Dirty Roommate

by Anonymous (US)

Since the pandemic, I was forced to move back to my home town. I knew I couldn't stand living with my parents again, since they were extremely strict, but also were not taking covid as seriously as they should.

My aunt offered to let me move in with her, as long as I could help with some of the housework and the bills.

I agreed, since getting a job in my hometown was super easy, and I've always had a special connection with her.

I moved into her spare bedroom, which was smaller than I was used to, but I was grateful to just have my own space. My aunt also worked weird hours, so I never really had to worry about being a bother.

One night, after I got off work, I really just wanted to relax and take my mind of work and the stress of everything.

I took a long, hot bath, and opened a bottle of wine. After my bath, I threw on a robe, and since I figured I was alone, I laid on the couch and started scrolling through twitter. I follow a lot of creators, so every time I open the app, I am bound to get horny.

I undid my robe and started to slowly rub my clit. I was incredibly wet and it felt so good. I softly moaned, and then I remembered I was alone. My slow rubs turned into fast and my soft moans turned into loud moans, almost screams. I was rubbing my clit so fast that I couldn't open my eyes, or I would have seen my aunt in the kitchen watching me.

I came, harder than I have in a while, i guess because i was finally able to fully relax and let go.

Once I opened my eyes, I saw my aunt, just watching me with a big smile on her face, sipping wine.

"oh my god, I am so sorry", I scrambled to put my robe on.

"For what, you gave me a damn good show" she laughed, stepping from behind the counter, revealing the fact she, too, was in just a robe.

I stared at her, not knowing what to say or do.

"Why don't we move this to my room, I can show you my special collection".

Without thinking, I stood up and followed her. She took her robe of by the door, revealing the nicest tits I've ever seen, pretty nipples that longed to be sucked, perfectly round ass, and the prettiest pussy. She opened up a box which had a range of toys.

She smiled, and handed me a vibrating dildo.

"Try it out, I think you'll love it" She got herself a smaller toy, on that looked to be a clit sucker or something.

She laid on the bed and motioned for me to lay next to her. She immediately got to work, and was moaned very quickly. I did the same, but couldn't focus on myself. I wanted to see her cum so bad.

She started to do the same as me on the couch. Eyes shut hard, moans turning into screams, body arching and pussy dripping. I took the dildo, without thinking, and started to fuck her with it. Within seconds, hot juices started to flow out, almost spraying out. It was so hot. She wasn't screaming anymore, but grasping for air, her body shaking in pleasure. I slowed down, the juices slowly still coming out, until I stopped.

"Now that was a damn good show," I laughed.

"Oh, but now it's your turn." she gasped.

She grabbed a strap on, and handed me the sucking toy.

"You hold this on your clit, I'm gonna fuck harder than you've ever been"

I loved to be controlled.

I put the sucking toy to my pussy and I felt a sense of euphoria, then I felt the plastic dick slide into my soaking pussy. It was bigger than I've ever taken, but it felt amazing. She started slow, but moved her hips with everything thrust.

"Faster, please, fuck me faster" I begged.

She began to fuck the shit out of me. I was shaking and ready to cum. I felt it swelling up inside me, like i was going to explode.

I've never squirted before, but i squirting harder than the porn videos.

She stopped to lick me clean, and told me next time, I had to wait for her to say it was okay to cum.

To be continued....

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