Deserted Beach

by Carol (Florida)

I finally found what I was looking for, a beach that’s deserted. The beach has plants all around and little alcoves where it’s very private. I have a feeling this is going to be a good day in the sun. I open my blanket and lay down. I put some music on and I look around and there is no one. I have on a red thong that highlights my very tan body. I undo my top and let my big tits fall free. I’ll keep a towel by me just in case someone should walk by. I put some lotion on my front, especially my tits.

I love to play with them and I love when men play with them. I have my eyes closed when I hear nice tits pretty lady. I open my eyes and there’s a young black man couldn’t have been older than twenty standing there. I immediately grab my towel and put it over my tits. He says why hide them since I’ve already seen them. I ask him where did you come from. He says I watched you get out your car and I knew I would see something I like. I can’t believe this young man is saying all these things to me.

I look at him and say I’m old enough to be your mother. He laughs and says if my mother only looked as good as you. He says I’m Rodney and I tell him I’m Carol. Rodney says you’re one fine white woman. Rodney asks is it ok to share your blanket with you. Now what do I say, I don’t want to be rude. I say ok he lays right next to me. Rodney says Carol you can lose the towel since I’ve already seen your tits. I tell him no that’s ok. Rodney says please take your towel off, I don’t want to do it for you.

OMG Rodney wants to see my 34dds. I remove my towel and again Rodney says wow I love your big tits. I thank him for the compliment and I close my eyes not paying attention to him. I feel his hands start to play with my tits. I get up and he has his big black cock in his hands. It’s huge as he stroking it. Rodney says I’ve fucked many a white woman. I tell him your too young to be with me. Rodney slaps my tits and says shut up bitch and grab my cock. I grab his cock and Rodney now is on my chest.

He says open your mouth. No, I can’t do this. Rodney slaps my tits hard and says open. I open my mouth and he put his young black cock in my mouth. Rodney says suck it bitch get me hard. I’m sucking his cock and now he’s rock hard. He says take your thong off, which I do. Rodney says Carol now spread your legs and get ready for me to fuck you. I spread my legs open my pussy and say Rodney you want to stick your sick inside me. Rodney wastes no time and pushes his huge cock inside me.

I can’t believe I’m letting this young man fuck me. I tell him more Rodney give me more. I wrap my legs around him and tell him to fuck me. I can’t hold back and I cum all over Rodney’s cock. Rodney says roll over bitch I want you doggy. I roll over and open my pussy and Rodney slams his cock inside me. Oh yes Rodney I love your young big black cock fuck me. I cum again and Rodney cums deep inside me. Rodney asks can you still get pregnant. I tell him I don’t think so.

Rodney says I’m going to keep fucking you till you have my black baby. OMG I’ve fucked my share of black men, but they never said this to me. Rodney has me cock crazy now and I tell him yes give me your black baby. Rodney slams his cock into me again and he says yes Carol you’ll have a black baby. Every time he says this I cum. Rodney cums again deep inside me and says I hope I made you pregnant. I grab his face and kiss him and say yes I want your baby.

Rodney says I want to fuck you and cum deep inside you just to make sure. OMG I can’t take much more of his huge cock pounding my white pussy. He cums one more time inside me. He puts his cock in my mouth and says clean it Carol. Oh I do and suck the rest of his cum out his cock. It’s getting late and I have to leave. Rodney says meet me here on the same day every week till I make you pregnant. OMG yes I grab his cock and guide it inside me and say give me a baby, your baby. More cum inside me and I get up having a hard time walking and go in the water to wash off all the cum.

Rodney kisses me goodbye and asks are you coming back. I turn and answer yes I enjoyed myself. I get in my car and as I’m driving, I stop and by a couple of pregnancy tests. I don’t think I can get pregnant but Rodney filled my pussy with a lot of his black cum so who knows. I thought the beach would be deserted by now only time will tell.

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