Dee And Mark, Mother And Son

by Lucy (OR)

Naked, mark was sitting on the kitchen chair, and his equally naked mom was sitting his astride his lap facing him, fucking her vagina up and down on her son’s erection.

“Oh … oh… this is so good, Dee said.

“Yeah, mom …” Mark breathed back.

The fact that the two of them had started having sexual relations a few months after her divorce from his father was a secret that they shared and enjoyed.

With his father no longer there, they had found themselves being more affectionate towards one another than they otherwise might have. And even if somewhat modestly, it had been plain that they both had found the allure of their being more intimate as mother and son enticing, to be sure.

Being bravely uninhibited, they had enjoyed having sex.

In the beginning they had been unsure and there had been some awkwardness the first few times, as could only be expected. But now, after six months, they were both quite relaxed and confident. Enough for his mom to delight in the pleasure of mounting him and fucking her son with an unashamed eagerness.

“Oh … your father would never let me do this,” she confessed. “It just feels so good though to be able to fuck your penis.”

“I love it, mom” Mark assured, having no problem in his mom taking charge and being dominant like this. “I like it when you fuck me.”

They grinned at one another and did a small kiss on the lips.

Mark watched as his mother small bare breasts jiggled up and down with her efforts, and he saw his erection repeatedly slide up into the hairy space between her legs, producing repeated wet sounds to demonstrate how aroused his mom was.

“Oh … yes … yes … yes …” she gasped. It was so different for a woman to take charge and to thrill in using her vagina to fuck a stiff penis, and she was so glad and so thankful that her son was not only willing but happy to be so accommodating.

Ordinarily she might well have felt like a wanton whore for being so sexual, but with her son she was free to be as sexual as she liked. Even to the point where as she was riding up and down on him, to slip a hand down and begin masturbating her clitoris right in front of him.

Mark watched and it was wild seeing his mother paying with herself and stimulating her clit like this.

“Ooo …Oooo …” she moaned as her excitement was building to a climax.

At that moment she felt so naked and so womanly.

“Ooooo … Ooooooo …” she moaned some more. And then, suddenly, “AHHHHHH! AHHHHHHH!!!!!”

She gasped and tensed and leaned forward, pushing her vagina down on her son’s erection as far as she could as her orgasm took control. It was like an electric fire that her nakedness invited to spread. Her bare toes pressed down on the smooth floor and she was even aware of her butt hole tightening to push her orgasm onward.

Mark loved watching his mom cum. He loved seeing her nakedly excited. And he loved the fact that his was his penis helping to do this to her.

His father had always been nothing more than a grump and a malcontent. He had never gotten along with his dad at all, and he always thought that his mom deserved better. So when they divorced he had been glad. That he was now sexually taking is dad’s place with his mom was a bonus and he enjoyed the fact that he was fucking his mom instead of his dad who had never deserved her. That he could use his penis like this with his mom to make her happy and to express the closeness between the two of them was so wonderful.

Mark had heard how, even if it was something never really talked about, boys often took over their fathers duties with their mothers. That it was even expected in a way which socially acceptable in that everyone just turned a discrete eye and it was never mentioned.

He had even been told by people, teachers and friends of his mom, how they were admiring of him for being here taking care of his mom. Of course whether they meant this in reference to taking care of hers sexual needs was never said, although it did seem that might be lightly implied as well.

Mark saw the pleasure on his mom’s face.

As she was finishing, he moved his hips to work his penis up and down in her accommodating vagina and quickly he was ejaculating.

“UH!” He grunted several times as his erection pulsed deep inside of his mom with a male purpose, giving her his sperm in a wet overabundance that felt so good and so satisfying.

“Oh … Oh …Ohhhh …” His mom moaned some more as she knew that he was doing this in her, bringing their naked liaison to a gratifying completion.

When it was finally over, she climbed off of his lap.

She was all happy grins.

“It so much fun to fuck right here in the kitchen,” she said with a prideful enthusiasm.

Mark grinned back. “Yeah,” he agreed.

It was fun and uninhibited and that was a part which made it all so great for the two of them to share as mother and son.

Special note:

Yes, I am a divorced mom and yes my son, who is twenty-four, and I have sexual relations. Like in the story, we started just shortly after the divorce which was two years ago. It has been the most wonderful and liberating experience of my life to be sexual indulgent and closes like this with my own son, and he says the same of his being this way with his mom. Would I recommend this for everyone? I would have to say it really just depends on the mother and son, how close they are, and if they mutually feel and enjoy a special enticement between the two of them to be closer and indulgent. No, I would certainly never recommend considering this with an underage son or all of the obvious reasons.

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