Dispatched Home

by Erin Wayne (Texas)

Dispatched Home

Months in a VA hospital healing, I had no permanent injuries but of my mind. Refused to eat, silent I responded not at all, refused to speak and wanted to die. My entire crew lost to a IUD, days after receiving my finalized divorce. Forced fed to keep alive, Mom, Dad and Jan came for visiting often. Doctors felt a home environment may bring me around. Agreeing Mom and Dad spring for the delivery but I cared not, would gladly have died in Afghanistan.

Weeks passed with Mom and Dad calling in professionals to force feed. Wearing a very low cut blouse Mom came one morning, attempting to feed, a spark of life entered my dark mind. The blow of my divorce came the day before the death of my entire crew, IUD exploding beneath the ambulance. In the back putting gear back into order, mindlessly doing my job, I survived. Mind on the reason my ex gave, wanting the divorce, “She just couldn’t complete with my mother.”

As a teenager I accidentally overheard Mom and Dad, Mom telling Dad of a man she met, boasting of his large cock and how well he could satisfy a woman. Dad laughed when Mom told the man had only a seven inch cock and could only get it up once, rushing away when Mom needed more. Attention to what may be going on with Mom and Dad, I began to ease dropping of their conversations, when they thought no one would hear. Sometimes late of night I would hear them of their bedroom, speaking of sex and fucking.

“Fuck my beautiful hairy pussy with your huge, hard cock, Baby.” A lot of the bedroom, Mom spoke of fucking, she and Dad truly had no secrets from one another. Learned Mom liked to fuck with the lights on, I went so far as to bore a small hole in the jam, crack of their bedroom door, making sure I could not only listen but see of late nights. Mom would tell Dad about the men she fucked as Dad was fucking her hairy pussy and sometimes Dad would tell her of the women, he scored. Mom had far more encounters than Dad, which didn’t seem to bother him, in the least.

Many times I heard Mom tell Dad, how beautiful his cock looked, fucking her hairy pussy, encouraging Dad on. Often I saw Mom posed of her bed, naked with her ass jacked with pillows, legs pulled apart, beautiful dark haired pussy aimed at my eye, awaiting Dad coming to her. At age forty five Mom is a fabulous and sexy looking woman, I don’t know bra sizes but Mom’s looked large and firm, nipples as large as a man’s index fingertip. Large aureoles bigger than tennis balls, Mom would play with her tits, rolling nipples and fingering herself, awaiting Dad coming to her.

After my first time of seeing Mom posed and ready to be fucked, I could see nothing else in my mind’s eye, when I needed to hammer my meat. Which was as often as Mom needed to fuck, this went on until after I graduated high school and my four year younger sister caught me peeking into Mom and Dad’s bedroom. Demanding in a hush voice, Jan questioned what I was doing, showing her my bore hole, Jan watched for the longest time.

“I want to get fucked like that!”

Turned to me with a glimmer to her eyes, knew I had to get away and made up my mind of what, I’d been wrestling with, and joined the Marines the next day. Met and married just out of Bootcamp, while going through Medical training. Tours of Afghanistan, you go where the military needs, the divorce finalizing came the day before my crew all perished. In the VA hospital closest to my enlisting, I lay for months, Mom, Dad and Jan came often. Reused to eat never speaking or looking anyone in the eye. What right did I have to live.

Discharged my four years completed, my 22nd year came and my parents and doctors dispatched me home. After weeks of Mom and Jan’s care, and calling in professionals to force feed, an inkling penetrated my fogged brain. The morning Mom took my morning wood into her mouth. Not that sex was of my mind but a morning wood I had from needing to go, Mom would usually hold the piss bottle. Only this morning Mom didn’t wait for my cock to soften, she began loving and sucking.

An urge to eat the beautiful hairy pussy I’d seen and fantasized, came over me. Mom somehow knew I wanted her beautiful pussy in my face. Stripped her clothing, Mom climbed atop the bed placing her hairy pussy in my face and sucked my cock, until I came, eating all my cum. The pussy I dreamed of, I was forced in my mind, ate Mom’s pussy, Mom climaxing many times. Mom had a huge orgasm as my cock shot cum down her throat, from years of spying on Mom, I knew her orgasms.

When my cum was spent and Mom’s orgasms coming to an end, Mom’s pussy become really sensitive. Each touch of my tongue sending shivers her entire body. Mom kissed me all about the face and mouth, not caring my face was covered in her juices, telling me she loved me more than I could possibly ever know. Clear Mom made it, if I wanted the love she had and willing, wanted to give, I would have to eat and build my strength. Soup Mom fed was hard going down and my body wanted to upchuck but I forced myself keeping down, so long since I’d eaten own my own.

All the day I lay, something besides my death wish going through my mind, throughout the day I watched Mom coming and going, naked she stayed the day long. Noon and evening meals was able to take a little more food, delighting Mom. With the first word I’d uttered in months, “Mom,” she climbed atop and gave me a beautiful face fuck, I wanted and loved. Mom’s love literally saving my life, even with knowing how much Mom loved me, it was struggle, coming from the depths of depression.

Next morning I managed sitting up of my own, holding the nearly full piss bottle when Mom came with breakfast tray, naked to my delight. All the years I wanted to fuck my Mom, thoughts of Mom penetrated the horrors of my dark mind, don’t know of any other way Mom could have gotten pass monsters living inside my head. Speak to Mom I wanted but words would not come, Mom fed sitting of my bed beside. Beautiful body I’d lusted for so many years, a small smile I managed and Mom kissed me, not as a son.

“I love you, Jeff,” a shake yes of my head, it was like Mom was reading my mind, watching my eyes.

“Oh, you are going to get lots and lots of this. You have such a beautiful cock, Mommy wants lots of, in a few days when you have eaten and gained strength.”

The monsters were back in my brain, telling me, you are too ugly for one so beautiful to want, to fuck and love you. Back on the bed Mom had me lie, hand to my hard cock climbing onto the bed, her beautiful pussy in my face. Strength to do much more than use my mouth, lips and tongue, Mom luscious, tasty pussy quieted the monsters. Three more day passed and I was using the bathroom on my own, back to bed on shaky legs, Mom entered naked carrying a tray.

“I see you are rising for Mom, Mommy is ever so pleased,” my cock getting hard at the sight of Mom.

“Today is the day but you must promise to let Mommy, do all the work. You promise.”

All through the morning meal Mom smiled, wiping my mouth, kissing often, stroking my cock. Finished the entire meal pleasing Mom. Eagerness of Mom’s desires, chased the monster from my brain, climbing atop to offer her pussy, I loved so much. Eating my cum, Mom and I reached climax almost simultaneously. Mom turned facing to place my still hard cock into her beautiful, luscious hairy pussy, the pussy I’d dreamed for so long. Multiple times I could cum, just beating off, thinking of Mom and the fanatic lover I knew her to be.

A movement outside my window, caught my attention, Jan peering in. Our eyes locked and held as Mom bounced atop my cock, I didn’t dare move anything but my eyes, displeased Mom I didn’t want. Horror stricken Jan wasn’t, a softness I saw of Jan’s eyes, gardening tools of her hands, Jan watched until Mom and I both came. Mom’s horrendous orgasms quite apparent, collapsing atop my chest and kissing, heavy warm breasts felt so wonderful as Mom hugged and kissed.

Hours later, far in the night, Jan came to my room. Climbed into bed spooning me of with her naked body. Whispered she had wanted to fuck with me since she was fourteen. How she had wanted me to be her first, her hand over my hip and to my harding cock. I rolled taking Jan taking into my arms, kissing gently and whispered, I love you. Jan wanted loving the same as Mom, turned her body capturing my cock in her mouth and pussy to my face, three times I came, loving, sucking, eating and fucking my beautiful sister.

Coming to the revelation, Jan and I both inherited Mom’s sex drive. The next morning I told Mom, Jan and I fucked the night before. Told Mom, I loved her and Jan both and felt loved. Mom concerned I didn’t overdo but elated, Mom wasn’t upset at all as we loved and fucked of the morning. The monster abated, Mom and I talked as we fucked. Mom does love to talk dirty, while fucking. Mom knows how to build a man’s confidence.

Dad I thought too, Mom telling Dad made the suggestion, she try eating my cum. Finding Dad was okay with what Mom and I were doing, I suggested Dad and I switch beds of the night. Dad didn’t return to his bed of the entire night and I had such a beautiful night, loving and fucking with Mom. The love of family coming together in time of need, chased the monsters far back into the darkest of shadows and felt with my cock buried deep in Mm’s loving pussy, they would never be let out again.

“Ready for breakfast and loving with your Baby Sister,” naked Jan met me coming, from the shower.

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