Darren Getting It

by Micky (NY)

Oh, God! Darren thought. He was being fucked!

He felt his tight butt hole stretching around the circumference of Ken’s thick dick, and its hard length plunging deep into his anal sheath, filling him completely.

He practically felt overwhelmed by Ken being a man with him like this.

Darren was only twenty. Ken was fifty-four and divorced. He had no qualms about enjoying being with another guy. For Darren this was new, although he realized that guys often did enjoy such things. So when he found himself with the opportunity to be indulgent with Ken, he was curious enough to try it.

It had felt inviting enough getting naked with Ken, and Darren had been just a little surprised to find himself achieving an erection so easily. Although, he had found the sight of Ken’s large red boner unexpectedly appealing. Ken had just grinned, enjoying letting him see that.

They had kissed and held one another, and Ken had taken his erection easily into his mouth, encouraging Darren to try doing the same. It had been thrilling having another guy’s hard dick in his mouth and wildly uninhibited to suck and lick Ken’s large stiff penis.

Then Ken and gotten him to position himself on his hands and knees right there ion the living room floor, and with the aid of a little lubrication, Ken ahd proceeded to insert his boner fully into his butt.

Being violated like that, by another guy’s male organ, had taken his breath away.

“Oh, geez …” Darren had moaned.

“Oh, man … it’s good having my dick in your butt,” Ken told him.

Then ken had started to fuck him.

Darren could only endure the in and out action taking place in his butt hole, and with the hard length of Ken’s manhood going deep into him again and again. His slender young naked male body trembled.

“Oh, yeah … yeah! Oh, God, you’re making my dick so big and hard!”

Ken was not just basting. Darren could feel every inch of Ken’s sexual male empowerment as it thrust in and out of him.

“Oh, geez!” Darren breathed. It was not only the incredible stimulation he was experiencing in his butt, but just how hugely rigid this was making hs own boner. So stiff that it actually hurt.

Without warning Darren found himself ejaculating wildly. His semen shot from his dick, flying through the air to land several feet away on the floor.

“AHHHHH!!!” he gasped.

This motivated Ken to quickly bring his erection to the point of ejaculation.

“UHHHH …” he grunted through clinched teeth as the semen pulsed repeatedly from his reproductive organ, delivering his sperm into the younger male with satisfaction. “Yeah … Yeah … Yeah … yeah …”

Then they both let out an exhausted sigh.

Darren was surprised by just how fulfilling it was to receive another male’s sperm like this, by how significant and meaningful that was. More, he was surprised by just how wonderful it was to be fucked by another guy. There was such a feeling of male completeness.

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