Devon's First Time

by Karl (FL)

“Would you ever let another guy fuck you?” Jerry asked. He was sitting naked on the sofa with a grin on his face, his hard dick sticking stiffly up.

Devon was surprised by the question. He had gone over to Jerry’s apartment that morning, and Jerry had just gotten out of the shower, being very casual about his being nude like he was. Then he had casually sat on the sofa and had started to get an erection. His penis was long and thin.

“I mean … just once,” Jerry added.

Devon didn’t know what to say. “Geez, Jerry …”

Still grinning in an amused fashion Jerry said, “I wouldn’t mind doing it with you.”

Devon blushed just a little. He had no idea that Jerry was into stuff like that, although, at the same time, he flattered that Jerry wanted to do something lie that with him.
Jerry gave a small shrug of his bare shoulders. “We could just do it really quick. No one would know.”

“You mean, like … just do it?”

“Uh-huh. You could get naked and we would just do it.”

Devon found to his surprise that he was curious. “I … I guess,” he said, hesitantly.

Jerry gave him a pleased smile.

Devon tugged the t-shirt he was wearing over his head and kicked off the flip flops he was wearing. Standing, he slid his jeans and underwear down and off. He smiled somewhat modestly at being just as naked as Jerry was, especially as he felt his own penis responding and staring to become erect.

“Mmm … nice,” Jerry appraised. He reached out to gently feel Devon’s boner as he stood there letting him do that, and liking how that felt.

After a moment, curious, he reached down to fell Jerry’s hard dick. It was exciting getting to feel another guy’s boner.

“Come on,” Jerry said and they went into the bedroom.

Devon got onto the bed as Jerry slicked his boner with some lubrication and joined him. With his hands he got to Devon to turn over and lay on his stomach, and then he climbed onto the back of his legs. Taking a hold of his stiff penis he pushed it down and let the swollen head come into contact with Devon’s butt hole.

Devon felt Jerry’s male firmness touching him and then pushed at him with a gentle pressure. To his surprised he felt Jerry’s penis going into him.

Devon drew in a breath and tensed just a little. Jerry waited until he relaxed and the slide his boner inward.

“Oh …” Devon breathed as he felt Jerry’s maleness suddenly filling his anal sheath.

“Oh, man … that feels good being in you,” Jerry said.

Erry slowly and gently Jerry pulled his dick back and push inward again and began to do this with an easy rhythm.

Again and again Devon felt Jerry’s hard penis back and forth through his sensitive butt hole, each time with it stiff length going deep inside of him, making his own erection even more pronounced as it pressed against the softness of the bed covers.

Devon moaned softly and he heard Jerry’s elevated breathing with his efforts.

“Oh, yeah … yeah ..” Jerry said, savoring the opportunity to have his dick in Devon’s butt.

He liked being able to express his feelings of friendship with another guy using his penis, as many guys did. The intimacy was so pleasing. Just as Devon lay there learning how exciting such male intimacy could be with a friend.

“Oh, man …” Devon said as he continued to feel his butt being used in such a pleasurable way. This was a new experience for him and he was liking it.

Jerry’s stiff dick plunged into Devon over and over with the softness of his anal sheath caressing his rigid penis, causing its urgency to increase.

“Uh … Uh … Uh …” Jerry breathed. And then in the next moment he felt his liquid surging up his long thin dick, pulsing out his load of semen into Devon. “AH! AHHHH! AHHHH!!!”

Devon felt the excitement of Jerry doing that in him making his own erection ejaculate in response.

“OH! OH! OH! OH! OH!” Devon felt his hard dick pulsed uncontrollably beneath him.

Their mutual moment of release was intense and beautiful to share as guys.

When it was over, they both let out a well earned sigh.

“Oh … that was so good,” Jerry said, slipping his no longer fully erect penis from Devon’s butt.

Devon felt just a little overwhelmed, taken by the thought that he had Jerry’s sperm in him and that he had just been fucked by another guy. It felt wonderful.

Devon rolled over and he and Jerry smiled at one another and jerry leaned down and they kissed.

“Kind of nice with a friend, huh?” Jerry said.

“Oh, yeah,” Devon agreed wholeheartedly now that he had experienced just how incredible it was.

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