by Anonymous

It felt so delicious to be naked with Darcy.

She was blonde and pretty and trim. I had no idea that she was even interested in being with another girl. I really never had been. But when she sort of hinted that maybe we could … well, do something romantic, I was intrigued and interested.

With her it was easy slipping out of our clothes and into each other’s arms, and we kissed. It was easy kissing her, too. I wasn’t sure what that would be like. But her lips were so soft and inviting against my own.

Our breasts pressed together and we held one another more tightly as we kissed. I felt her tongue move forward and into my mouth and I let my tongue then slide into hers.

I felt my clitoris becoming aroused and my vagina becoming wet. Oh, this was so nice.

When we stopped kissing she looked at me in this knowing sort of ay and slipped her hand down between my legs. He fingers went into my vagina while her thumb pressed on my clit.

I did the same to her.

For the next several minutes we were both on our knees on the bed doing this and it was like being taken away on a cloud.

I said her name and she said mine.

Then we laid on the bed and suddenly Darcy had her head between my legs and I felt her tongue licking my clitoris, exciting it that was even more if that was possible.

Oh. Darcy knew just what to do. I felt her tongue lick my vaginal opening and push a little way into me, and then she went back to licking my clit.

I was so excited. I wanted to see what it was like to do this with her.

I struggled to make her stop and we exchanged places. I touched my tongue to her swollen clitoris and then I licked her opening and tasted her flavor.

I then sucked on her clit and suddenly she was climaxing. She gasped as she had her orgasm and I licked her more, driving her own.

She cried out and tensed and shook on the bed, arching her hips upward.

When it was over she sighed and looked at me and then we traded places again and she slid her fingers into my wet vagina and fucked me a little bit before she began mouthing my clit again.

Suddenly I was climaxing. I never had an orgasm like that before, so intense and so complete.

I was near exhaustion when I finished.

It was the first time that I had ever been with another girl and it was so delicious.

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