David & Sue's Free Spirit

by David Pile (Rochester, New York)

My name is David and I was her only son, 23 years old with a 55 year old natural birth mother Sue. I am blond blue eyed, tall skinny 135 pounds, and have a large 8 inch cock.

My mom is short 5'5" and 150 with big sagging breasts 44D. My mom has been recently widowed due to my dad's alcohol abuse going on for 5 years now, and I am trying to keep my mom happy, taking her to movies, museums, camping.

But nothing seemed to work. Something that I didn't notice before was that my mom has always been a free spirit, sort of a hippy type, sun dresses, no bra, or panties. So when the sun hits her, you can see the silhouette of her hairy underarms and pussy.

I have always loved my mom , but during this time in my youth I am finding less and less attraction with girls my own age , and I 'am not very mature , just a glance at a pair of a nice woman wearing a bikini will almost send me home with a hardon to masturbate.

Well one day my mom and her free spirit was very active, and she felt like doing the housework nude while I was at school. She would walk around the house nude a lot, even when she knew I was looking.

Well one day I didn't come home the usual time, I had some free time from school for three hours because all my work was done on time. As I walked home I anticipated of what I would find when I got home, would mom be naked, would she be home at all.

So when I got home I walked in finding my mom bent over the kitchen trash can without a stitch on her.

I said with surprise "Mom, what are you doing mom?" She was startled and turned around and said "Oh, David, I'm sorry, I didn't hear you come in, I didn't know you would be home so soon. I was just cleaning around the house."

I stood there with my hardon getting bigger by the minute in my jeans, with my mouth open staring at her beautiful hairy body.

Then my mom said without a thought, "Do you want to help me clean David like I am cleaning without all that clothing on?" Now mom has never seen me naked before or at least as far as I can tell.

So at this time I thought why not get naked in front of her. And without a word I took off my shirt and jeans, shoes and sock and underwear.

My mom said "you can wash the counter over there David, while cleaning the living room." No silhouettes anymore or far away looks of her walking around the house nude.

This was up-close and personal. So I am watching her clean while I try to clean and masturbate at the same time.

I could not take it anymore, I went over to her and said "Mom I want to taste your pussy ." and she said "OK David ." and spread her ass cheeks while lifting up her leg so I could go down on her from behind, I love that sweet pussy juice she has.

Than I rimmed her hairy asshole for a while. We did this for a long time, it seemed like hours, then I stood up and started kissing her and she said "I love you David, and I want you to be inside me."

So she laid down on the coffee table, and said "Come in.” For hours we made love in all different positions and, when I came I almost passed out.

From that day on, we made love every day till we got married, She gave birth 9 months after that to a girl. Well that's another story I'll tell later.

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