Dave And Derrick

by Anonymous

Dave had stopped by Derrick’s house that morning. The two of them were just casual friends, and they had talked about maybe getting together that Saturday morning to do something.

Only when they talked about it, neither had anything in mind when it came what to what they wanted to do. It was a matter of the same old things. Which was when derrick had laughed and joked about they could always just mess around together and how that might be fun.

Dave was admittedly surprised by Derrick’s willingness, not really expecting that. Like himself, not being Gay, enjoying the pleasure of being homo sexually indulgent was only an occasional thing and just when the opportunity presented itself, which was not really all that often. So right then, for the two of them, this was a wonderful moment as they got out of their clothes and found themselves nakedly together.

Dave held his stiff erection and guided the swollen mushrooming tip up against Derrick’s tight anal pucker. The lubrication allowed him to smoothly push inward, first just a cautious inch, and then all the way.

“Oh, yeah …” Derrick breathed, feeling the satisfaction of insertion, and liking how it felt to once more be accommodating of another male’s sexual organ. As he had learned, it felt so incredibly and rewardingly male to be fucked in the butt by another guy.

Dave savored the pleasure of feeling the warm, tight grip of Derrick’s anal sheath on his erection, and that moment of first sliding into another guy was always so incredible.

‘Uh … it feels so good being in you,” he breathed back.

Slowly Dave began to move his hips, sliding his boner back and forth through Derrick’s accommodating butt hole, his hands hold Derrick’s bare hips.

“Man, your dick’s stiff,” Derrick remarked, experiencing the erect length that was repeatedly sliding in and out of him.

‘You’re making my dick that way,’ Dave said. “I can’t believe the boner that I’m having with you.”

“My boner is about ready to squirt,” Derrick revealed. His own erection was rigid to the point of throbbing with his elevated heart beat, the head enormously swollen and purple. Again and again he felt Dave’s boner stimulating him unbelievably. At last he could no longer hold back. ‘Ahhh! Ahhhh! Ahhhhhh!!!” he gasped as stream after stream of white male-liquid shot from his boner, flying several feet through the air from his hands and knees position on the floor.

Derrick ejaculating like that made Dave suddenly do the same deep inside of him.

“Uhhh … yeah, yeah, yeah …” he grunted with each throbbing release, filling Derrick’s anal sheath with his maleness. There was something so unbelievably personal and intimate in one guy giving another guy his sperm. It was good in the mouth, but even more meaningful when it was in the butt., like he was doing to Derrick right then.

The intensity of their mutually climaxing like that together slowly eased and they were both left breathless and momentarily exhausted. When they had recovered enough, Dave slipped his no longer erect penis wetly from Derrick’s butt. Derrick moaned just a little as he felt Dave penis sliding out and its absence.

They looked at one another and each grinned.

“Geez,” Dave remarked, “I wasn’t planning on doing this with you.”

“I know. I wasn’t planning on doing it with you, either,” Derrick confessed. “But it’s kind of wild when two friends can just do it together, isn’t it?"

“Definitely,’ Dave agreed. It was wild and free, two friends getting naked and having a boner together, and then being able to enjoy a moment of shared male pleasure without concern or embarrassment. The fact was, that most guys who were perfectly straight, did enjoy that.

They did a small friendly kiss on the lips and smiled at one another.

“You know, I was thinking …” Dave said, “I wouldn’t mind having you in my butt.”

Derrick responded with something of a coy grin. “That’s funny, because I was thinking the same thing."

Dave was quite aware that in another ten minutes their erections would be renewed and already he was looking forward to experiencing Derrick bringing his maleness to a climaxing conclusion deep inside of him. He was more than ready to be fucked.

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