Discovered In The Act

by Joe (N.O. LA)

Ever since getting my first taste of Cock Sucking with Bob my Father-In-Law on the receiving end my outlook on Life improved. It seems that both of us never got enough of being on the giving and receiving end. In fact Father-In-Law was finding excuses to get me over to help with anything and everything. And no matter what help he need he always got me alone and on my knees to service him.

Asked him if he ever talked Sue into sucking him off. Son-In-Law why would I want to do that when I have you and you do it so damn good? Had to agree with him Mother-In-Law would never do it as she was from the old school and they did not do those things back then. Little did I know that was going to change down the road.

One Saturday Bob calls and asks if I could help replaced a bad window air condition unit. I was sure that after doing it he would be feeding me more of that hard sweet tasting cock of his that I love to suck so much, so of course I agreed to help. All went well the job was done in record time and we sat down to enjoy a cold beer as a reward. The gleam in his eye told me that I would be getting something a lot better than the beer for a reward first chance we had to be alone.

Mother-In-Law tells us she was going to take a 30 minute nap like she does every day between 1:00 PM and 1:30 PM. It was a known fact that she sleep so hard that a Bomb going off would not wake her up. So we waited 10 minutes with Bob going into the back room to confirm she was fast and hard asleep. He returned with a big grin on his face waving his hard cock at me.

Sitting down in his recliner I went over and got between his legs to get the reward I craved almost daily since the first time sucking his dick. Knowing we had 20 minutes before Mother-In-Law would wake up we wasted no time getting to it. He wanted to bust his nut and I wanted TO swallow his tasty sweet load of cum. So taking as much of that big juicy throbbing cock in to my mouth I started bobbing up and down on it trying to take more on each down stroke.

Father-In-Law also wanted me to take more because he started rubbing my hair and pushing my head down further on his cock. He started saying things like "Fuck! Suck that thing you know you Love it! Damn you are a Great Cock Sucker! Had I know you would Suck my Cock would have married you off to Daughter Mary years ago Son-In-Law." Think of all the wasted years of pleasure we could have had.

We were so involved in the act of getting each other off we failed to keep track of the time or to hear Mother-In-Law get up from her nap and walk in on us in the act.

Discovering us she says, "What the Shit is this?" Are you two Queer? Father-In-Law grabs my head to keep his Cock in my mouth and tells his Wife "Shit No! Neither of us are Queer and this never would have happened if you would have Sucked it for me. Son-In-Law here does it so Fucking Good I may just give up fucking you. Then he tells her Son-In-Law is Bi-Sexual and perhaps I am too because being Bi-Sexual is a person who enjoys Sex with Either or both sexes and I enjoys it as much as Son-In-Law does.

Sue says, "What do you think Mary our Daughter would think if she saw her Husband Sucking her Father's Cock? Father-In-Law says if you tell our daughter that he will be the only one getting any of my Cock. Do you understand what I am telling you?

If you let me watch him Suck your Cock and both of you answer one question that will be our little secret. Watching Son-In-law Joe Sucking your Cock is Hot and must be turning me on because my Pussy seems to be getting warm and wet. Bob says, "I see that as your pants are all wet in the Front. Son-In-Law do not stop, Keep sucking as Mother-In-Law wants to watch. Sue come sit closer so you can see better how good he does it and how much I enjoy it. You might even learn something.

Mother-In-Law looks on as I keep Sucking Father-In-Law Hot Hard Cock. Damn she says both of you really seem to enjoy what you are doing. What do you like about it Husband? Well my cock feels so good with a hot tight wet pair of lips wrapped around it and the going up and down while he uses his tongue on the underside of the shaft by the vein is just to die for.

Can I ask Son-In-Law a question? Only if it is one and short as I do not want my cock out of his mouth long. Pulling his Cock from my lips he says answer her one question and hurry back to sucking my Cock Son-In-Law. Mother-In-Law asks what do you like about sucking my husband your Father-In-Laws Cock?

There is nothing better than putting my lip around that big piece of meat he has between his leg and feeling it throbbing as it grows bigger and bigger. To hear him tell me how good it feels and how great I do it and pleading for me Not to Stop Sucking his Cock. That shows me how much he loves and enjoys it. He is more like a Father than a Father-In-Law to me and if you Love someone you want to please them. You should understand than being your love and married him.

As I Enjoyed going down on his big hard juicy cock Mother-in-Law slides down and joined me. Son-In-Law would you Teach how to Suck his Cock so I can also please him? I replied, "Only if you do not Hog it and you still let me suck it from Time to Time."

Holding his stiff hard piece of meat in my hand tell her lick up the shaft from his balls up to the head like I am doing then I pointed it towards her face. She did as instructed getting a grunt of pleasure from her husband.

Lets both of us lick it from the bottom to the head at the same time to show him we both Love to suck his Cock. We did that with him saying Holy Shit! What more could a Man ever want in life. The wife and Son-In-Law both Sucking my Prick is Fucking unbelievable. Both of you Keep it up One of You will have to fight for the biggest load of cum I will ever shoot.

With that statement I swallowed his Cock down to the base of his balls hoping to get that Sweet cream load he say he would drop. Mother-In-Law then pushed me off his Cock and she tried to take the whole thing down her throat. What could I do after all it was hers first, so I backed off hoping to get a try at it when she was done. Father-In-Law shouted OH! Fuck here it comes, Sue drink it all baby, drink the man juice that made our two boys and daughter Mary. He dumped his load and she gobbled it all up like I would have loved to have done but had done many times in the past and would be sure to do in the future.

Once his balls were drained she released his Cock and said Son-In-Law come here and clean my husband Cock and maybe he will give you that second load you know you want. You know I should have learned to do this a long time ago because it was so Hot to do it and I just loved how it made him and me feel as well as How good his cum tastes. You can be assured he will not have to wait long nor ask me to suck his cock in the Future. He will be getting it Sucked on a daily basis if I have anything to say about it. Son-In-law you and I can share it any time He or You want to. Hearing that went down to suck it hoping to bring it back to it hot hard full length and getting what cum he had left in those hanging big balls of his.

Mother-In-Law then asks her husband, how long has Son-In-Law being enjoying Sucking your Cock? Have you ever returned the Favor?

Been doing it about 3 month now at least twice a week and more when I could get him over. No! I never sucked his Why?

Looks him straight in the eye says if him sucking your Cock makes him Bi-sexual does not you letting him do so make you Bi-sexual also? If that is the case then it would only be right for you to return the act.

Pulling my head away from Father-In-Laws Prick she says now Bob you get on down here and suck his Cock. Do it for me you become his Cock Sucker like he became one for you. She Promise to help him with it and said I will suck your Cock anytime and anyplace you want if you just suck this Cock with me.

Shoving him to his knees with her following she pushes his head towards my hard throbbing dick. Come on you know you want to do it. Suck his like he Sucked your. Come on you can take more than that in your mouth, he is not as large as you are and he sucks most of yours.

Here let me show you how and she then sucked my whole Cock down to the base and back up it is just as hot and almost as sweet as yours my husband. Lets share it a husband and wife and like Son-In-law and I shared you a little while ago.

They both took turns sucking it up one side and down the other taking turns sucking the head in their mouths. God Damn it was heaven. Did not know what was better her and I sharing Father-In-laws Cock or Father-In-Law and her sharing mine. Either way I was close to busting my nut for the first time today and was not going to take any bets as to which one was going to swallow my hot load. So hot seeing both of them fighting to see who could suck my Cock the longest and gets my load. Not being able to last any longer I screamed here I CUMMM.

Both Father-In-Law and Mother-In-Law surprised me by sharing my hot Sweet load and were grinning from ear to ear like the cat that swallowed the bird or in my case the bird load. Damn sure Mother-In-Law and Father-In-Law and Son-In-Law will be doing much more of this in the very near future.

Looks like the Family that SHARES (Sucks) together are Happy and stays together. Sure hope to continue doing so as long as we all can Share (Suck) every chance we can. Is this the Best it can ever get or not?

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