David And Me, All Male

by Ron (MT)

David and I were naked and sitting on the edge of the bed, having the biggest, stiffest erections, while our mouths were together and our tongues wetly playing. Finally we were both forced to stop and take a breath.

“Oh, man …” David breathed, summoning up the excitement he was feeling, which pretty much summed it up for me, as well.

Of course no one knew that we were doing this together. Neither of us was gay, but somehow, as friends, we had started enjoying having this romantic affair just for fun.

Something that was hardly uncommon for otherwise perfectly straight guys these days. It was simply guys discovering just how exciting and pleasing male sexuality could be.

For girls it was a lot easier, really. Somehow a certain amount of bisexuality was acceptable for them, while for guys, unfortunately it was viewed as somehow being less masculine.

Strange, really, when I thought about it, when there could nothing more masculine than two guys being male with one another.

For us it just felt so good to be having such terrific erections with one another as guys, and right then our cocks were rigid, I can tell, and that felt so outstanding. I enjoyed feeling my penis straining and I could tell so did David to have his own that way.

Our hands held and caressed each other’s still male organ, feeling their smooth, hard shapes.

“I really want to feel that in me,” David said, being entirely undisguised about how passionate he felt to anally be on the receiving end.

I was eager to once more fulfill that requirement.

I took a small bottle of lube and slicked my cock with it, leaving its curving length shining and more than ready. David laid face down and I mounted him. Hold my rigid penis, I guided the swollen head up against his anal pucker. Then, gently and easily, Ipushed onto David’s welcoming anal depths.

“Ohhh …” he groaned with my insertion.

I smiled, enjoying his warm tightness enveloping my dick.

Then I started to pull back and push inward again as I began fucking him.

“Ooo …” I moaned back, drawing in a breath.

I was still surprised to find myself actually doing this with another guy, and was just as surprised by how good and satisfyingly male this felt to be using my penis like this with David. It was a great way to express my feelings of friendship, just as his accommodation of me was the same for him.

“Man …” I said as I quickly felt the urgency within my penis rapidly building.

I did another dozen insertions, sinking my maleness into David’s butt again and again. In the next moment I could no longer hold back, and I was ejaculating and feeling my semen pulsing uncontrollably through my organ and discharging freely. It felt so good to be giving David my sperm.

“Uh!” David grunted as he was excited to the point of spontaneously ejaculating, with his own hard organ throbbing its liquid onto the bedcovers. “Uh! Uh! Uh!”

As always it was over too quickly, although equally our achievement of male intimacy was so rewarding to once more experience. It was a full minute before we both recovered, and I laid there on top of him, the smooth, firm shape of his buttocks against my stomach while my satisfied penis remained in his butt.

Finally I managed the strength to withdraw my penis from him and we laid there side by side on the bed and smiled at one another.

Already we knew that we would spend the next twenty or so minutes enjoying one another’s naked companionship, and we would inevitably find ourselves getting another erection. Happily I was toying with the idea of just how good it would feel this time to have David’s stiff maleness in my butt.

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