …” he breathed with his excursions.

“Ohhhh …” Eric moaned, loving feeling dominated by Dave’s maleness. His sensitive butt hole was stretched and gripping the thickness of Dave’s organ, each and every time feeling its length going deep into him, while his own boner was painfully just as rigid.

In the next moment Dave was climaxing and ejaculating in the younger male, letting the fill load of his semen and sperm discharge in repeated pulses.

As Eric felt this happening the excitement was making him climax. The creamy semen shot from his boner in long, uncontrolled streams, going several feet through the air.

“Ahhh!” Eric gasped, overwhelmed by the sheer intensity of his release.

“Ooo …Oooo …” Dave groaned his cock once more reached a satisfying conclusion. It was just so great to have the privilege of doing that in Eric, to give him his sperm, and Eric was delighted to receive it.

They both let out the breath they had been holding and felt a dizzying exhaustion, and the incredible joy and satisfaction over their fucking. Probably in about another ten minutes Eric knew that Dave would be getting another boner and he was looking forward to taking care of that in his butt one more time. Oh, yeah … he really wanted to be fucked.

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