Divorced Sister and Brother

by quigley (Ontario)

It had been over 20 years since my older sister and I had played the “show me yours and I’ll show you mine” game, and we hadn’t really discussed it since. Both of us had been married and are now divorced with no kids, so we got to spend a lot of time together.

This particular weekend, my apartment was being fumigated and I either had to book a hotel room or find someone to stay with. My sister offered and I graciously accepted.

The evening started off with board games and then on to cards. I jokingly (but I was serious) said we should play strip poker and she surprised me by agreeing. The game was fairly even as we sat staring at one another with just me in a pair of boxers and her in a bra and panties.

I won the next two hands and she complied with the terms of the game and sat naked in front of me. I was staring at her and all the while trying to cover up my throbbing erect cock. Her tits mesmerized me and then she grinned and said that she guessed that the game was over, and what should we do next. I said that the game could continue, but if she lost a hand, it would be my choice what happened next.

She won the next hand and I was now naked with a throbbing cock dripping pre-cum. The next hand would be the most interesting and sadly (or so I thought) I lost. She demanded that I stand and masturbate while she watched up close and personal.

As I began to stroke my cock in front of her, she reached out and gently grabbed both my balls and began kneading them. Then she stopped and said let’s play again. I won the next game so I asked her to sit naked on my lap and masturbate her clitoris. She did, but as she rubbed her clit, she reached back and placed my cock at the entrance to her pussy and sat down hard.

I was fully inside her and began thrusting furiously. This was something I had dreamed about but figured it would never happen. As she squirmed on my cock, I felt like I was about to come and told her so. She too was about to come and she screamed for me to pump her full of my cum.

The orgasm was so powerful I screamed that she was the best fuck ever and to my surprise she said “Ditto”.

My cock would normally be deflating after such a beautiful cum dump, but I was still really hard and she asked what was next. I said that I have had many dreams about her mouth on my cock and before I had a chance to move, she lifted off of my cock and dropped to her knees. Her tongue swirled around my cockhead as I caressed her head, ears and face.

She was into a pretty good up and down rhythm when I decided to go for broke. I pulled her ears and drove my cock deep into her throat. She made gagging and moaning sounds and I almost expected her to stop, but she held tight with my cock deep in her throat, and began to suckle. That took me over the edge and I began ejaculating down her throat. She moaned and gulped and the slurping sounds were so erotic, I couldn’t stop ejaculating.

When she surfaced and released my cock, she lifted her head and gave me a passionate cum kiss. She was just full of surprises and said that we should do this again for the rest of the weekend. No argument from me.

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