Did I? Mom

by Veronica (IL)

Wendy had her eyes closed and was moaning as she lay there on the bed being fucked by her son.

She knew how shocked his father would be if he knew or could see them physically engaged like they were.

The truth was that he wouldn’t understand how this was both a maternal and womanly need and desire. He had never understood her very well the whole time that they had been married. Most men did not understand their wives or their needs and desires.

But now they were divorced and had been for that last year. She and her son had always been close and enjoyed that bond, so his father’s absence only presented an opportunity for the two of them to celebrate that bond in an intimate way.

There had been nothing untoward, no seduction or anything like that. Just the teasing allure of their being intimate which had been easy to succumb to.

Wendy had no idea how many times that she and her son had fucked. A lot. They were free to do that now and it was so wonderful.

She lay there feeling his naked male body making love to her naked female body in a way that so many mothers found incredibly desirable.

Again and again his stiff penis permissively violated her vagina with its male purpose and they both thrilled in their engaging in the reproductive act together. Of course it would not result in her becoming pregnant, but the intention as the same.

Her clitoris was agonizingly erect as she felt her son’s stiff erection stimulating her vagina unbelievably.

“Ohhh … honey I’m going to cum …” she breathed.

“Oh, cum, mom. I want to make you cum.”

She felt his boner thrust into her with even more eagerness.

“Uhhh … Uhhhhhh ... AHHHHH!!! AHHHHHHHHHH!!!” Wrendy cried out as her spasming climax overtook her.

It was so exciting for Carson to have his hard penis in his mom’s vagina while she was having an orgasm.


Suddenly it was over and she collapsed onto the softness of the bed beneath her.

Carson continued to fuck his mom, bringing his erection to a fulfilling ejaculation. He grunted as his semen surged out from his organ in throbbing pulses, so satisfyingly giving his mom his sperm.

Wendy could only lay there helpless as she savored her son’s biological completion in her body.

Diligently Carson allowed all of his liquid to fill her.

“Oh … Oh, honey … I’ve never been fucked like this before,” Wendy breathed as she lay there limply beneath him, recovering.

“It feels so good fucking you, mom,” Carson said. He grinned and laughed. “I think that I’ll fuck you twice this morning … see if I can get you pregnant,” he teased.

Wendy wrinkled her nose and laughed over the thought of that happening. She was on the pill, of course. Then in the next moment it was … Ooo, did I remember to take my pill? Oh, dear!

She was sure that she had, but she really could not remember. And her son had just fucked his sperm into her, and he wanted to do it twice?

As a mom I have experienced this moment. It is both exciting and just a little unnerving. Did I remember to take my pill? And did my son just get me pregnant? Thankfully so far, as probably most mothers would agree, this blessed event has not happened yet. But a mom always has to be prepared. A mom might just become a mom again. And speaking freely, I really would not have any problem in having my son’s baby if that should ever occur. I think that many mothers would agree with this, too.

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