Daughter-Mom Just A Little Sapphic Love

by Katy (OR)

“Are you and Beth having a fling?” my mom asked that morning.

I wasn’t expecting the question. My first impulse was to of course deny it. But that was sort of silly since my mom already suspected as much obviously and pretty much knew.

“Sort of …” I said. “It’s just …” I desperately wanted to avoid using the word lesbian, because it was not that. “Just kind of a Sapphic friendship.”

My mom smiled, looking amused. “Well, there’s nothing wrong with that.”

I was both a little surprised and glad that my mom was being so open minded about it, which obviously she was. We were both sitting in the kitchen having coffee that morning. I was nineteen that summer, still living with my mom, who was divorced and had been for the last five years, and I was attending the local community college. Which of course was where I had met Beth.

She was a lot like me, average, not fat but not skinny either, and not a lesbian.

In junior high and then high school lots of the girls had been playing around together. That had been common. Far more than most parents or anyone thought. I never had at the time. I just could either never work up the nerve and really I thought at the time that it was so of weird for two girls to do stuff like that together. Now, with Beth, it had just been different. Not weird but just sort of nice to have a bit of a not too serious female romance.

My mom still was looking amused. “I’ve had a fling or two with a female friend,” she revealed, being quite nonchalant about the matter.

I was surprised. I had no idea. My mom and I never talked about sex and here she was telling me something as personal as that. I smiled. “Back when you were in school?” I questioned, expecting that it had been.

“Oh … back then, and about a year ago.”

“A year ago?” My mouth fell open. I really had no idea. “I … I didn’t know,” I almost stammered.

“Well, there’s no reason you should. It was private,” my mom said. “It wasn’t serious and it was not like it was a lesbian affair.” She paused and took a sip of her coffee. “It was with another woman from work. It didn’t last very long. She was married.”

My mom was quite low key and dismissing about the matter. Obviously it had not been anything major, not in terms of relationships, but here was my mom telling that she had enjoyed having sex with another woman. To me that was very unexpected. Now I could understand why my mom wasn’t especially surprised or shocked or disapproving of me having a little sexual fun with another girl.

It was a week later, early morning, and there I was naked in the kitchen getting myself some coffee and my mom came in. She was barefoot and wearing her usual short yellow-gold-ish silky robe with a swirly floral pattern. She wasn’t surprised to see me standing there like I was, without a stitch on. That last year I had started going naked around the house a lot and my mom had no problem with that. It was nice having the luxury of enjoying that kind of freedom. My mom went around naked sometime, but not very much, unlike me where I would spend hours or the entire day with nothing on.

She smiled at me as she got some coffee, too.

“You look all happy this morning,” she commented.

“I am,” I said, very much feeling that way.

“And naked,” my mom added.

“That, too,” I said and grinned.

“I suppose that there’s no reason for me not to be naked, too,” she considered, and slipped off her robe to drape over the back of the chair before she sat down with me.

It was neat sitting there like that with my mom. Neat sharing this open mother and daughter honesty, and just being ourselves together. Our bodies by no surprise looked a lot alike, and we both had an ample amount of dark pubic hair. I had tried shaving, but it grew back so fast and itched like crazy when it did, so I just never bothered, settling for the all-natural look. I suspect that it was the same for my mom.

Of course we had never done anything like this around my dad. He would have probably wanted to screw both of us, and I didn’t know how I felt about having my dad screw me. He and I had never been that close and somehow it would have felt awkward and unnatural being fucked by my dad. But with mom, it was this pleasing female thing and not awkward and quite natural.

My mom had this sort of modest grin on her face.

“What?” I questioned.

“Oh …” she responded, looking quite modest. “Maybe it’s just my being naked, or I just woke up feeling horny this morning. Does walking around naked make you feel horny?”

“Some,” I said with a small shrug. I smiled. “And sometimes it’s just kind of nice being naked and horny.”

“Mmm,” she murmured.

I teased her. “You might just have to take care of it.”

She gave me a broad amused and slightly self-conscious smile. “Do you want to join me? A Mother and daughter masturbation session?”

“Together?” I said, not quite believing that my mom was saying that.

“I don’t see why not,” she answered simply.

We abandoned our coffee and padded off into her bedroom where we got on the bed and laid side by side. Neither of us were quite sure what to do exactly, or how forward we should be. Sort of almost acting innocent about it, we both slipped a hand down, letting or fingers go between each other’s legs. As laid there, our fingers found the opening to each other’s vagina and explored that a little bit. I couldn’t believe that I was actually fingering my mom’s vagina or how exciting that was. Then we both brought her fingers back up to rub and caress the bulging protrusion of each other’s clitoris. They were both large and smooth and very erect and that was so stimulating.

Mom and I were both moaning and rubbing faster and faster and more vigorously until we both gasped and climaxed.

“Oh! OOOOHHHHHH …” my mom choked.

“AH!” I gasped and tensed. “AAAAAAAAAAA!!!”

It was like, Oh, God!, we had just finger fucked each other to an unbelievable orgasm.

We both lay there breathing hard, recovering.

Mom and I smiled at one another, very much liking this.

I was already thinking that I couldn’t wait to get my mouth between my mom’s legs, and to have her mouth between mine.

Right then we both knew that we had just started something, and that it was something quite wonderful.

Just a note -

My mom and I started out just about this way, so it is more or less a true story. And yes, my mom and I have continued to enjoy some very nice and very beneficial bisexual fun together. Not necessarily uncommon between many mothers and daughters these days, especially as people just enjoy their sexuality more openly and fully.

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