Dogging Pleasure

by Dan (Lake District, England)

It was my fifth dogging experience in Yorkshire (England) as I traveled from London and stopped at a dogging site after dusk – may be 9 or 10 pm. After I parked my car I changed my dress into a mini without panties and took my bra off. There were several cars around and some were in dogging pleasure inside.

Some passing cars slowed down near my car while I was stroking my boobs – exposed to watch by others in the little light what so ever! After about 45 mins, a car stopped by my side and I lowered the window and he reached over and waved to me throwing a kiss … I responded.

He came over to my window as I opened it and he planted a kiss on my lips. I pulled him in by opening my car door. I looked at his face – a young man, may be in his early 30s, and he looked at me and kissed me long and deep until I was completely weak with erotic desire.

My sex-starved body in late-40s quickly responded. My boobs felt heavy and pussy felt firmer in lust his hand found its way over my ample boobs squeezing and teasing my nips, eventually tearing the buttons off my shirt.

His hand then moved to my skirt and slid his fingers inside my throbbing, wet pussy! Intuitively my hand moved to his crotch – his trouser was then already dropped to his knees. I felt his warm erection throbbing in my hand.

I placed my feet on edge of car seat and he pulled my ass closer to the edge of the seat in aggressive move as I parted my thighs. He drove his face deep between my legs taking my hot juice-flowing pussy and devouring it. As he sucked and nibbled on my clit and drove me insane with his mouth, I pressed his head by my palm and moaned in ecstasy.

He was an expert pussy sucker – pussy eater and I came multiple times but still, he was relentless and would not give up! Fucking my pussy with his fingers, while his tongue ate so vigorously, this beast of a man ate my pussy and finger fucked me until I forgot everything but the sensation he was giving me!

I began squirting spurts of pisses showering his face and his chest! I was totally spent!! There was couple of onlookers around … that added more to my eroticism!

He stood up slowly leaving my shaking legs and kissing me with all of my juices dripping from his mouth. He whispered ….TURN around! And I obliged offering my ass cheeks and open pussy to him.

He did not waste any time – and pushed his strong hard cock in one go deep into my juicy pussy. OMG! That was what I was waiting for. He fucked me for about half an hour – only stopping for a few minutes in between!! He was done – I had little energy to move and remained in this position for sometime as he left.

As soon as he left, I suppose two of the men in their 20s around moved to me and help themselves with fondling my boobs and almost soaking wet spent pussy…. With their help, around midnight I was able to feel fit to drive back home!

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