Dillion and Dave

by JD (FL)

Dillon felt like such an anal whore letting Dave fuck him like that. It was just that whenever he went over to Dave’s house, he just couldn’t help it.

Dillion was only nineteen and Dave was thirty-six, older and good looking. Dave definitely had a Gay side to him, while Dillion had up till then been very limited in any sort of friendly between-guys interactions, feeling a bit shy and unsure about that and definitely not considering himself to be Gay.

Yet, with Dave, it was different and just so easy. Dave was confident and relaxed about that, and Dillion had allowed him to introduce his large, thick manhood into his butt, experiencing anal intercourse for the first time.

That had been two months ago. Now he and Dave regularly had sex, at least once a week and Dillion loved it. He would go over to his place and they would get naked and make out, and he would let Dave fuck him.

That morning Dillion was sitting on Dave’s lap, facing him , as Dave’s boner was thrust up his butt.

“It feels so good having my dick in you,” Dave told him with a smile on his good-looking face. “I live fucking you.”

“I love having you fuck me,” Dillion said a bit breathlessly.

Dillion could feel his tight, sensitive butt hole stretching around the thickness of Dave’s penis, with its lubricated length pushed up into his anal sheath, and it was so exciting. His own boner showed that, as it stiffly presented itself.

“Ooo … yeah …” Dave moaned as he gently fucked the younger male.

Like most inexperienced guys, Dillion was surprised by just how significant and rewarding it was to be sexual with another guy, and with Dave he loved sharing such all-masculine moments.

“I’m going to come!” Dillon announced as he felt his boner reaching an uncontrollable excitement.

Suddenly the white semen was squirting from his dick in repeated streams that went up into the air like a fountain.

“Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah!” Dillon gasped as he climaxed. He had only ever spontaneously ejaculated like this with Dave and it was so thrilling to have happen.

Seeing his uncontrolled excitement made Dave suddenly ejaculate, too. His manhood throbbed deep inside of Dillion, delivering an overabundance of male liquid, doing so with a satisfaction.

“Uh … Uh … Uh … Uh …” Dave groaned.

Dillon loved it when Dave completed himself inside of him like that, impregnating him his sperm as another guy.

“Oh, yeah …” Dillon murmured, closing his eyes and savoring the physical male intimacy.

Of course, it was just his secret that he let Dave fuck him like this as a guy, but it was a secret which he loved.

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