Dirty Delivery

by Carol (Florida)

My husband Rocky ordered a new refrigerator and we were waiting for it to be delivered. Rocky is away a lot on business so I have to take of everything at the house. Well by now all of you know I like to nude sunbathe by our pool. It’s a hot November day and there isn’t a cloud in the sky.

Ok I grab my robe and outside I go. I’m laying on my lounge chair and I’m putting lotion all over my body. I put on some music have a glass of wine and I’m in my own little world. Well that didn’t take long as I hear a voice say anyone back here. I grab my robe as fast as I can and answer yes who are you.

He said I’m a delivery man for Home Depot and I’m here to deliver a refrigerator. I tell him ok I’ll go open the front door. I’m open the door and there’s a tall very big black man standing there. He looks at me and knows I was nude sunbathing in the back. He says I’m Earl and I tell him I’m Carol and he says very glad to meet you.

He brings in a cart and disconnects the old one and then brings in the new one. He’s hooking everything up and I’m still sipping my wine. Earl says Carol where is your husband. I tell Earl he’s working. Earl laughs and says I’d be home with you. I laugh and say thank you Earl. He asks me Carol I guess you enjoy your pool and I tell him yes but I do get lonely.

Earl says cmon a fine looking woman like you and I say yes it happens. The kitchen is right by the pool and a slow R&B song comes on. Earl says that’s my favorite song. I said really and he grabs my hand and says let’s dance. Earl is at least six five and I’m five foot. We start to slow dance and Earl is really holding me tight.

Earl looks at me and says Carol your gorgeous. I thank him again and now his hands are holding my ass. I said ok Earl I think I’m done dancing. Earl says you maybe but I’m not and won’t let me go. I say cmon Earl stop. He plays dumb and says stop what. He loosens my robe and my tits and shaved pussy is for all to see.

He kicks his lips and says Carol you’re going to enjoy this. He pulls out his massive cock and says I know you need it. I say I don’t need it that bad not taking my eyes off of it. Earl grabs on of my big tits and starts to suck both of them. Earl’s cock is rock hard now and he says touch it Carol. I pull away and say I think you should leave now.

He’s holding it with two hands saying are you sure you want me to leave. Yes I want you to go. Earl walks past me and his cock brushes up against me. This made me so horny I told him to stop. Earl says what’s wrong and I tell him I want your cock inside me. Earl goes wow picks me up and we head towards the bedroom.

He lays me on the bed and puts his big black cock in my mouth. Oh it smells of sweat and I immediately cum. Earl is sucking my pussy getting me ready for his huge cock. I love your big tits Carol and starts to bite them. I can’t control myself so I lay down grab his cock and guide it to my pussy saying fuck me Earl.

He puts it in slowly as I wrap my legs around him and then he slams the rest in. Oh he feels so good inside me that I’ve cum twice already. Earl keeps fucking me then he rolls me over on all fours and slams it inside me again. He slapping my ass hard, very hard. I love a mans prints on my ass.

Earl says Carol I’m going to cum inside you. Yes Earl give me all your cum. Earl explodes inside my pussy and pulls his cock out and I suck him dry. Earl says I would love to stay but I have to leave and I tell him I would like it if you stayed.

I get up and all of Earl’s cum is dripping out of me. I grab some of it and put it in my mouth, look at Earl and say I love the taste of a mans cum. Earl kisses me and leaves. Well I just had a dirty delivery.

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