Different Dancing

by Bryonny (Cheshire, England)

I was just about to go out when the doorbell rang, opening the door I found Geraldine, my dance pupil, standing there. I invited her inside...............

"What can I do for you dear"?

"I was wondering if I could book more lessons and get more proficient"

"Of course but why"?

"I would like to do Exhibition dancing, if you think I'm good enough"

"Fine dear, it may take some weeks but I think you can do it"

"Oh! just one thing though, Bryonny, could your son Bryn partner me."

I was only mildly surprised at Gerry's request, but...............

"Well, why not dear, you two certainly hit it off on the dance floor"

"Oh thank you, I was hoping you'd agree, hes just so fluid and light on his feet when we dance together"

"Yes Gerry dear, and after all you ARE the object of his affection, or so he tells me, and you seem to reciprocate his feelings"

"Wha..what dddo you mean Bryonny"

"Oh for goodness SAKE dear, he gets a stiffy dancing with you, you feel it and you get wet and runny in your pretty tiny panties, don't be coy and deny it dear, he has the same effect on me"

"Oh my God, oh heavens, this so...so....I'm sorry....I...I'd better go....So very sorry Bryonny, I'll cancel my membership, I think"

I took Gerry's hand, she was blushing furiously and trembling.......

"Gerry dear, it's ok really, you see my husband skipped some time ago and Bryn is all I have, but I'm glad he seems to have found someone besides me"

Gerry looked at me quickly......

" What, you mean he gets you....he turns you on"?

"More than that my dear, we sleep together....we are lovers, we fuck each other, regularly.......Perhaps, perhaps you'd like to join us, I know he'd LOVE to get you in bed naked, but three of us would be simply magical.."

We looked intently at each other as if gauging thoughts. Then Gerry said softly.....

"Shall I tell you something Bryonny, I'm hot just thinking about it, in fact dear, I'm rather damp."

I drew her to me and took her in my arms. Our fist kiss was explosive, as if expected, she pulled me hard against her and tongue flickered and roamed in my mouth. My tummy roiled and felt like it was dropping down, my pussy tingled badly and knew I was getting wet and sticky.

Gerry broke our embrace, she was breathing hard, her hefty bosom was heaving....

"I cant do this..I'm not lesbian Bryonny, I just couldn't Oh Lord, this was not supposed to happen, I need to go."

I pulled her to me again and kissed her hard, she wilted and we both sank to the floor and ground our hips together........

"Let yourself go Gerry, just go with the flow, think about all the three of us could share, two women, one man, one big hard cock to suck and fuck us both and he would see us two devouring each others pussies........GOD it turns me on so much thinking about it........will you come to bed with me Gerry darling, would you like to cu................"

"YES! oh God yesyesyesyes!,I want to do it with you, I've never done it with a woman, GOD! I'm on fire....I'm on the verge Bryn. I'm a Hair trigger once I get touched......I want to, I want You.............."

We spoke no more and in my bed we drew the most delectable sensations from each there, touching, stroking, fingering, kissing, licking until or orgasms wrecked up both in shuddering wailing spasms and very wet climaxes.

Later I suggested a shower, she declined saying she wanted to keep our odour around her, our feminine fragrance would serve as a reminder of her first same sex involvement. I felt happy about that because I knew Bryn would notice it on me and wonder what had been going on.

I would savor whispering about it that night in our bed. One thing I did do was to keep Gerry's white bikini and give her the red one she had planted on my son......

"It will match that flimsy red bra you wearing darling, so fetching, but don't forget to rinse them through later on"

We kissed again, had a final feel and grope of each other and she left.

I can hardly wait for developments.

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